Best Boat Bilge Pump Review 2018

Whether you have a powerboat, sailboat or fishing boat, almost all boats wind up with unnecessary water in the bilge. For this reason, a bilge pump comes in handy, which removes water from the bilge. Common sources of water vary from a boat propeller shaft packing gland, melting ice from refrigeration coolers, leaky seams in a boat and several other factors.

If you can’t get rid of water from your vessel or even your outboard motors, it would suffer from adverse effects like destabilizing your boat, carrying fuel tanks that might destroy your electrical wiring and others. Worst, your boat can possibly sink without using the necessary bilge pumps.

Who make the best bilge pump?

The famous brand products for bilge pumps available are the Shoreline Marine, Attwood, SeaSense, Rule, Jabsco and Johnson Pumps. But, along with grabbing a hold of the mentioned supplies, you should bear in mind that bilge pumps are only designed to take away small amounts of water.

Types of Bilge Pump:

1.Manual Bilge Pumps 

Manual bilge pumps are just some of the several parts that feature an efficient and maintenance free operation. They are totally submersible to further refine and identify the water quality. They can help to develop smooth and safe ride.

In addition, manual bilge pumps give a silent and vibration free system which tolerates the quality services. Also, these high quality instruments come with stainless steel shaft design, easy clean-up module and rush and corrosion protection.

2.Electric Bilge Pumps 

Upon cruising the sea water, we cannot deny the fact that there are some instances that we can encounter rough and dangerous water. In order to maintain the safety and smooth ride, electric bilge pumps can help you with this. They formalize and convert bilge water to well refined system.

They are actually made from bronze and wood that can satisfactorily meet the durability of the system. They are simple yet highly objective and are cylindrical in shape with compact housing. Aside from that, electric bilge pumps have rubber mounting pad and belt drive for non-voice and vibration. They are electrically generated for efficient water cycle and good sea water condition.

3.Automatic Bilge Pump

Some bilge pump has an automatic turn on to a regular bilge pump which is called automatic bilge pump. Among two types of automatic bilge pump Type 1 uses internal chip that cycles the pump every 2.5 minutes and then quickly shuts off if no water present.

The Type 2 auto pump has an internal float that pops on once 2 3 or 4 water is filled in. Automatic pump has some disadvantages as it may operate automatically while you may not be aware of if you develop a steadily increasing leak. For instance, your boat may contain a brass gate which is leaked because of the loss of zinc through electrolysis.

However, automatic bilge pump is created to eliminate the need of a separate float switch to activate the pumping mechanism.Once power is supplied, the pump will check for water in the bilge every two and half minutes by testing load against impeller. Most of the stingray owners like this because automatic check cycle drains the battery over time.

4.Marine Macerator Pumps

Macerator Pumps are used to empty holding tanks in recreational vehicles as well on boats. The pump’s function is to suck liquids and solids from the plumbing lines interfaced to the holding tanks.

It also grinds the discharge with a rotating cutter for simple outflow of the waste. This is an important part of sanitation in boats.

5.Oil Change Pump

Oil change pumps are generally designed for plumbing of the engine’s oil pan, which are installed near the engine of a unit. These devices are used for removing used oil from the engine and alter the flow direction of oil as pumped to fill with new oil into the engine.

Release pressure of removing oil by getting excellently made oil changed pumps for many valued customers. You can simply release oil even without getting under the vessels. For further accessible items, find the best items with lightweight feature which can be operated even by one hand.

6.Boat Shower Sump Pumps 

Shower sump pumps are very important in removing the water that has accumulated in the sump pit of your boat’s shower area. Make sure that you will get a shower sump pump that is proven to be working better than other brands.There are now available shower sump pumps that can work even in harsh environments.

These shower sump pumps can ignore all the nasty contaminants that will enter them such as hair, dirt, grease, detergents and many others. They come in duo pump and with a mesh filter so you will not have trouble cleaning them. They also have multiple inlet ports and they can also handle waste water in over one tapping point. They have tight fitting lids to lessen the odor and splashing, making it more convenient on your part.

Don’t forget to use bilge cleaner:

The bilge is also a very important part of the boat that will pave the way for its great performance. This also needs constant cleaning because the moment this is left dirty, the most unwanted boat problems will start.

Now if you don’t want to experience poor boating performance, then now is the time for you to purchase your very own boat bilge cleaners which come in an array of selection. Aside from that fact that these are high quality cleaners, they are also certified to be very affordable.


If you know how to boat, you know that one crucial concern to check on your boat is that it shouldn’t have any known leaks. Bilge pumps cannot function to stay your boat afloat. Hence, if your boat acquired a leak, you should immediately get it fixed and remember to never depend on bilge pumps alone.

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