SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner Review

It is always an great treat when you catch your desired number of fishes. But cleaning and cutting a bucket of fish is time consuming. Something that reduces cleaning time certainly would be a godsend. SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner is made to help you on this.

With proper care and conscious use, you can make your fish cleaning session fun and it will save your time and energy too.

What is my favorite Electric Fish Skinner?

​My choice of Electric Fish Skinner was always SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner. Read the review and watch video tutorial how to use it.

SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner Review

After a long day out on the water or on the ice, the worst part is to clean the fish. I mean getting hands dirty. You know it’s tough to do. Look at this cool Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner. This is something that I think you are going to find fascinating. It has come with a system that allows you to skin fish fillets. Basically, it’ll take the rib bones out and the skin off saving a lot of your time. It’s fast, easy, fun to use and very safe.

Its stainless steel floating blade is awesome in keeping the fishes’ belly meat intact. No meat will also remain attached on the skin. Besides, it is designed in such an amazing way that it removes the rib bones totally. So, you won’t need to take an extra time in finding the rib bones again after you finish working with this.

A part of the secret is its throttle control. This operates a lot quicker than it looks. With this you can skin many types of fishes, for example, Walleye, Crappie and Bluegill. In fact, it works awesome on any fish with scale. Regarding doing it quickly, practising on 3-4 fishes will really make you pick the skill up. Then removing the rib bones and taking the skin off will be a task of few minutes for you.

Features and Benefits

Safety Feature

There’s nothing sharp on the blade unit. The rollers are not sharp also. So, you don’t need to worry about your fingers getting pinched in on the rotating blades. Its safety feature functions as guards. You’ve to have the trigger pull to make it work. If you don’t, it won’t response automatically.

Saves your time

Thinking the tiresome work of cleaning and skinning the fishes is a very common tendency. Having this kit in your backpack will surely change this view. Because you will be able to spent some extra hours in fishing as it will work on your behalf even within the shortest possible time. There’s no doubt that you will be satisfied getting very favorable result.

No Waste of meat

You may fear using it thinking loss of meat while skinning. But it is a pleasant news that Skinzit is likely unbeatable in assuring the minimal waste of meat. Whether you are cleaning the rib bones or skinning the fillet, you won’t witness any big depletion.

Ease of Use

Cleaning this device is easy like the way it cleans fillet. After you finish working with it, unplug the unit from the outlet. Flip out the large flip attached on the side and give half a turn. Then pull the roller shaft out, remove the wheel, rinse it off. Finally push the roller shaft in and put the pin back through to lock the blade by making half a turn again. This will secure the roller release tab.

How to Use SKINZIT Fish Skinner?

  • Hold the device lay at an angle and press the lever firmly when you get ready to remove the rib bone. Always start from the wide side of the fish.
  • Let the point of the rib bone enter into the middle of the Skinzit. Start the throttle and move in.
  • After you remove the rib bone, flip the fillet over. Again, start on the head of the fish, not the tail.
  • Lay the device flat on the ground (table), press the lever firmly again, start the throttle and move in.
  • As you move in, don’t push it down. Lay flat, slide in and as you come in just lift it up a little bit and it’ll grab the skin.
  • Stop about a half an inch from the tail. Hold the fillet by your hand with the lever still clamped firmly and pull the meat off the tail.
  • Then hit the throttle and run the skin out. That’s it.

Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner will make the fish cleaning an enthralling experience for you cutting the clean time in half. You’ll be proud of a perfect fillet that takes approximately 15 seconds per side and end up on your dinner plate.You won’t find any other device with much meat off of the fillet than this model. So, you’ve to got one of these. Believe it.

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