Best Hip, Chest & Waist High Fishing Waders Reviews

Whether buying your first pair of waders to cover up to hip, waist or chest, or upgrading from an old pair, choosing the best fishing waders is always intimidating and overwhelming.

Hip, chest or waist-high waders whatever we call, all do the same tasks. They cover a large area which save our body from getting wet.

Wearing waders is always not a fun. One unreliable pair of waders may ruin a full day of fishing or hunting.

A perfect pair of waders is required when fly-fishing, to keep you dry. An insulated designs protect you from the cold, while their flexibility boosts comfort.

Some Criteria of Good fishing Waders

  • Neoprene​ materials within 3.5 to 5 mm thickness are better
  • Good gravel guards to prohibit sand intrusion​
  • Corrosion resistant & Waterproof
  • Must be Breathable
  • Very Lightweight
  • Easily wear and removable​

Need a Quick Decision? Here's Our Top 3 Picks

Things to Consider to Select Best Fishing Waders

When shopping for hip waders, many fly fishermen choose the cheapest or publicized models. If you are one like them, don't make the same mistake!

Generally, most waders found in the market provide different level of coverage including chest, waist, or hip area. You should choose waders depending on how deep the waters you will be fishing. Keep the following three attributes in mind to get the best out of it.


When shopping for a new hip wader, you will come across three major types of materials. Canvas waders, for instance, are light and affordable. Even though less comfortable than rubber and neoprene, they are breathable and last longer.

Rubber waders are heavier and protective. While most people appreciate their cost effectiveness, they are hard to repair when torn. Finally, preferred by most individuals, neoprenes fishing hip waders are smooth and flexible. Their thick bodies (approximately 3.5-5 millimeters) withstand abuse well. Finally, many anglers appreciate their ability to insulate the body well.


Once you have settled on the material, look at the design of the wader offered. Is it a boot-foot wader or a stocking-foot one? While both models work well, boot foot waders have boots built into their bodies.

From a cost standpoint, they are cheaper since you do not want to spend much money on a fishing boot. Stocking foot waders are flexible than boot-foot waders. They are also warmer and enable anglers to use their favorite fishing boots.


Choose waders based on size of your foot or shape of your overall body.

Pay keen attention to the size of the hip wader you are planning to buy before spending money. Are its boots of the correct size, for instance? Will your hip wader of choice fit you without restricting motion or compromising insulation? Forget about buying on impulse whenever you are shopping for a wader.

The Best Fishing Waders Review

With the diversity in stores, choosing a pair of best hip or chest waders is challenging for most fishermen. If you are part of this group, read on for an analysis of the top 5 different waders that you will never regret buying.

1. Best Waist-High Waders Review

Caddis Men's Attractive Waist-High Wader

When you want to select waist high waders, you want these as easy as possible to adjust and fit on your body. And, this is where the Caddis Stocking Foot Waist-High Wader match your need.

They used CaddisDry technology which made this cloth breathable and smooth. It includes an impressive elastic waistband that also made it extremely adjustable on the Waist. The double taped glued and stitched in lower part help to keep feet dry and warm in cold weather.

2. Best Chest Waders Review

Chest waders offer the most versatile option among fishing waders. It comes with a suspender to hang up with the shoulder.

Comparing to other Hodgman, Hodgman Mackenzie waders got the place to ourtop list for many reason. As these are made with cleated PVC and tough nylon fabric, the waders are approximately 35% lighter than most rubber waders.Altogether these are flexible, lightweight and stylish.The clothes are irritation free. Because of wide-mouthed design, this wading suit is easy to wear and remove.

You do not have to struggle for minutes or seek the help of third parties to wear and remove it. Most anglers also appreciate its affordability, true to size boot, and its internal pocket. These are compatible for both men and women.

Quick Tip: It is highly recommended to use wading belt in the waist when wearing chest waders.

3. Best Hip Waders Review

Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders

Hip waders are ideal for the anglers who like to fish in shallow water or smaller streams. 

​For that shopping of fishing hip waders on a budget, Allen Black River Bootfoot from Allen Company should be your top pick. With featuring a lightweight two-ply construction, this wader will never weight you down while fishing. The waterproof membrane it comes with keeps water out.

The boots are sturdy built-in with a cleated sole for stability. Also, its insulated design keeps anglers warm in all environments. With an original one, you do not have to worry about leaks. Wearing and removal are also comfortable and its built-in take-up strap and belt loops designed to maximize its stability.

All you have to do is adjust them to the recommended level and use a compatible belt for best results.

Alternative 1: Chota Outdoor Gear Original Hippies

​With this Original Hippies wader from Chota Outdoor Gear, anglers no longer have to fish in their everyday clothing. Made of breathable neoprene (3mm) it is light and comfortable. It is also 100% waterproof and has gravel guards that keep soil, stones, and other debris out of your boots.

Apart from the quality material used, many people appreciate its customizable design. When fishing in shallow water, for instance, you can convert it to an over/under the knee wader. That improve flexibility.Its cinch strap enables you to customize the fit.

Furthermore its three-ply laminate upper flexes for better stability and speed. Whether you need fly fishing waders to fish on calm waters or river rapids, you will not only stay comfortable but also perform like a professional.

Alternative 2: LaCrosse Trapline

When shopping for a hip wader never sacrifice durability and water-resistance. While most models meet this threshold, LaCrosse hip waders are good alternative.

This Trapline edition, for instance, is a durable design with a stylish forest theme. The handcrafted rubber used to make it is durable, protective and smooth. All are non-irritant and natural finish.

The material is also scent-free, resists water well (100%), and has an insulated design that keeps users warm. If comfort is a concern, LaCrosse Trapline is among the best to use. The wool felt lining it has, for instance, is smooth, warm, and non-irritant. The removable EVA insole is very comfortable while its lace-tie top line enables you to customize fit and thus comfort.

4. Hip Waders for Women

​Caddis Natural Ensemble is one of the best waders in the market which are specially made for women.With  featuring a stylish and stain resistant taupe theme, it is an excellent outdoor fishing apparel. High-density neoprene is used on this cloth to protect users from injuries and the cold. It also has a lightweight, cutting-edge, and flexible stocking-foot design.

Mainly that can be used with your favorite boots. If you have to carry many fishing accessories during your adventures, this wader has storage pockets that come in handy.

With an original model, you get a Caddis dry/breathable technology that keeps your body dry and attached gravel guards. Spend the few dollars charged on Amazon to better your experience on your local lake or river.

5. Saltwater Fishing Waders​

Getting saltwater waders to deal with surf, shore or beach condition is tough. There won’t be much options when it comes to saltwater footwear. Because no brands are giving special attention making waders to keep mind or saltwater anglers.

However, most experts are using SIMMS G3 Guide Stockingfoot for saltwater fly fishing. Many of my friends claimed they are using it for more than 10 years without any problem.

It can be used in saltwater as well as freshwater. You should just always rinse them thoroughly with freshwater after each use in saltwater. Also don't forget to let them dry before storing.

Final Verdict

Do you enjoy angling during your free time? Are you looking to improve your safety and performance on the water? Once you have bought a suitable casting reel, order one of the best waist product listed here to improve your experience.

All the premium materials used to manufacture them are durable, lightweight and top notch. Water-resistance is impressive, while their lined and well-insulated designs confer pleasant experience to the users.

What to Care?

You got a nice pair of fishing waders. Now what to do? 

No matter how good the waders are. If you don't care properly, they will not last longer. Always let them dry after each use. You should always rinse off them if use in saltwater. Also before going to fishing spot make sure there is no any leak.

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