Best Betta Fish Tank and Aquarium Reviews 2019

Watching fish is very relaxing, and when they swim, it gives you satisfying feeling. Whether you choose to keep a simple goldfish, betta fish or making a fish community you need best fish tank to give them a better life.

Although it's a common practice to keep a Betta in a bowl, a Betta tank makes a much better habitat. It is true that Bettas need very little space to survive, but to thrive they should have room to swim. And, you can only see the true beauty of their fins when they are swimming!

Are you going to keep a fish in a bowl or want to have a large, filtered, heated tank?

We looked into everything you need to keep a betta happy and healthy.

Top Betta Fish Tanks Comparison Table

Must Know before you go

  • Betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish.
  • If you don’t want to see a sad face of betta in the tank, pick a big aquarium. They will love it.
  • They are tropical fish, and very territorial, so they can’t be kept with other male bettas. Instead, keep them with the types of fish that they will tolerate, such as Plecos or Minnows.
  • The water in your fish tank needs to be heated to a constant temperature at all times.

What type of Fish aquarium is required for betta fish?

Betta Fish need a tank of at least 2 gallons; You can keep them on 1 gallon, but anything smaller than that is not fair to the fish. The water needs to be heated to 78 degrees F, and ideally filtered. The bacteria that build up in the filter are essential for breaking down the ammonia in the water that is caused by fish waste and uneaten food.

You can have two female bettas, but then you must have a tank of sufficient size and a divider. You really wouldn’t want them to attack and injure each other. People have kept groups of female bettas. However to keep those you need large tanks like 20 gallons or bigger, with plenty of space and cover, as bettas love to have places to hide away

 What to Consider before buying a best betta fish tank?

The Tank: Bettas are not very happy in smaller tanks. When you keep him in a larger tank, he feels safer and swims actively. The smaller tanks also need very frequent cleaning. You’d need 100% change every second day to prevent the build-up of ammonia, which is extremely toxic. Acrylic, as opposed to glass tanks, are another consideration. Acrylic scratches more easily.

Temperature: Bettas are tropical fish, and they need the water to be constantly heated to about 78 degrees F with no sudden temperature fluctuations. If you have purchased a kit specifically geared to tropical fish, it will come with a heater. If you are doing a DIY setup, you will need to purchase a reliable heater that fits easily and unobtrusively into your tank.

Filtration: Ideally your tank should be filtered. When you clean your filter medium, you must never get rid of all of it at once, as that will set your tank back to “new”. If you don’t have a filter, you will have to change 100% of the water every second or third day.

Decoration: Bettas need a variety of objects to occupy themselves. They also like nooks and crannies to hide away in. You can have fun decorating your tank to make your fish feel at home. Some people don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to cultivate living plants. If you opt for the option of artificial plants, buy silk rather that plastic plants. The plastic plants have very sharp edges that could damage your friend’s fins.

Maintenance: Your fishy friend’s home must be maintained at the correct ph level and temperature at all times. Never put fresh tap water into the tank, it needs to have water conditioner added first to get rid of chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals. When it comes to food, your betta doesn’t like to be fed pellets only. They will obviously love live, but frozen food, such as brine shrimp or bloodworms is more than adequate.

We have reviewed a few of the many hundreds of different aquariums available on the market. We hope that this will make your choice a little easier. Choose best betta fish tank carefully.

9 Top Rated Best Betta Fish Tank Review

1.Tetra Aquarium Kit, 20-Gallon

20 gallon betta fish tank

I prefer buying a Betta Aquarium Kit, 20-Gallon to giveyour betta enough space for swimming and exploring effortlessly. When you have this large tank you can keep other fish like Neon Tetras, Cory Catfish and Ghost shrimp as tankmates with the betta. But when you are making a community be careful your betta aren’t attacking other fishes.

You are also getting enough space to put some plants on it which will create nice environment with a good amount of vegetation in the tank. This will also create good oxygen for your fish. The tank is made with scratch resistant glass which allows you to see fish clearly and increase lasting. It comes with all the necessary materials including UL heater, filter, and artificial plants to complete your aquarium setup.

Highlighted Feature?
  • Large space for the fish to move actively
  • Scratch Resistant Glass
  • Complete kits to set up the aquarium
  • Get a natural ocean feeling environment for the fish

2.Fluval Edge 12-Gallon Aquarium with 42-LED Light

12-Gallon Aquarium

This aquarium has a striking 3D cube design. It consists of a transparent glass tank, and an elegant pedestal, which clasps the tank in such a way as to make the tank appear as if it’s floating in mid-air. With attractive LED lighting, including a blue moonlight setting, this makes this aquarium a very attractive alternative to a table lamp.

