Best Fishing Cooler Review 2018

No fishing trip is complete without a reliable cooler that keeps your food, drinks and catches cool and fresh. You’ll need cooler that can hold enough food and ice for long time when you go long trip.

When looking best cooler to the aspect of keeping fish Yeti deserve special mention though most of the people won't buy it because of it's hefty price tag. 

On that case Coleman 120 is perfect for most of the people, because that support up to 250 lbs and price is reliable. 

Read more to find out the best picks we’ve put together for you to use in 2017.

8 Best Fishing Coolers in Comparison Table

Things to consider in choosing a Cooler

Strength and durability: The best cooler for your fishing trip is one that can take some serious punishment that being at open sea will throw at it. No use going for a flimsy cooler not made for the rough fishing conditions, is it? You can find some really strong and durable coolers that are within your budget, and won’t let you down.

Capacity: The more space the cooler has, the more things you can carry on your next fishing expedition. Remember that you’ll need space for food, drinks, and condiments. If the cooler is only for your catch, this should hold as much fish as you catch for your time at sea. Also, don’t forget that ice, which you’ll really need, takes up a lot of space.

Weight: This might not be such a big deal for many since bigger coolers naturally weight more. Just in case you are concerned about weight, the main thing is to be able to lift a full cooler without throwing your back out. Heavier loaded coolers will require at least two persons to lift. Most go for sturdy but light coolers.

Ice Retention: Another thing to consider is how long your cooler can keep things cool. A worthy cooler is one that keeps ice longer and food and drinks fresh and cool, even in brutal temperatures. Coolers you use for only fish must also be properly sealed to keep your catch fresh for as long as possible.

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Other reasons for choosing your next cooler could be stability, provided by non-skid bases or tie downs to keep your cooler in place on a moving boat; drainage that is, a cooler that is easy to drain of excess water, and other waste without you having to lift it; and warranty such as the preferred lifetime warranty where you don’t need to buy replacement coolers for a long time!

8 Best Fishing Coolers Review

1.Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme 5 Marine Cooler

Best Marine Cooler: Users recommend the Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme 5 Marine Cooler as a durable cooler that keeps ice longer. Its ThermOZONE Insulation keeps ice up to five days, even in scorching heat. You have so much space inside you'll be able to put up to eight soda cases in there with your food. Even if the cooler is only for fish, there’s more than enough room.

You can even measure your fish with the handy inch guide on the lid! No wonder the Coleman is listed among the best coolers for fishing. You'll love the metal hinged lid and the cup holders for four drinks! The two-way handles make it easy to carry.

Coleman 120 also carries a rustproof and leak-resistant drain, although some users doubt that its water tight lid is really water tight against leaks. It's a good idea to chill your food and drinks before your trip. That way your ice stays longer. The Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme 5 is highly rated by those who rely on its sturdy durability.

2.Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Best Portable Cooler: The Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler is big enough to fill for a weekend camping trip and easy enough to carry as a party cooler. You can easily organize your food and drinks with its freezable divider and dry shelf (with holes). Place drinks in the small compartment and food in the larger one and see how well your igloo marine cooler space is used. In fact, you can carry wine bottle upright and stack at least two layers of soda cans.

The wheels make it easy to roll around and an empty Igloo is surprisingly light. The loops on either side make it easy for you to secure it to a boat or your vehicle on the go. You can even mount two fishing pole holders in the slots outside.

This Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler is not cheap, but for the money you get a durable cooler that keeps ice longer than the typical five day cooler. You may need to pay extra attention on beaches as the wheels are a little small for rolling around in sand.

3.Polar Bear Cooler Soft Cooler

Best Small Coolers: You know you have a quality soft cooler when you choose the Polar Bear Cooler Soft Cooler. It's made for that user who does not hesitate to go that extra rugged mile for fun and adventure. Fishers can also depend on its leak proof and sweat proof design to keep everything fresh and cool.

Expect strong performance from the Polar Bear's 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and high-density open cell foam outer shell (works like canvas). You can fit your Polar Bear cooler almost anywhere and when you're not using it, easily pack it away without taking up space. Yes, the small Polar Bear is super thick and, for a soft cooler, keeps ice long enough for your contents to remain cool until you need them.

The outer shell is built to last but the interior plastic material may be the first to wear out. If you want extra hours with the ice, it's a good idea to pre-chill your drinks before putting them in this cooler.

4.Yeti Tundra Cooler

High Quality Coolers: Tough and durable, the Yeti Tundra Cooler is the right choice for those long, brutal trips. If you’re an Angler, you’ll love the rope handles - marine-grade, with textured grips. Your fishing day is even greater with the Yeti's non-slip (rubberized) feet and molded tie-down slots to keep it steady on your boat.

