9 Rules for Teaching Kids to Fishing

9 Rules for Teaching Kids to Fishing

Why teach your kids how to fish? Well, we all know that kids are naturally attracted to the world around them. They love playing in the water and they also love to see other creatures that swim. If you would love your kids to appreciate the nature, it is great if you teach them how to fish.

Fishing is an all-year activity that is easy to learn. Because the activity doesn’t require investing in expensive equipment, you can teach your kids if you buy them the right fishing tools. Apart from learning how to catch fish, kids also learn more about the aquatic ecosystems.

This article will help you teach your kids how to fish.

#1: Look for a place to fish

The first thing you need to do is to look for locations where you can find plenty of fish. One of the best places you can get the right information on where to find fish is at the tackle shop. You can take your kids with you and they will also get to know more information about fishing as well as fishing regulations and licenses.

#2: Find the right fishing gear

After finding the right fishing spot, it is important to gear up. Most of the fishing items you will require are available in local store at affordable prices. You can do some research and find out the type of fish present in the area so you can know the right gear and supply to carry.

#3: Fish safe

Safety should always be a priority when you are out fishing. In as much as kids find life jackets uncomfortable, ensure that they wear them anytime they are around the water. Again, ensure that only adults handle the bards and hooks.

#4: Getting the right grip

Teach the young fishermen how to get a good grip of the rod handle. They should keep the handle in front of them (9-11 o’clock position). Teach the kids how the handle of the reel turns and how they should react to bite.

#5: Artificial Baits

It is great if you use artificial baits. Minnow soft and worm baits last longer. One of the best tactics that is effective for young anglers is having jig dangled below a small float. For those kids who want to be more engaged, show them how hopping jig retrieve or slow reeling.

#6: teach them how to play fish slowly and steadily

Learning to fish is a technique that requires patience. You should teach your kids how to play with the fish. They need to stop when the fish is close to the water’s surface. Encourage the young fishermen how to land a fish independently. They should also ask in case they need any help. After catching the fish and taken the photos, show them the right release method. If you were catching fish for dinner, then explain to them more about selective harvesting.

#7: Make the activity fun

Kids love doing many fun activities. Do not deny them that opportunity simply because they are fishing. Let them bring their favorite toys, cell phone or iPads and use them when they need to. Sometimes they would love to fish, other times they want to talk to their friends or play with their toys.

#8: Carry some snacks

You don’t want to spend the whole day with a young hungry fisherman. Bring some snacks with you when you are taking your kid on a fishing trip. Remember, if the young fisherman is hungry, then they will be unhappy.

#9: Give the child the opportunity to fish

For some parents, they end up doing everything yet they took the child to learn how to fish. Let the young fisherman hold the rod with his or her hands. The only work you are supposed to do is to bait hooks, untangle lines or remove fish.

Final Words

Fishing with your kids is a great family outdoor activity. If you teach your kids how to fish, then you can be sure to enjoy a safe and fun fishing experience together. With the above tips, you can easily teach your kids how to fish and they can create great lifetime memories.

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