The column of the pedestal houses and hides the filter and the wiring, thereby eliminating the unsightly mess of all sorts of tubes and wires on the outside of less elegant makes of the aquarium. The glass cover is see through and completely sealed. This allows you to fill it to the top and have an unobstructed aerial view, which creates a spectacular effect.

Highlighted Feature?
  • Hidden High-Quality Filtration
  • 360 Degree Viewing
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Assembly and Maintenance

3.Fluval Edge 6-Gallon Aquarium with 21-LED Light

6-Gallon betta fish tank

The 6-gallon Fluval is the same length and width as the 12-gallon, but only half the height. It has 21 LED lighting system, instead of 43 but still retains the blue moonlight LEDs. However, this configuration still gives you stunningly effective illumination.

This model also has 3 positions on/off switch, namely bright daytime, deep blue nighttime and off. Because of its reduced size, the filtration system, which is the same for both models, seems to handle the smaller volume better.

It is not prone to slightly stagnant, poorly oxygenated the water in the lower half of the tank. The lighting is good throughout the whole tank, not just in the center of the reservoir. This makes it extremely beneficial for growing plants.

Highlighted Feature?
  • Versatile Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Quieter and More Efficient Filtration
  • Visually Stunning

4.Fluval Spec V 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

Fluval Spec V

This striking aquarium is specially designed to fit small spaces such as desktops and counter-tops. The etched-glass with aluminum trim gives functionality and style in one convenient package. The unique overhanging lighting system, with 37 LED lights is a prominent feature that provides good overall illumination for plants and décor. The Spec V Kit comes with all the necessary filter media for efficient mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

The pump and filtration system is housed out of sight in the chamber at one end of the tank. The kit, unfortunately, does not come with a heater but has a convenient little hole in which to hide one. The pump is very reliable, and with smart placement of the output nozzle, you can create plenty of flows and eddies to satisfy your adventurous betta. You can also fit a Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge over the output nozzle to calm the water right down to make your betta a happy chappie.

Highlighted Feature?
  • Extremely Quiet, efficient Filtration System
  • Stylish Design
  • Large Viewing Window (due to being reduced depth wise not lengthwise)
  • Easy and Simple Setup

5.biOrb Classic 15 4-Gallon Aquarium with Moonlight LED Light

4 Gallo Aquarium

BiOrb manufactures incredibly classy looking aquariums. Although they are a little on the pricey side, especially the accessories, these aquariums make very attractive additions to any home or office. The spherical tank is made out of acrylic, not glass. Acrylic is lighter and 10 times stronger than glass, but it does scratch more easily.

You can purchase a cleaning pad which will polish out all scratches quite effectively, as long as they are not too deep. This aquarium also comes with an intelligent moonlight option. It automatically senses when the ambient light is low and switches itself on (an immaculate feature). The electrical components run off a 12v transformer. BiOrb has standardised the filtration system, so the filter cartridge is a true “one size fits all”.

Highlighted Feature?
  • Acrylic Tank-Lighter and Stronger
  • Intelligent Moonlight LED Lighting
  • Low Voltage-Operates from a 12v Transformer
  • Elegant Styling

6.Tetra Cube 3-Gallon Aquarium Kit

With much fewer options on the market in this size, this aquarium being very reasonably priced. I was pleasantly surprised at how elegant it looks once assembled. The tank sits on a pedestal and has rounded corners, which give it a much more visually stunning effect than one would expect for this price. If you are looking for a starter kit to give to someone as a gift, you can’t go wrong with this tank.

It comes with everything you need to get started, and with the addition of a heater, would be suitable for bettas and other tropical fish. The pump is surprisingly quiet for such a reasonably priced 3-gallon betta tank. The Tetra 3-Gallon Kit comes with an attractive LED lighting system that throws a steady illumination over the whole tank. The acrylic tank is light enough to carry the aquarium around even when full. Best of all, it is big enough to be suitable for a betta.

Highlighted Feature?
  • Ideal as a Starter Kit
  • Good LED Lighting
  • Round Edged and Pedestal Mounted
  • Convenient Feeding Hole

7.Elive Double Glass 2.5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

Elive Double Glass 2.5-Gallon Aquarium Kit review

This incredibly unique Double Glass Aquarium allows you to keep an aggressive betta in the inner tank, with other schooling fish in the outer tank, giving you a unique aquarium experience. It’s particularly useful for children, who quickly get bored watching only one fish all the time. One micro submersible filter cleans both the inner and the outer tanks. It has a 55 gallon, lab certified flow rate per hour, ensuring clean oxygenated water between regular cleanings.

