Best Bass Fishing Rods- Honest Review 2018

The correct choice of bass fishing rod determines the success you have when fishing for bass. Having the right rod will help you make more accurate casts and help you know when you have a bite.

What is the best way to choose a fishing rod and reel? 

3 Important Parts of Fishing Rod:

Rod Blanks

A rod is made out of either fiberglass or graphite. Graphite rods are known to be more sensitive than fiberglass rods.

The Rod Handle

Handles are made of cork, foam or wood. Rod Handles helps in better gripping.


Guides are very important in determining the quality and sensitivity of a rod. The rings should be bonded to the frame and rounded for the fishing line to travel through. The number of guides on a rod is determined by the length of the rod.

Choosing the Best Bass Fishing Rod

Bass fishing rods are available in many varieties and every lure you use requires a different kind of fishing rod. Choosing between fiberglass and graphite rods, light or heavy rods, and fast or slow rods can be a difficult decision that confuses even the most skilled fishermen.

Graphite | Fiberglass

The majority of rods are made from fiberglass or graphite and the material is woven. Modulus is the term for how stiff the material in the rod is. Fiberglass bass fishing rods have a lower modulus than graphite rods, which means that graphite rods are more sensitive, faster and lighter.

Fishing Rod Action

The action of the bass fishing rods describes just how much the rod bends whenever stress is applied to the tip. The action is measured in speeds, like fast or slow. The faster the action, the higher up on the rod the deflection point (the point where it begins to bend) occurs. Most bass fishing rods have fast or very fast action, since it enables the rod to be more sensitive and provides faster power.

Fishing Rod Guides

The guides on a bass fishing rod undoubtedly are a vital component of success. The most effective guides are low profile, high power, and lightweight. These will add to the sensitivity of the rod so you will be able to feel even the lightest bites, and will also add distance to your casts. Silicon carbide (SiC) is widely regarded as the best material for guides, because it is very smooth which means less friction during casts and when you’re a reeling in. A bass fishing rod with more guides costs more, but casts a lot better than those with fewer guides. More guides also cause the rod bend more consistently throughout the rod, causing greater distribution of weight and it allows you to maximize the power of the rod.


The power of the rod describes its strength. The stronger the rod, the more it has lifting power. A heavy rod is best for very murky waters with heavy cover, and a medium or a thin rod is better for open clear water where thinner lines are needed to get bites.

Fishing Rod Grips

The cork of the handle should be comfortable, lightweight, and keep a good grip even when wet. The higher quality the rod, the higher quality the cork the manufacturer will put on the bass fishing rod. The better the cork the more delicate the vibrations you are able to feel.

The Action Speed

Other important factors to consider when choosing a bass fishing rod is whether the rod is fast or slow, and heavy or light. Lightweight rods are best when using buzzbaits and spinnerbaits.

The Length

The length of a rod will determine the control. A 6 foot rod will give you better casting accuracy and a 7 foot rod will give you more leverage and casting distance.

5 Best Bass Fishing Rods Reviews

1.St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods

Featuring SCIII graphite in IPC tooling technology, The Mojo Bass is more balanced and lighter than ever before. St. Croix has made Mojo Bass 15% lighter allowing maximum sensitivity. Its beautiful black cherry- two coats of Flex Coat metallic finish make it a treat to use out on the water.

Designed in Park Falls and manufactured in Fresnillo, Mexico, this rod’s integrated poly curve as well as super premium 100% linear S-glass is worth mentioning and you can load it up smoothly. In terms of setting up the hook when you’ll be playing with the fish, you’ll find it sensitive.

The cork handle gives you a very nice and comfortable feeling while casting. Many anglers also view the fulcrum point which is good in it to give you the maximum amount of leverage. In this revolutionized version, you’ll also get the split-grip which were absent in the previous model.

Constructed using Fuji ECS and Fuji DPS reel seat with black hoods on casting and spinning models respectively, this rod is a good option for those who are looking for great technique & specific line of rods for a good price. You can use it for flipping and pitching heavy warms too.

So, if you are looking for or considering purchasing a new rod that is capable of bass fishing, you’ll really pleasantly surprise finding how this rod performs.

