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Fish Finder Pro is more than a fishing blog, it is a place of diffusion and information focused on the practice of all types of fishing which we write with environmental conscience. We provide resources on kayak fishing, spinning, fly fishing, surfing and everything related to the world of underwater, saltwater & freshwater fishing

We immerse ourselves in the marine world to see our seas & pursue the amazing underwater creatures.

We talk about the maintenance, care and regulation that ships and boats need for navigation.

We write unbiased reviews on new fishing technology including fishing rod, reels, fly tying equipment, boat accessories etc.

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Ryan is a passionate angler , loves to share his experiences and knowledge, about his best fishing days, fishing techniques and tricks  & tips for beginners.

​His hobbies include catching, identifying, and photographing the fish, writing reviews on best fishing gears & accessories to help other fishermen in the community.

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I visit this site everyday to get new idea and improve my fishing skills. I found that, their information is correct, their product reviews are very helpful. I have bought few fishing accessories after reading their reviews. All products are good.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I found this site by google search at first time. After reading one of their articles I was impressed. Their articles are easy to read, reviews are unbiased. Anybody can follow their step by step guideline who needs to enrich their knowledge in fishing.