Yeti Cooler can even double as a casting platform! Yeti is known among the best insulated cooler as it is completely insulated and the roto-molded polyethylene outer case offers greater durability. As for how long you have ice, this can last for days or even a week, when used properly (follow the instructions!). You can choose from various sizes, like the 45 quart, which is small enough for one person to carry full, and the 65 quart which is heavier.

Admittedly, the Yeti Tundra is not cheap, but this is a long-term investment into a cooler that’s built to last and serves your purpose. Some users might find the plug too easy to dislodge, but this problem can be fixed by the supplier.

5.Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 65 Quart

Best Cooler for Camping: Whether you fish part-time or full time, you'll need a reliable cooler that meets your expectations. The Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler, 65 Quart will be a great choice. The Pelican cooler holds ice up to 10 days, perhaps just as long as other coolers in a higher price range.

The hard handles make it easier to get on or off a moving boat than rope handles, better for firmer grips in a bind. You won't be disappointed with the space inside the Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler, 65 Quart, which is true to size. You’ll, however, need to clean the cooler and allow it to drain. Some users find that the lid on this portable cooler is not truly water-tight and if it falls on its side, it leaks a little.

The drain plug also leaks or sweats a little when ice is placed inside. There’s however a quick fix to this problem when you replace the O-ring inside the drain plug, or apply a reliable sealant to it.

6.Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series Cooler

Best Ice Chests: The Canyon Coolers: Outfitters 55 Ice Chest is made to withstand some pretty tough conditions. Weighing only 24 lbs, it's easy for one person to carry. With its one-piece, heavy-duty Roto-Molded PE design and 2.7” thick wall you have a reliable cooler that keeps up with you.

This is an all-purpose product ready for fishing, camping, hunting or tailgating. With enough space for 46 beer cans with ice, this ice chest keeps your food and supplies fresh for up to two weeks, even in blazing temperatures. Depending on your trip’s conditions, ice remains frozen for between 5 and14 days. Latches and drain plugs don't stick out so packing your ice cooler in tight spaces is a breeze!

Although these coolers don't carry rubber non-skid bases, they have slick skid rails making it easier to load onto a boat or pickup. You'll pay 46% less for a Canyon cooler and also get a lifetime warranty which is far better than the 5 year warranty typically offered by other cooler makers.

7.Engel Coolers High Performance ENG123 Roto-Molded Cooler

High Performance Coolers: The Engel Coolers High Performance ENG123 Roto-Molded Cooler can keep ice for up to ten days! Thanks to its 2 inches of polyurethane insulation and its seamless roto-molded design. This makes for a strong and durable cooler, perfect for extended fishing and camping trips.

If you own a raft, you’ll find that it fits smugly inside a 42” raft. Your contents are guaranteed to be airtight because of the cooler's Silicone Gaskets and marine-grade compression latches. Engel is a trusted name among professional outfitters and fishermen for good reason. These coolers hold a lot, between 80 to 123 quarts, and your items remain cold. Of course, it's important to follow instructions for the best results. For longer ice retention, pre-cool your items before placing them inside the cooler.

This cooler also uses rope that can be easily replaced if broken. Check also to ensure that the rubber latches are not dry rot, or easy to break. Ask for a replacement unit if this occurs.

8.Orca Extra Heavy Duty Coolers

Best Saltwater Coolers: Here's another of the best coolers for fishing that has made it on this list. The Orca Extra Heavy Duty Coolers are America’s answer to roto-molded cooler technology. High quality insulation and a shell that can be firmly locked makes ice retention an easy feat. In fact, the Orca has one of the best ratings for keeping ice longer than its close rivals.

The makers of Orca promise to keep your food and drinks fresh for up to 10 days! Users who have taken the time to test this large cooler are satisfied that this cooler has lived up to the bold ice retention claims.

When you buy Orca, you are getting a cooler that will not only keep your contents fresh but keep up with the tough demands placed upon it by professional and amateur Anglers and other users. Although the handle is ideal for easier carrying of the cooler, you may need to pay close attention to prevent handles from breaking loose from their places.

Final Verdict

We’ve looked at eight of the best coolers for fishing from top names in the marine cooler industry. You may have seen the one you want right away from this list. Or, maybe, you need to look further before making your final choice.

We’ve checked the best ice cooler and ice chest from user recommended producers so you may still find what you’re looking for, within your budget, among their offerings. Coolers meeting your expectations for durability, strength, ice retention, cooling ability, etc can be found among the Yetis, Pelicans, Orcas, Engels, Polar Bears, Igloos, Canyons, and Colemans featured here.

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