Best Fish Scaler Review

Catching, cooking and the eating crispy fish all are the fun parts in your sportfishing, but cleaning and scaling session are the work part. Luckily you have lots of helping tools like fillet knife, scaling tool and fish skinner to prepare a fish for cooking. With these handy tools you scale the fish smoothly and without messing your kitchen.

Best Ways to Scaling or descaling a Fish:

Scaling whole fish is an inevitable task as the it is the hard part on fish surface which is not edible. To help you with scaling the fish we researched and made a list of best fish scaler to choose from.

5 Best Scaler Comparison Table


Scaler Type



Big Norm-Feets


Bear Paw EFS


Open Country TD


The Ultimate Fish Scaler


Techtongda 110V


Love to fish on the ocean and have caught a good number of fish? Tackle Factory has brought Big Norm Magic Fish Scaler to make taking your fish from the stream to your fork.

Just rub this device on the fish— without pressing hard, and the scales will instantly fall off very quickly. Note that to make the scales not fly and flick in every direction, go slow and they might stay below the scaler. Or you may scale the fish in a tub of water.

Relatively fast and lightweight, this kit is designed for scaling small to big fish- from sea bass, strip bass or red snapper to salmon. But it works better on the big scales like snapper and such. Only 3 or 4 swipes down the sides and the scales are gone.

This great tool doesn't cut the meat like some of the metal ones do. Again, it's all high-impact plastic. So, no rust, no corrosion and no slime. In fine, does a better job than any metal scraper. Cleaning it is also easy. Just rinse under water. You may use dish soap to get a hygienic wash.

This item is an affordable option to keep in mind if you’re in the market for a cost-efficient fish scaler. Only 8 inches long, but works fine for larger fish scales also. While scaling a smaller fish (can be of 1 lb.), just keep your fingertips in mind a bit more.

The only drawback you may want to count is that it makes the scales do fly all over the place. But it also has a solution. Just spread out some newspaper and put on an apron to make everything go great. Another effective way to get rid of this problem is- before scaling, fill your kitchen sink with water, submerge the fish into it, and then no scale will jump.

Though it is intended for scaling the whole fish. you can use it on cut fish also. But You just need to be more cautious about your fingers while doing it.For washing this fast and reliable kit, use hot soapy water along with a stiff brush if you need.

7" Eagle Claw Scaler, one of the most feature-rich scalers, can be a great choice for the fishermen of any stage. Whether you are a beginner angler or a professional one, this scaler would make your cleaning session hassle free.

The neat thing about this product is that it features a rubber handle which you’ll find comfortable even with fishy hands. With this soft foamlike grip, you’ll be able to scale small fishes too.

Available in reasonable price, yet far superior to the metal stamped scalers, this tool is easy to use and helps you scale quickly and effortlessly.

So, upgrade yourself with this durable kit while you’ve got a mass of fish for dinner. Don’t go on its less impressive look as the product is intended to be functional.

Best Electric Fish Scaler Review

Many of those old school tools are now gone old. Your hands become tired when you have to remove scales of fish one by one, spending bunch of minutes skinning and cleaning it.So, don’t you think it is high time to stop wresting with the fishes before you bring them on your dinner plate?

You got to come back to the dock, got to take out your gear, wash down your boat and if you’re lucky enough to catch fish, you’ve got to clean up.What an old-fashioned way it is that you’re scrapping…. scrapping…and your arm is tired, your wrist is tired and you’re making up your fingers!But let me tell you something right now.You can scale fish in a matter of seconds by using an electric fish scaler. It’ll be easy, fast and fun to do.

4.Bear Paw EFS Electric Fish Scaler

While you wouldn't want to spoil the fun of scaling by using a manual scaler, Bear Paw EFS Electric Fish Scaler can a great option. It works quite well on all sized scales. So, you don’t need to erase small fishes from your menu worrying about cleaning them.

Thanks to its cutting-edge extra hard Teflon coating that makes cleanup quicker and easier. It’s rust-free and can be used in both fresh and saltwater. Outstanding performance is made more visible by the flexible cord that gives a good handling experience. You can scale without worrying about getting the fish-meat damage or your hand cut.

In 110 volts and 1 1/2-amps motor at 3000-RPM, it scales tough varieties of fish like, walleye, bream or bass. But it won’t work without an adapter. Just be careful, because the scales tend to go everywhere when you start scaling with it. So, make sure you have a good place to do it in or put down some plastic like garbage bag and kinds of stuff so that you can catch a lot of it.Save your hours of time with this model and engross yourself on some more important tasks. In fact, it’s obvious that after using it, you won’t be tempted to try another type of scaler.

High-end Open Country Automatic Fish Scaler may be very expensive, but you never have to worry about scales spraying all through your kitchen or cleaning area.At its very best it can scale your entire catch in just a few minutes. The large capacity, stainless steel drum will help you scale up to 50 fish at the same time.

Simply place your catch inside the drum, add water and turn on the device. The fish will automatically be scaled in 20 minutes or less while you’re relaxing or preparing the rest of the meal.Portable and best for both indoor and outside use if you have access to AC power, Open Country Automatic Fish Scaler is built durable for a long life and the removable drum is easy to clean. You just need to hose out the inner area of the drum.

The components are designed to remove the scales gently leaving the fish washed, undamaged and ready for making them fillets.The quiet and powerful geared electronic motor is enclosed in a waterproof housing. To make it a complete pack, a sturdy polypropylene tub is featured that keeps the entire system odor and mildew free.

Tips to Use Electric Fish Scaler

Choose a light-weighted and self-contained fish scaler with a rubber handle to make your fish scaling experience nice and loveable.

Don’t forget to consider the power outlet. Maximum brands come with their device workable at about 110 volts. So, you can easily plug it into the cigarette lighter on your boat or stick it to the RV inside your car. Just be careful about scales inside your backseat as that could be a problem.Make sure the electric scaler you choose cares about your safety. The combination of stainless steel and plastic construction can be a good scaler for your fillet.

Compare it to an old-fashioned aluminum fish scrapper. You don’t need to give extra pressure on your wrist with it. No pain on your wrist, no pain on your arm and basically no pain to use. You can also clean such scalers only by a couple of wipes.

Now don’t take my words for any electric fish scaler.

Go to the store or online and you’ll find these kits comparatively easier to use, affordable, fast and safe. Once you try this, you’ll never go back after picking the best fish scaler.

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