Best Fishing Hats- Review for 2018

Every memorable fishing trip requires much planning and attention to detail and any one of them going awry can end up translating a great outing into a bad nightmare.

Herein, best fishing hats constitute an important part of the paraphernalia which goes a long way in making a fishing trip successful.

Your choice of fishing hats will vary depending on your style of fishing and types of preferences and other consideration.

When you go outing in a hot season, hats, along with sunscreen and skin creams help protect you from excessive exposure to the sun. For Ice fishing you need hats which keep you warmth.

Best Fishing Hats for Different Types of Fishing:

What type of fisherman you are? We prepared our suggestion with lots of option so that every reader comes out to read this can take right decision.

Lets find out.

Best Hot Weather/Summer Fishing hats 

Every time you head out to enjoy the great outdoors in the summer, make sure you do it in style and in proper self-protection. 100% nylon hats are awesome if they are stain-resistant, quick-drying and have a UPF 50+ sun protection rating, the highest you can school. The wick technology in a hat can make you feel great by wicking away moisture.

You may avoid the idea of getting suffocated by choosing a hat with Air-X patented ventilation system. To make your fishing trip longer and more comfortable even under the scorching sun, you can take Saharan desert look by clinching breathable wicking mesh up tight attached on both sides. You can use the chin guard if you don’t want to sacrifice your hat to the ocean in case you happen to get in a gusty breeze and your hat blows off.

Recommended:Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats

​If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a fishing hat, make sure you don’t need to compromise with style and self-protection. You can do that with this awesome 100% nylon hat. It features UPF 50 protection to help you keep completely protected and that’s thanks to the omni shade technology.

You can see that it gives you 360 degrees of protection with a bunch of styles as it has got plenty of ventilation. Check out that you even get a daisy chain style ribbon that is going to allow you to clip on anything that you need. You can also use that to clip it to your backpack. So, it’s very convenient.

The interior includes the wick technology which is going to help you wick away the moisture, help you feel great and it does have a nice stretch construction as well. Even it features chin guard just in case the weather picks up and tries to knock your hat off.

Best Ice fishing/cold weather hats

Are confused about whether you need a hat or not when it’s cold outside and you don’t want your ears freeze off? Admit that, a hat made from wool or man-made fibers would be a good companion in such icy weather. It will stop the wind and cold air entering through the ears and also keep you warm. But we recommend a hat that has a whole breakdown to wick away the sweat if you’re going out in snowmobile trails wearing a helmet over that headwear. A solid colored wooly hat will do a good job of insulation during your winter fishing adventure giving you a dressy look.

Like cotton caps, acrylic caps are washable though acrylic is better than cotton caps in terms of wicking away the moisture retaining heat. It would be great for you if the fleece-made-hat covers the back of your neck. Caps covering ears are considered less formal. But when it comes of cold weather, the big caps are like blessings. You can pull them down over your ears without causing any problem in hearing the sounds of the surroundings. Make sure that the inside material doesn’t create rustling sound with the movement of your head.

For example- polyester made caps often produce noisy effect, not a lot but it may cause your failure in detecting the presence of any harmful animal lurking near you. So, try to avoid caps that are loud during your hiking or fishing in jungle or mountain areas.

Recommended: Prooral Hunting Hat for Fishing

This 100% Polyester made hat is highly featured and can be used on various outdoor activities. This water proof, quick drying winter cap is available for both men and women. It provides the most protection on the sides owing to its 360-degree.By clinching it up tight, you can enjoy the Saharan desert look. No matter how cold is it’s you will feel warmth whole session.

And it has a convertible feature by which you can turn this into a regular hat by popping the mesh from the side-tabs.With all these features, you can use it on various fields, for example, for travelling, fishing, snowboarding and skiing etc. where you just want a little more comfort, little more freedom.

Best Fly fishing hats

The first thing a good fly fishing hat basically gives you is sun protection, most importantly UPF protection. The wide brimmed and tightly knitted hats protect your face and neck better from the sun. Water-repellent fabrics are more effective than water resistant fabrics. They are very tightly woven or coated with a finish that causes the water to make little beads when it hits the fabric rather than going right through it.

Having a hat made of synthetic- breathable material is very important. It allows keeping your head dry and hidden from falling rain while at the same time allowing air to get to the top of your head so that you do not overheat. A chin strap will help to keep the hat sturdy on your head. Additionally, the waterproof synthetic material allows the hat to afloat if you’re unlucky enough to drop it on the water.

