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There’s an interesting myth that fish have short memories that last about 30 seconds only. You may have a contradictory opinion on this statement.

But what you can’t disagree with is - People are forgetful.It would not be a surprising thing if you go for a long outing without arranging necessary food for your fishes.

Eheim Fish Feeder review

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Chances are, after coming back home from the vacation, you find one of your favorite rainbows jumped out of the tank while looking for food.

To ensure that this nightmare never comes true, have an automatic fish feeder that will serve foods to your fishes on proper time and in accurate quantity on your behalf.

Yes, there’s always the option of taking help of your family, friends, relatives or neighbors for feeding your fishes. But hold on. People are always busy. They might have no time for you.

So, before you come to a decision, take a look at some beneficiary points of using automatic fish feeder that I’ve noted.

  • It doesn’t let the fishes feel your absence and feeds them according to the schedule
  • It serves smaller consistent amounts as programmed, so you remain less worried about the water’s getting dirty with excess food
  • The battery life is seen on its LCD screen letting you know the possible time of changing them
  • Having two separate food chambers, the feeder supplies different type of food to the fishes without your constant supervision
  • It can dispense granulate, pellets, sticks, tablets or flakes producing vibration that prevents clumps
  • It seems that unlike any curious human being, this device won’t be excessively prompt so to make the fishes overfed resulting serious health damage.The best part is that this is a device and it is not in the habit of getting things forgot.

You can’t ignore the fact that an automatic fish feeder can be a real life-setter for the hobbyists and roadies on the go. It is, actually, a pretty cool addition because it removes one maintenance step from the tank, as well as automate things while you are gone on trip.

5 Best Automatic Fish Feeder Review

1. Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder

Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder allows you to fully customize your fish’s feeding timing and quantity. With its special design, you can program the accurate portions to be dispensed.It’s really well-built. It’s got a little LCD screen and maximum 8 feedings per day you can set. You can manually feed anytime you want to if you feel like it needs another feed.It’s very quick, efficient and easy to set-up. One feature you would really love about it is how it connects to the tank.

Any tank is going to have a plastic bracket and its universal installation clamp allows you to do it easily, which is awesome and especially helpful for the larger tanks.Another feature you’ll appreciate is the door by sliding which you can set how wide opening you want- from wide opening which is great for feeding turtles, newts, Roi or frogs, to may be half open or a one-third open, better for feeding small sized flake foods to the fish.It has a large transparent drum.

So, you can go away for a couple of weeks without feeling bad about your fish. Because they’re going to have a plenty of food. You can fill it quarter full or half-full if you think you need it and it’s going to work the same way every single time because of its design.It comes with a built-in fan. So, no heed to hook up an air pump. Having this one, you’re sure that the food is always going to stay fresh, it’s not going to stick together. Besides it’s going to dispense the same quantity of food every time until it’s literally empty.

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple usability, both in terrariums and aquariums
  • Suitable for serving food to fishes belong to both marine and fresh water
  • Ventilation system saves the food from dampness
  • Manual release button that allows to release foods outside the programmed times
  • 3-year guarantee

2. Sweeney Feeders Koi Cafe Automatic Koi Feeder

There is more than a dozen of fish feeder models, offered with varies features. Koi Cafe, one of the most popular models can feed your beloved Koi 5 times a day. Meant primarily for pond fishes, it’s heavier and stronger than other brands.

The premium digital timer along with the capacity of holding 5 to 10 pounds of Koi food makes it most dependable feeder for your pond and this allows you to be away for a week or two. Just set it up and leave the pond alone.Available in three different colors, the design of this product has been praised time and time again by the people who use it.

You can choose any of these available here - Hartford Green, Oriental Red and Champagne.Making the right choice involves a solar panel that needs to purchase separately. But you won’t regret after having these together for continuous uninterrupted performance and it’s easy to set up.

Highlighted Features

  • A built-in sight gage that gives you the feed level info
  • A rechargeable 6-volt battery for longer use
  • Galvanized steel hopper ensures heavy-duty performance
  • Inclusion of a solar charger keeps you free from charging the device frequently

3. P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

Offer the stylish P7000 Pond Fish Feeder to your pond fishes and release yourself from the responsibility of feeding them each day.This weather-resistant mountable automatic fish feeder is perfect for ensuring your fish are fed on time, every time.

It can dispense as little as 3 teaspoons and upward.Fully programmable, this unit proves very handy in case you take a vacation, and can be programmed to dispense feed up to three times a day.With adjustable food portion sizes, the feeder has an amazing 6.5lbs (3Kg) /30 cup capacity, and a snap lock lid is used to keep the dry food- sticks or pellets fresh.

Can be powered using 4 C Batteries (not included) that can last approximately 6 to 9 months. It can easily be cleaned and all the parts- lid, the hopper and the nozzle are dishwasher-safe.The base can be attached to a more suitable base if it’s needed. It does have a small screw hole which helps to drill and mount to something.