This aquarium has a dual (white and moonlight blue) LED lighting assembly with a 3-way switch for day and night settings. It also has a dimmer function, which comes in very handy for reduced light requirements. The kit comes with an easy to understand set-up guide, which gives you step by step instructions that will have you admiring your pet’s new home in no time. 

Highlighted Feature?
  • Unique Double Glass Design
  • Dual LED Lighting with Dimmer Switch
  • Submersible Micro Filter
  • Lab Certified 55 Gallon Flow Rate

8.API Betta 360 Degree 1.5-Gallon Kit

For someone who wants to test the water before taking the plunge, this is an ideal option. It is a very reasonably priced betta fish tank. One of its unique features is the fact that you can run it either off batteries, or you can purchase a power adapter to run it off an electrical circuit.

The battery option also comes with a neat, automatic on/off switch that activates after 2 hours to save the battery life. With the insertion of a start-up water heater, this tank is suitable for not only bettas, but also other tropical fish such as zebra danios, white clouds, and guppies.

Another remarkable feature is the vibrant seven color, (amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red and white), energy efficient LED lighting. This starter kit is ideal because it also comes with a free sample of API Betta Food and API Stress Coat

Highlighted Feature?
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 7 Colour LED Lighting
  • Energy Efficient
  • 2 Power Options-Battery or Mains

9.Tetra Waterfall Globe 1.8 Gallon Aquarium Kit

With its distinctive waterfall feature and very reasonable price, this Kit will make an attractive start-up betta tank. A great feature is the single power cord for both light and pump, thereby eliminating the necessity for an extra cord. The waterfall feature is very relaxing, as well as oxygenating the water, removing chlorine and helping with that certain fishy smell. The bowl is made of glass, which is aesthetically pleasing, and together with the pump, are the only two parts that are replaceable.

The kit comes with comprehensive instructions in English and Spanish as well as detailed pictures, so it is incredibly easy to set up. The filter housing and assembly clip on and off very easily, when cleaning. With the addition of a heater, this Kit would make a perfect betta fish aquarium.

At almost 2 gallons, this tank will make a much more commodious home for your favorite betta, rather than smaller similar start-up kits. The spherical glass bowl, mounted on a pedestal, makes this tank an extremely eye-catching addition to any environment.

Highlighted Feature?
  • Stylish, Spherical, Glass, and Pedestal Mounted Aquarium
  • Unique Waterfall Feature
  • Single Power Cord for Light and Pump
  • Cartridge-Based Filtration

How to Set Up a Betta Fish Tank?

The very first thing you should consider is the tank. Smaller tanks get dirty very quickly and require complete water changes every 2 to 3 days. With a bigger tank and with a decent filtration system it becomes possible only to change 10 to 15 % of the water every week. Which let’s face it, is much less stressful for your betta. There are many great starter kits on the market with some great features, so the choice is an aesthetic as well as a practical one. You can, of course, build up your own system from scratch. However, although components may be better quality, they will be more expensive.

The next thing to consider is the accessories that will enhance the comfort of your betta, namely, the filter and the heater. The first we will consider is the heater. Bettas are tropical fish and need a constant water temperature of between 77 and 80 degrees F. The starter kit aquariums typically come with a heater, and again, the size of the tank is critical. Too small a tank and the temperature fluctuations will be too great. If you are building your own kit, don’t hesitate to spend a bit on a decent, reliable heater to keep the water temperature constant. Always test heaters before entrusting your fish’s health to them.

Then, the filter and pump. Again, most starter kits come with some kind of filtration system. As mentioned before, it is sometimes difficult to attach filters and pumps to smaller tanks. They’re also harder to decorate. Bettas don’t like strong currents, so, if your pump is too efficient, simply baffle the outlet with a sponge pre-filter. You can even get special sponges for exactly this purpose. Filtration systems are there to control the build-up of ammonia. Ammonia build-up, which is toxic to the fish, is caused by the presence of untreated fish waste and uneaten food. A decent filtration system will normally be composed of a three components, mechanical, chemical and biological. To ensure that your system is working properly, you should test the water for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. All these substances should be at 0, or as close to it as you can get.

