Best Rated Digital Fish Scale Review 2018

Whether you’re a commercial fisherman or hobbyist angler you become thrilled once you know exact weight of your catch. No matter how large or small fish you catch, measuring the weight accurately is your first demand.

This guide covers exactly what you need to pick your best fishing scale from wide range of options. To buy your desired fish weighting scale you’ll have to look on the screen and its ability to measure the range of weight.

The best fishing scale should help you with the following:

  • These scales will give you the accurate weight of the fish.
  • They are robust and compact and can be the perfect choice for fishermen and anglers.
  • They are available in reasonable rate
  • Most importantly it should be in your price range
  • You can carry it with you anytime and anywhere.

What to Consider for Buying Fish Scale?

Consider the Weight Range

This is absolutely vital if you go after big fish. Ordinary fish scales can handle weights between 10 to 100 lbs. If you go after larger fish, buy those that can handle that weights such as Dr.Meter Digital Fish Scale . There may be other fishing scales that can handle greater weights but it probably won’t be necessary .If your fish weigh somewhere in the middle, you can always go with Rapala, ReelSonar or other well known brands. But it’s better to have one high weight range scale ready in case you make a big catch. 

Consider the Price

Like any other weight scale, price varies on fishing scale too. You can shop $10 cheap scale or more than $100 high end weight scale. What is the different among between these huge price range? 

Cheap are good if you can choose the right one. But most of the time if we fail to pick the high quality equipment we just end up spending money on crap which breaks fast or does perform well.

​If you are concern like me about the quality and can spend good amount of money then I would suggest to choose between Boga Grip 130 30lb or Boga Grip 260 60lb Scale. These are extremely well made equipments which provide accurate weight measurement.

Consider the Types:

There are two main types of fish weighing scales: mechanical weighing scale and digital weighing scale. And on a different aspects they are also two types the spring weighting scale and hydraulic scale.

Get some quick idea what they are and how these works.

Digital Scale

The best part of the digital scale is that you get the direct figures of the weight on your weighing scale screen. It is an electronic weighing scale that measures many readings. They are more accurate even better than mechanical scales. So a digital weighing scale would be a better choice for fishermen. They are more reliable and are more accurate.

Mechanical Fishing Scale

Mechanical scale works more on the basis of physics. Again, two types of mechanical scales are: Spring and Hydraulic.

Spring Weighting Scale

A spring scale measures the weight by reporting the distance that a spring deflects under a load. There is a horizontal lever in it which helps in measuring the weight.But the local gravitational force can affect the result of the spring weighing scale.

Hydraulic Weighting Scale

Hydraulic weighing scale works on the principle of crane scales. It uses hydraulic force to measure the weight. All in all, both types of mechanical weighing scales are good. But hydraulic weighing scale should be the first choice if you go by principle and accuracy.

Buy a Fishing Scale with a Large Screen 

Fishing conditions won’t always be ideal, so you’ll need a screen with a good sized display. A small screen may be cheaper, but you’ll have a hard time understanding the readout if it’s raining.

Full sunlight can also make it hard to read small screens. For these reasons, you should buy a fishing scale with larger screens. Here is another fishing scales buying tip: while many displays are available, the best choice is LCD. They are easy on the eyes and make reading simple.

Attachment mechanism

Cheap fishing scales have a circular hook. And fishes like small mouth bass generally moves a lot and may slip off the hook. If the fish has teeth then it will come undone and will also cut your hand. So choose a scale which has closed hooks or a fish grip style scale.


Don’t forget the handles. Easy and secure handles are a necessity when you’re weighing large fish. To avoid problems, your fishing scale should have handles that let you put your fingers through it.This design will ensure you don’t accidentally drop the scale as you’re weighing the fish. There may be other design handles available, but this is the most convenient.

Buy Waterproof Scales

This may seem surprising, but not all fishing scales are water-resistant. Read the product specifications carefully. It has to be waterproof so problems can be avoided.

Battery Life is Important 

This is another fishing scales buying tip that you’d do well to consider. While some fishing scales have the batteries included in the package, others require you to buy them separately. Obviously this will add to the cost.

Also, the fishing scale must have an indicator that will tell you if power is running low. Without this information you won’t know when to replace it. Auto Turn off Feature:To save battery life, the fishing scale should have an auto turn off feature. By shutting down over a specified period of time, battery won’t be wasted. This can be crucial in case you forget to turn the scales off after you use it to weigh the fish.