Highlighted Features

  • Components are dishwasher-proof and easy to clean
  • Frequent feed mode for manual feeding
  • Large LCD screen is easier to read
  • Battery lasts over 6 months, a great relief from changing them frequently

4. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

This model frees you from the duty of feeding your fishes for two weeks. As the name indicates, it’s a good choice for keeping the fish growing for 14 consecutive days.It has easy programmable timer that provides multiple feedings from 1 to 4 meals per day as well as consistent food portions to maximize growth and vitality and prevent overfeeding.14 individual meals can be offered to the fishes of different food taste.

You can mix flakes and pellets or granulates and sticks and keep them on its small slots. Based on the type of food the fish need, you can serve them accordingly.The feeder is gaining popularity in part due to its aesthetic and adaptability design that can be attached to your small to medium sized aquariums (up to 150 liters).

For large tank, consider buying more than one feeder.Moisture prevention technology isn’t included. So, keep your food dry and your lines clog-free by securing an air pump. It will blow dry air preventing humidity inside the feeder. A granular or pelleted type food is recommended during humid conditions rather than flakes.

Highlighted Features

  • Provide 14 days’ meal without interruption
  • Two types of food can be dispersed from a single slot
  • Battery life indicator shows the possible time of changing it
  • Accurate and dependable quartz timer allows you to forget feeding while you are at work or on holiday
  • Facilitates 1 to 4 meals per day rather than 1 large one at a time (as fish nutritionists recommend)

5. KLAREN Digital Automatic Fish Feeder

Humidity resistance is a popular add-on in KLAREN Digital Automatic Fish Feeder, accompanying large hopper. You can use this big container for mixing different kind of foods according to the demand of various fishes.This reliable breed of KLAREN aims at serving up to 8 feedings per day.

You can also control the amount of food you want to drop at a time. While dispensing, it mixes, even crumbles the food (from flake to pellets) at each feeding which is good for baby fishes’ swallowing the meal.The unit operates on battery power, only a pair of double A batteries is enough to run it well. To save the foods from being rotten, the kit is manufactured in such a way that keeps the moisture out of the hopper.Mount this lightweight device on your aquaponics system using the clamp.

It’s easy to set up. Refilling the hopper (3" in diameter and 2" deep) is also pretty easy. Just open the side door like a cap and restock the food.If your tank contains big fishes, use it without any hesitation as its design is made in such a way that it can hold heavier foods easily. Turtle food can also be serve by this tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes an Easy Start Guide that makes your understanding of the device trouble free
  • It’s fairly light and easy to program
  • Inexpensive but gives more than its price offers
  • Foods remain fresh owing to its humidity prevention technology

What to Consider to Buy Auto Fish Feeder?

Now, as you have made up your mind to collect this must-have device, it’s necessary for you to consider the following matters while you visit the store or make an online order.


It is one of the few gadgets that has the potential to crush your aquarium. So. It is required to select the right-sized one.But if you are searching for a feeder that fits right for your big pond with lots of fishes, a device having a big container would be a perfect one.

A large dry food hopper on it can keep out water through, even the harshest rain.Try to avoid feeders with small compartments as you’ll find them hard to fill.

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Time & Quantity Controller 

If you feed the fishes often, it’s better than feeding a lot at a time. Because they just can’t digest it. So, it’s necessary to have a feeder that has accurate and reliable timer so that you can precisely program each and every feeding.

It’s super easy to hate an auto feeder because of the quantity setting – just a tiny amount of food versus a ridiculous amount. Hence, pick the one that releases consistent sized feeds.You can adjust the dispensing amount according to the direction suggested in the easy start guide that comes with almost every feeder.

Ventilation System

You won’t have to worry about coming home to see dead fish if your chosen feeder has a fan and ventilation system to preserve the food. The aerated chambers mainly prevent the food from rotting.

Moisture managing feature is, therefore, a salient thing to examine before buying a fish feeder.So, select a feeder that owns a balance in its price and reliability.

Battery Indicator 

A feeder is usually used as your proxy to feed the fish.But what will happen if you find the fishes still unfed even after having a feeder? To avoid such unexpected situation resulting the dire consequence- death of the fish(s), choose a feeder with longer battery life.

A battery life indicator can help you in this regard.The use of LCD display will make it easier to read. Some extra features such as an integrated clock or a feeding schedules will be a great help for managing the device.


​It’s really good to let your fishes enjoy their foods whilst you are passing busy days at home or leisure time on your long outside trip. But, keep in mind that the feeder is only a machine without brain and heart. It won’t understand what will go through on the fishes if they are not fed on proper time.

Mechanically, automatic feeders should last as long as the batteries last. I’ve seen the well-built ones last for 10-15 years. Besides, as it’s going to run out of food after about 2 or 3 weeks, you need to restock it on a regular basis. Forgetting for a week is going to be a problem because those fish really rely on the feeders. So, make sure the feeder is always working to keep your fishes remain alive.

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