  • Tough backbone, better for fighting with powerful fishes
  • Lightweight, so it allows no fatigue out on the water and very responsive
  • 5-year warranty
  • Kigan Master Hand 3D guides are made strong using aluminum-oxide rings with black frames

While many 2-Piece casting rods typically focus on portability or style, Entsport has simply tried to cram as many features into its 7-Feet medium heavy baitcast rod as possible. You’ll find a harmonious balance between its weight and performance as tremendous power is induced in this lightweight piece.

Having solid carbon fiber construction, this model frees you from the chance of losing any fish whether big or small. The sensitivity is maintained in it with the same proportion of strength. The hoods are made corrosion free using aluminum while reel seat has got a Soft Touch finish.

Choosing this rod seeing its comfy handle won’t be a regretful decision as it is made of High density EVA with which you can cast all day long without having a tired arm. Again, carrying this durable and easy to handle rod is easy. You can break it into two pieces before going out to your bass casting trip in order to fit in your car or backpack and can reassemble them easily. But the plus point is that in spite of its being 2 pieces, you won’t find its strength even a little bit shaky.

  • Guides are placed perfectly spaced that makes the line flow friction-free
  • Ensures maximum casting performance
  • Portable and strongly structured
  • EVA handle for easy grip
  • Additional alternative top piece

Loaded with features Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod is a good choice for Freshwater bass fishing. Meant for fishing smaller fish like crappie, perch or trout, it is made as an ultra-light one. Its impressive sensitivity will make your trip plenteous with a lot of catches.

Choosing the suitable reel isn’t any matter to think about as it fits on any reel except the big deep sea ones. It contains 6 guides that is great for taking control on the casting process. The foregrip and rear grip is made of cork which ensures your extreme comfort in gripping. Cork is dense but very light-weight material, so the hands don't slip.

However, you'll need to give it a workout soon after purchasing to assess whether it will work for a long time or not before the short- one year limited warranty runs out.

  • Cork handle doesn't hurt nor creates any undesirable problems
  • Fairly light
  • Sensitive enough to detect the presence of small fishes
  • 2 piece rod, so easy to carry

If you are thinking of investing your earning on buying a fishing rod that can be used in both fresh and marine water, no other rod would give you the price worthy experience except KastKing BlackHawk Telescopic Fishing Rod. Its available in various sizes and lengths so that you can choose according to your need.

It includes components designed to fight the rust or corrosion ensuring durability and longer existence. One such protection is found in its 3 point welded guides made of stainless steel with ceramic inserts. Another to be mentioned is its reel-seat manufactured using CNC machined aluminum. Note that the guides can be employed with braided or mono fishing line.

Light weight KastKing telescopic rod is easy to port. It fits in car trunk, backpack or boat hatch allowing you to travel in your favorite fishing spot. Pay particular attention to its 24-ton carbon fiber and E-Glass that has the power to lift up to 10lb. Sensitivity is its another feature that makes it a tool to be praised time and time again by the people who use it.

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Versatile in its use as it can cover a wide range of species belong to sea, fresh or inshore water
  • Stainless steel guides

Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rods is one of the most feature-rich bass fishing rods featured with the precision in balance between power and sensitivity. Being a one-piece rod, its strength is never questioned like any two-piece rods. Its good look is like a convenient add-on for making your trip full of thrill and energy.

Titanium frame guides are among the best traits of this extremely lightweight rod. It represents the most comfortable series of poles ever created in the history of angling rods and it’s virtually bulletproof.

To make your grip solid even in wet and fishy area, EVA and TAC handle is designed perfecting its actions specifically for bass fishing. It seems that its function and your utmost comfort are organized to happen at the same time and this idea is coated with the Hidden Handle Design in reel seats. The cork on its reel seat gives a permanent sensation of control as well as comfort throughout the practice. Handling this rod is easier too. The EVA made handles can be kept clean by simply scrubbing with detergent to remove accumulated protein, slime and fish oil to make it much more durable and the handle will remain intact also.

  • One-piece rod, so durable and powerful
  • Grip is good
  • EVA handle is easy to keep clean

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is when choosing a fishing rod you should decide on whether you prefer a spinning rod or a bait casting rod. The next step is to determine what type of lure you will be using.

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