Best Baitcasting Rods for the Money – Review 2018

Baitcasting rods are traditionally known for great control or ability to fight with the larger fish. Contrary to spinning rods, these are longer and allow you to catch distant fishes.

These rods are designed to hold spincasting or baitcasting reels, both of which mount to the top. Most fishermen who use this design mostly like rods with forefinger triggers (pistol grips), which prevent slippage.

With so many choices, so many option it is really confusing for anyone to select one for their needs. So we wanted to make your finding as painless as possible. So after testing more than 30 rods we selected a short list of 10 rods for you.

We mainly tested casting ability, sensitivity, and overall feel and quality components. We also examined cork grade, reel seats, and guide frames to see the performance of the reels in the water.

Here's Our Top 3 Picks

How to Choose Baitcasting Rods

A good casting rod won’t transform you into a good angler overnight. But a poor selection may ruin your potential fishing outcome at the end of the day. The specifications of a bait casting rod influence your fishing performance. So, you may look on the following aspects to get a thorough and clear concept about what to scrutinize while selecting a bait caster.

Power-The power of a casting rod mainly refers to its stiffness. It shows how far a rod can be bent without being broken. You need to determine the type of fishing and fishes’ size or species after examining its power. For instance, catching small bait fishes with an ultra-light rod adds extra fun though you can use a heavy rod instead. The ultra-heavy rods perform well when your target is large and heavy fishes.

You may think yourself challenge lover and hence can try to catch big fishes with an ultra-light rod as it tests your handling accuracy on a higher level. But the outcome may break your confidence as it may result in breaking down of your ultra-light rod while struggling with the powerful underwater opponents.

Fishing in deep sea and surfing areas needs extra-heavy rods for dealing with large water monsters. Though any type of fish can be caught with any of these rods, matching the fishes’ type with the rod’s power add more vibration in your trawling trip.

Action-While the power of a rod indicates its weight, the action stands for the rod’s speed. Slow, moderate, fast and extra-fast are several types that demonstrate how much pressure the rod’s tip can bear and how it comes at its prior position after retreating.

Here’s how they are different –Slow-action rod- works well with fighting fishes accompanying live-baitsModerate- action rod- Middle-weight lures go with itFast-action rod- Sensitivity is high and its hook setting is comparatively easy

Material-Fiber glass or graphite fiber or the combination of these two is the most common and available materials of fishing rod. You can choose the graphite one for more sensitivity and flexibility needed for large fishes. On the other hand, Fiber glass made is heavier and durable. It lacks sensitivity though its heavier application makes its performance level high on fishing areas.

Handle-You have already felt the slippery available on the wet fishing circumstances. The handle material is, therefore, a great thing to be considered while buying a bait caster. Your grip of the handle deeply influence your performance resulting either a big catch or a big escape of your catch. The cork made handle is light and sensitive but costly.

Now, if you are guessing that quality comes with money, the synthetic material made handle can change your view. The Eva, Hyperlon or Duralon made handles contain more durability though they come with less money. They are also rust free and ineffective to temperature changes.Aloof from all these, one thing you should know about rod handles.

The grip design- the stretched length rear grip has better control and you can use it for two-handed casting. But when your target is bigger fishes, longer and thicker fore grip would be a sensible selection.

10 Best Baitcasting Rods Reviews​

When purchasing a baitcasting rod, the main aspect to keep in mind is the material used in the grip of fishing rods. Some anglers prefer rods with foam grips, while others like cork and some like a harder plastic grip. Consider these aspects from choosing from all options.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik is likely the best baitcasting rod for all time. It is called the Ugly Stik GX2, and with its 6'6" Medium Heavy Power Casting Rod you will be able to catch medium to large size fish in a moment.This lightweight and durable rod is designed to give you a smooth and reliable performance all the time.

EVA foam handle is dense, durable and comfortable for fishing.At least these days, if you're going to go heads up with one of these prehistoric beauties, you have our Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rods on your side. Redesigned and infused with enhancements for reliability and durability.

The Good

  • The foremost quality of this rod is durability
  • Ability to catch 15-25 lbs is enough for a pro fisherman
  • As it is 2 piece rod you can carry it easily 

The Bad

  • ​Some people feel uncomfortable with 2 piece rod

Choosing the right bait-casting rod is not tough if you know what type of fish you will catch. To land a lot of fishes, without facing any problem regarding pulling, gripping or holding while fishing, this 7’6” medium heavy super casting rod should be your first choice. You will understand the difference from its first use.

Don’t worry about its getting rust or being damage. Its stainless-steel guides are plated with chrome to make it highly durable. To avoid abrasion, all guides are kept epoxy coated giving it a finished look. It will also eliminate the noise resulting from metal-on-metal movement.

​You will also feel the high tensile strength in this rod as S-glass blanks are fused for making it rigid. To make it more brilliantly featured, split handle is used which has made it very light-weighted, balanced and subjective. All this coordination together allows the rod to look cool and give you confidence while angling. To ensure your casting experience more accurate and to give the equal sensitivity even at night, high-visibility glow tips are made available on all the rod tips.

The Good

  • Light-weighted and durable
  • S-glass blanks for rigidity
  • High-visibility glow tips

The Bad

  • ​Not easy to use for beginner
  • 1 Piece long rod is hard to store and transport

Sensitive IM6 graphite blank actions have been custom designed by leading professional anglers to produce these superior casting rods. IM6 graphite action fiber blank design strategically positions the high modulus graphite material, reducing rod weight, increasing performance and sensitivity without sacrificing strength.