5 Overall Best Fishing Scale Review

1.Rapala 50lb Digital Scale

Measuring the fish you hunt instantly can bring you more profit. But if you are finding it difficult to use the scale on your fishing spot, you may not have tried Rapala 50lb Digital Scale yet. With only one 9-volt battery, it can be used to weigh from tenths of an ounce to 50 lbs.Many anglers view ease on carrying the scale. In this case, you will meet the positive result as it is very light weighted and its portability is also beyond words. It can be adjusted even in your short pockets easily,Pay particular attention to the process of its changing the unit- measurement. You can alter it from kilogram to lb. simply by either holding the main button until it changes, or double tapping it.

You need to be careful while using it on salt water. But its service on freshwater in nearly unquestionable. You will find its longevity praiseworthy as it will be a good company on your every fishing trip if you can handle it consciously. We’ve analyzed that till now no complaint is recorded regarding its accuracy on reading the weight. So, you can rely on it from your very first read without the second thought that can save your time for assessing your profit from the fishing trip.

2.Next-shine Electronic Digital Scale

Next-Shine has brought this excitingly featured model to give you the sensation of versatility. With the same scale, you can weigh fishes as well as read the temperature of your fishing arena. This means, now you can increase the chance of getting more fishes by adjusting the fishing bait and thread-lengths with your angling zone. Note that its thermometer provides temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit units. By using this scale, you will experience accurate measurement in various units. The widely-used units such as kg, lb, oz and jin are made available in this device. You just need to set the required unit from the setting menu. But if you are worrying about the idea of overloading, the overload indicator, used in it, can be a great handy.

On its blue backlit LED display, you won’t face any difficulty to read the value. The next benefit of its blue display is that it attracts fishes at night. Another noteworthy point is that this scale has passed the toughest challenge, i.e., long-term battery life. Only two AAA (not included) batteries are needed to run the device.

Again, the battery’s longer use is assured with the smashing feature of turning off its display when you stop using it. It’s not waterproof but its durability can be ensured if you store it in a favorable dry place in your home. You can also carry it on your pocket as it is designed so light-weightily so to make your trip more enthralling. No doubt, you are getting 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee upon buying this scale.

3.Dr.Meter ES-PS01  Electronic Hanging Hook Scale with Measuring Tape

Looking for something that will be helpful for measuring the height, weight as well as the length of a fish? Want to use the electronic tool in both indoor and outdoor activities? Then take a look at this tool introduced by Dr. Meter. This all in one scale has varieties of unit (kg, lb, oz) for weighing. You can easily switch from one unit to another simply by holding the Tare button for a while.

To match its weigh-capacity, its stainless steel made hook is also designed as study by adjoining it with the back-slot. You will also find the hook unbendable until the weight exceeds 110lbs.Its versatility is magnified with the use of its built-in tape that will allow you to measure in three different modes- cm/in/ft within 1m length. The data-lock functions as a very good feature that allows you to read from its display according to your comfort. The blue LED display will also give you the ease to read value at day and night time. In a word, using this scale, you would find your trip profitable without any bitter after-effect.

4.ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale 99lb/45kg and Fish Lip Gripper

Compact, accurate and with a high end featured device that measured up to 99lb/45kg, this digital fishing scale by ReelSonar is one of the most authentic kit in this niche. It has multi-purpose uses. From now, your fishes won’t be underpriced by the rough brokers as you will have an idea about the price matching the exact weight of the fish you will caught.

To make it easier to read the true reflection of your fishes’ weight, a bright LED display is installed in this model. It is manufactured in such a way that it shut automatically to make the battery-life long. Considering its battery life which is up to 500 hours, this model is likely great for both indoor and outdoor use.You don’t need to worry about its hook’s getting corroded as it is made of stainless steel. You can also compare its overall performance with other brands. No other brands will provide anything with all these features equipped in one model within this budget.

5.Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale 15lb

If you don’t want to compromise with the quality of a product and ready to spend a healthy budget on buying a digital fish scale, Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale 15lb is likely unbeatable. In fact, it is a must-have for anyone who are looking for a water-resistant scale for using on their angling trips.To boost up its features, Rapala has induced multiple modes, for example, lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg.

The back-up memory is the best among its other highlights. You can keep in it total 8 fishes’ weight recorded. Its digital large screen is sensitive to pressure/touch that makes the measuring process easy and felicitous.The weigh clamp or hook attached with it is composed of stainless steel. So, no corrosion will make it waned. And with only two AA batteries (not included), you can run the device up to 400 hours. If you need any part to be replaced, you can get it by contacting with Rapala through their website. 

Fisherman’s satisfaction

Low-quality fish scales lasts a day or two or maybe a month. So if you want to get a good and reliable fish scales then the best one is Rapala touch screen digital scale. The MadBite multi-function grip scale is also on the list.

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There is no shortage of fishing scale products in the market. The best option is to ask your friend. If that’s not possible ask for advice on a forum. Along with the fishing scales buying tips given earlier, it will help you make the appropriate purchase.

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