The neck capes are the number one way to protect the sides of the head, ears and neck from the harsh sun. Most quality hats will have a cape that is able to be rolled up and tucked away neatly until you need it. Don’t forget to ensure that the hat you’re selecting has perfect ventilation to provide your head with cool air.

Fishing Hats Review Based on Different Styles

Hats, coming as they do in various designs, materials and textures, prove a trendy, designer option to jazz up your outing.There are also a lots of variations of popular styles, such as the baseball cap, the visor, or the “up-downer.” Any sporting goods store is likely to have a good selection of them, although they may not all be found in the angling section of the shop. Sometimes the hunting aisles will end up carrying your future favorite fishing hats. Of course, the sporting goods store near you isn’t always the best option. You may find a new hat you really want online, or in a magazine.

The four main types of fishing hats are found out there:

  • The booney
  • Bahama
  • The Meshball cap
  • The sun visor

Booney Hats

Each of these serves a specific purpose when angling. A sporting goods store that specializes in angling supplies is likely to stock Boonie Hat. These types of hats contain wide Brim that is good to use in sunny days as well as shady days.

I refer to these as the “Gilligan” hat, after the famous TV show character. These are actually a good choice, as they are floppy and often are made of materials infused with UV protection. You can find them all over, including the local sporting goods store, Amazon, and other online shops.

Bahama Hats

Another one is Bahama which is a lightweight hat that provides shelter from the sun in front as well as in back. Bahama is often decorated with various brightly colored lures. From a practical standpoint, you can’t go wrong with these caps.This famous brand fully won hobbyist people’s mind who enjoys fun and free-spirited adventures. Featuring colorful, excellent designs and lightweight, breathable construction, Bahama can be your everyday head mate in your every fishing trip.

Recommended: Hook & Tackle Air-X Bahamas Cap

If you are looking for a headgear that provides comfort and sun protection, don’t leave without this Hook & Tackle Air-X Bahamas Cap. It was designed specifically to provide shelter from the sun while keeping you fresh and cozy. Its breakthrough Air-X patented ventilation system allows fresh air in and hot air out keeping your head nice and cool.Made with 100% NyLite Nylon, it is stain-resistant, quick-drying and has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating, the highest you can school.

The dark bottom side of the extra-long bill cuts down the glare and helps to keep the sun off your face. Its long tail is good for keeping the back of your neck away from sun-heat and there is an adjustable Velcro strap that makes this one size fit for all. So, you can choose it to make your fishing trip longer and more comfortable even under the scorching sun.

Mesh Ball cap

I’d venture an educated guess that the Mesh Ball cap is the most worn of all fishing hats. Down here in the South, that’s definitely what you see donning the heads of more anglers than anything else. I suspect part of the reason is convenience, as many people have caps to promote their favorite sports teams, and they get used to wearing them.

And, of course, you can find them at places other than a sporting goods store, so they’re readily available.

The sun visor

The sun visor is a popular option in fishing hats among women especially in low sunny condition. It can be worn out on the boat to keep the wind from messing up the hairdo and to keep the rays at bay; and then removed for the party later, without causing too much havoc.

No “hat head” to contend with! Check at the sporting goods store near you. Looking at any golf or tennis shop or in Amazon, you will see plenty of stocks.

Funny Fishing Hats

Aside from using different specific purpose you may think bout using something unique or different. You fish for fun right? So when you wear a fun looking hat it ​add extra hue in your activity.

By that style of hat you can also impress your girl friend or boy friend or draw attention to other peoples around there. ​

Not only is it fun, in certain situation this funny fishing hats ​work as serious equipment. 

For instance, look at this umbrella hat.​ This umbrella will keep your body dry while wearing it in the light rain. But don't expect too much! If heavy rain start it will fly away! hehe!

The Main Advantages of Using Fishing Hats:

  • Most of the time you choose a hats with an wide brim which protect your skin from the hot sun
  • Some fishing hats can holds extra hook or lures
  • You can hang your fishing license at the back of hat so that when authorities comes to investigate they will verify without interrupting your session.
  • You look stylist

Final Verdict

When it comes to fishing, besides the obvious standard safety precautions attendant to its operation and transportation – Hats are necessary for a safe and happy outing - one also has to take care of the outfits one would be dressed, the sort of clothes and accessories one chooses. Feel free to choose the best fishing hats and keep it stored on a tactical backpack after use.

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