Next, it’s time for the decorations. Bettas are lively, inquisitive fish and love lots of little nooks and crannies in which to hide and swim in and out of. You should put some kind of gravelly substrate on the bottom of your tank. This will anchor your plants, real or fake, and your decorations. It also gives your aquarium a more natural look. The good idea is to have a themed tank, such as Sponge Bob, or a fairy garden with an obligatory castle. If you choose plastic plants, make sure that they have no sharp edges as these can damage the bettas’ fins. Silk or real plants are preferable, but cultivating real plants could be somewhat tricky and time-consuming. If you don’t trust yourself to grow water plants, silk ones are excellent. Half fill your tank before placing plants as this will help you to anchor the plants.

Once all this is done, and the tank is full of water, you need to institute a fishless cycle otherwise your betta might fall prey to “new tank syndrome”. This fishless cycle allows the tank to start building up a supply of essential bacteria in the tank and filtration system. This will break down the ammonia mentioned earlier. Once your ammonia and nitrate readings are 0, it is time to add your fish and enjoy the incredible experience that keeping bettas gives. One last point: don’t ever put fresh tap water in your tank. The water needs to be treated with water conditioner to eliminate chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals before adding it to the tank.

How to Create Ideal Betta Tank

  • Most people assume that by using a small Betta bowl it won't require as much time to clean. However, this isn't true at all, the smaller the container, the more often you will need to clean it. And, you may not be able to provide your Betta with the right water temperature if you can't use a heater.
  • Experts recommend that you have at least a one gallon Betta tank for each fish. However, the ideal aquarium is from two to five gallons and more if you want a larger tank. By having a larger tank, you'll be able to take advantage of a heater and a filtration system.
  • Bettas don't need aeration, they can breathe air from the top of the waters surface. But, clean water is one of the most important factors in keeping your Betta healthy. Waste that accumulates in the water will quickly decay and it can cause fin rot, or make your fish very sick.You'll also need a good heater that is the correct size for the tank that you're using and a thermometer. Bettas need warm water temperatures that range from 70 to 80 degrees. Temperatures that rise and drop constantly can be fatal to the Betta.
  • If you're purchasing a new Betta tank, try to find one that has a cover. Not only will a tank cover help keep dust and other particles out of the water, it will keep your Betta in the water. Bettas love to jump and can easily jump out of the tank.Besides helping to keep the tank cleaner and keeping the Betta from jumping out of the tank, most tank covers are equipped for lights. And, while you should never sit the tank in direct sunlight, your Betta needs light to stay healthy. It should have at least eight hours of light every day.
  • You can use almost any type of substrate in a Betta tank. However, rough gravels or other rough materials can destroy the delicate fins. The ideal substrate would be small, smooth gravels or sand. But, if you want to add a decorative touch, you can even use marbles.Bettas love hiding places and they like to have decorations to swim through. Just make sure that whatever you decide to use in the tank is smooth and doesn't pose any danger to the fish. If you want to use plants, choose either live plants or silk.The location of the Betta tank is just as important as the tank itself.
  • You'll want to place the tank in a location that you'll be able to enjoy the Betta. But, make sure that it's not sitting in direct sunlight, or where it will be exposed to any hot or cold drafts.After you've decided on the perfect location for the Betta tank and have the tank decorated, you're ready to add the water.
  • It's perfectly safe to use water from you sink as long as you treat it properly. It's crucial that you use a chlorine neutralizer because chlorine will kill a Betta.It's also a really good idea to use a high quality water conditioner. A water conditioner will remove any harmful metals from the water such as copper and zinc. And, most conditioners will even remove excess ammonia. You can purchase spring water, but tap water that has been treated is much better
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Can I put more than one betta in the same tank?

Answer: ​Generally, NO. However, if the tank is big enough, you can build up a collection of female bettas. Just ensure that there is sufficient space for them to move around in, and places where your bettas can hide.

2.Can I use Full Mirror?

Answer: Not generally advisable. Your betta will get very stressed thinking there’s another male with him in the tank. Avoid mirrors altogether.

3.Is it alright to feed my betta just fish flakes and pellets?

Answer: Fish flakes and pellets are adequate but not ideal. They can cause bloating and should be soaked before giving to the betta. Fresh food is best, but frozen will do, and ideally, a combination of all three.

4.Do Bettas hate currents?

Answer: Because of the configuration of their fins, bettas do struggle against strong currents. I have known bettas to swim against the current and then pull aside to rest, almost as if exercising. Baffle your outlet with the sponge if you think the current is too strong.

5.How much water conditioner must I add to the water?

You only use water conditioner when you do water changes. You must only treat new water, and you don’t use if you are not changing water.

6.How many pellets must I give my betta?

Answer: Two pellets twice a day is enough.

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