The world's top professional fishermen have incorporated their own personal requirements to create a unique tournament-tested series of casting rods with technique-specific actions.​

The Good

  • Good combination of strength durability
  • Multi-modulus graphite provides utmost sensitivity
  • Fore-grip technology to reduce tear

The Bad

  • Not easily portable
okuma celilo casting rod review

In the realm of bass fishing, graphite constructed rods are unbeatable when the question of sensitivity arises. But it is also necessary to match a rod’s sensitivity with its durability as too much sensitivity makes the tool fragile resulting an unexpected break in the middle of your chasing the target.

Okuma Celilo’s Graphite Casting rod has a distinctive appeal to many avid anglers as its delicacy allows them to perceive every nipping of the baits by the fishes.The toughest challenge- the fusion of delicacy and sturdiness- is surprisingly fulfilled in this bait caster. It will ensure the strength needed for struggling with the big fishes like salmon or steelhead.

It is lighter than the fiber glass made rods. So, with this rod in your hand, you can return from your angling trip with less tired than before. Note that the stainless steel hoods on the reel seat that will keep the rod rust free, prolonging your journey with the same rod and the fitted reel.Many anglers, who are looking for easy handling, would find the rod very enjoyable and full of warmth. Quality cork on fore and rear grips of this rod will give you satisfiable fishing experience.

The Good

  • Durable
  • Flexible because of a good number of backbones
  • The use of Aluminum oxide has made the guides smooth and durable

The Bad

  • ​Not much tight like other high end rods
  • Price-wise it's not best option

If you are looking for a casting rod which is both durable and light-weighted, this 7-Feet Medium Heavy bait casting rod would surely meet your need. Maximum strength is ensured constructing it with solid carbon fiber that also gives sensitivity.

To make the gripping easy, Reel seats are designed very dexterously. Your fingers will get direct contact with the seats allowing better friction while handling the rod. You will get two top pieces with different powers (Medium and Medium Heavy) with it as an extension for fast action. All these amazing features are combined together to make this rod a quality product in such tight budget.

You are greatly recommended to collect it. Because whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, you won’t get anything better than this cool-looking, responsive casting rod for comfortable fishing.

The Good

  • Graphite is now popular choice when people purchase fishing rod
  • Corrosion-free
  • EVA split grip for better control

The Bad

  • ​Some People complaint it breaks
  • Not as good as price value
Abu Garcia casting rod

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rod has a unique appeal. You will meet both flexibility and strength together in this rod as it is constructed with 24-ton graphite. Graphite rods are sensitive and work well in case of light-biting fish. And you will find it equally powerful while dealing with larger game fish.

If you are using braid fishing line which is abrasion resistant, this casting rod will make your saltwater or freshwater angling experience sublime. Because its guides are coated with Zirconium that works great in braid line making it harder (less wear), smoother (less friction) along with better thermal properties which you won’t get in other rods made of different materials.

Again, to make all types of baits application possible, Texas-rigged hook keeper is included with it. The rod’s longevity is devised using high-density EVA handle which will also make your fishing easy and pleasant.

The Good

  • Enough backbones for pulling the bass conveniently
  • Great stiffness at this low price
  • Light-weight

The Bad

  • ​Grip is not smooth
KastKing Perigee Casting Fishing Rod

If you still think that Success of fishing depends on expensive angling tools, this KastKing Perigee Casting Fishing Rod will definitely change your view. You will get better control and adjustment while using this from the very first use. It is featured with many useful materials that you won’t get in other reels. To encourage you in fishing, it is designed Micro Polish finish eliminates that gives superb strength than other .

Its handle is made smooth and rust-free using stainless steel while non-slip EVA padded foam grips are used to reduce the effect of dampness. Though it is a very light-weighted tool, its durability is maintained using no-nonsense carbon fiber star drag system. You can use it on both fresh and salt water without worrying about its being corroded. So, collect this master featured fishing rod and stop overpaying in buying other expensive fishing tools with minimum highlights.

The Good

  • Easy to handle by both lefty and right-handed persons

The Bad

  • ​Not extraordinary
Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

These fishing rods are designed for versatility. Check out the line and lure weight ranges on these advanced rods. You may use them for a single technique. The actions are that good! You won't have to set one rod down and pick up another just to make a simple adjustment in your presentation.Quality components ensure superior handling, starting with the lightweight, powerful ­ Micro pitch - graphite blanks finish .

The Daiwa Tatula graphite construction incorporates ultra-sensitive Fuji Concept guides, and together with custom reel seats and natural cork handles, creates casting rods you'll depend on all season long.

The St. Croix Premier Casting Rods is a quality baitcaster which no one dislike. Premium-quality SCII graphite which provides lightweight and superb action at a remarkable value. It offers strength, sensitivity and durability at the maximum level. You can aspect excellent performance with its finely tuned actions and tapers.

This seven foot rod is an ultimate tool you can pair with a baitcasting reel for catching large targets. You will feel every pull on the bottom with this magical fishing rod. It has lifetime years warranty that ensures tension free use and goes long ways. It's by far one the most sensitive and very stout rods we have used.

10.Penn Senator Rod

No doubt the Penn Senator Rod is a quality model  developed by Penn. You may put pressure on sharks to get their heads turned. The graphite technology, reel seat, guides, and loop are constructed well.

Need a beautifully design rod? This is very light and looks beautiful with its gold emollient. Buying this excellent rod will not let you down. The EVA foam materials are dense, long lasting and comfortable. Because of its easy to use function you can better control of the rods easily.

Final Thought 

After calculating your fishing accuracy, distance and line capacity, you are ready to go to the store for collecting your chosen bait casting rod. With suitable reel, the selected fishing rod containing the above-mentioned characteristics can make your angling experience more cheerful. Give a prior thought before buying as it can make your every fishing trip incredibly memorable with happy moments. The opposite consequence may also happen. So, choose wisely.

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