Best Fly Fishing Rods Review

Before digging deeper into the anatomy of the best fly fishing rod, let's talk about the basic operation of a fly rod. A good fly rod helps in casting, line controlling and striking and landing the fish.

As a beginner, being armed with cash, without knowing anything about the equipment, people usually end up selecting a fly rod that looks good but isn’t much expensive.

Consequently, for years, they struggle trying to make a good fly cast thinking that it is due to their lack of experience and knowledge about fly fishing. That’s partially true statement. But selecting wrong equipment may create mass trouble too.

So, to avoid the chance of undergoing frustrating state, give a look at some specifications when selecting a fly fishing rod.

How to Choose Fly Fishing Rod

Choosing fly fishing rods can be a bit of a minefield. What material to choose? How far the line can be cast? How many pieces would be better? Considerably the simplest way to hack your decision is to ask yourself the questions: in what type of water you’re going for fly fishing? Freshwater or saltwater? Does your target reside on small delicate stream or large marine region? These will guide your decision making when assessing the components of blank, reel seat and grip.

For better understanding regarding what to select, have a glimpse on the direction given below-

Type of water

Before collecting a fly rod, the basic thing to decide is whether you’re heading to a small creek or a larger river. Without the proper set of equipment matching the fishing condition, you can miss the real fun of fly fishing.Choose a 3wt rod if you prefer going to a rivulet. On the contrary, you’ll need to collect a 6wt rod whilst you explore medium or larger channel. Remember, when you intend to struggle with the heavy fighting fish, an 8wt rod will make the job done.


Bamboo, fiberglass and graphite are the most common and available components found to be used in fly rod construction.Can’t decide between these three? Here’s some tips-Artistically enriched and aesthetically pleasing, bamboo fly rods are expensive but cast very smoothly. Mark of long-established craftsmanship, this fragile rod isn’t suitable for tenderfoot fly fishers though.More durable than carbon fiber or bamboo rods, the fiberglass made rods are great for travelling.

Notable performance of the shorter fiberglass rods (under 8 feet) is undeniable. Ideal for creeks like bamboo rods, these rods come at a very affordable price but it’s heavier than graphite made ones.

Quite the contrary, graphite rods are lighter than any other rod made from different material and they are good for casting on longer distance. Unlike a bamboo rod, it won’t offer the action and feel needed for casting on shorter length. But due to their vulnerability, they can break while handling or transporting roughly. So, newbies shouldn’t choose it as their carelessness may result in cracking them like a candy cane.


Which one to choose? A fast-action, medium or a slow action one? The answer depends on the type of the place you’re visiting for casting. Actually, the action or flex of a fly rod refers to where the rod bends and what the shape of the curve of a rod is when you hang a load from it.Know that, slow action rods work well on smaller streams while the larger fish on larger stream demands fast action rods which have great stiffness. Since you’ll find it hard to cast with a slow action rod in the midst of strong wind, a fast action is a better option for windy situation.

A medium fast action rod, the tip of which bends a little bit progressing to stiffer, covers the largest range and conditions. Feeling the strike while using nymphs, this type works better than any fast action fly rod. Because fast actions are stiffer with strong backbone and have the possibility of losing larger catch if the angler becomes impatient. In fact, fast action rods require better timing and control as they load fast. However, with greater line speed, you can cast farther having this sort.

Length and Fragments

Now the length has a different story. For spring creeks or small mountain stream, you can use shorter rods (6.5 - 8 feet). And if you manage to accompany the middleweight (4 - 6 weight) single-handed rods ranging from 8 to 9.5 feet, it’ll give you the best compromise between distance and good presentation.

Need not to mention, a longer 11-foot heavier weight as well as switch rods come in handy when you target for fish in distant areas.You can prefer either a 4-piece rod or a 2-piece rod. Because nowadays technology is much better in making rods and 4-piece rod behaves just as well as a 2-piece rod does. But honestly, it’s much easier to break down a 4-piece rod to throw in the back of your car. You can also take it on an airplane with you.


Ultralight fly rods (up to 3wt) are mainly designed for casting on brooks and it covers less than 35 feet. Don’t think that good catch comes only from far out stream. A lot of anglers have record of getting big fish near the bank. The crucial limitation with the ultralight one is that it performances poor against the strong wind. Here you’ll find the 4-6wt rod comfortable to cast on 45-65 feet distance even on gusty weather.Casting on distant areas gives a different kind of pleasure.

To experience that delightful moments, 7 or 8wt rods should be your preferable option. Using larger flies, you’ll be able to get larger fish during roaming up to 90 feet far from the riverbank. But for farther distance, i.e. up to 110 feet, you need to choose 9-12wt rod which lengths up to 14 feet. This type is best for using on larger watercourse though it shouldn’t be the first choice of novice fly fishermen.

Rod Style- Single/Two handed

Single-handed are best for starting your journey as a fly fisher. But with gradual improvement on your casting skill, you can upgrade to two-handed rod.For a change, switch rods, as the name suggest, can be used with either a single hand or both hands. This type of rod has a short 4-inch butt section.

Customarily it’s used for catching steelhead on streamlet or medium sized river.Not applicable for the novice, Spey rods comes in 12-14 feet long. They need two hands to operate and they’re best for hunting large rainbow trout.

5 Best Fly Fishing Rod Review

1.Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

You probably remember Fenwick from the rods that your father or grandfather used to fish with. The Fenwick is back with a bang and Aetos is one of their top rods. To find out what makes this rod so great, let’s take a look at some of its components. Starting from the bottom, you’ll get an aluminum anodized double up locking reel seat. You’ll also get full wells grip, not the world’s nicest cork, but very serviceable. In addition, Fenwick Aetos is finished with very standard large diameter gun smoke stripping as well as double foot gun smoke snake guide which looks pretty spiffy.

The only downside is that you're going to miss the burl wood inserts you might find on a more expensive rod. But as a value-added rod, this works great and it’s totally functional and it’ll probably even last longer than that wood insert.Let’s move on to how it casts because that’s where this Aetos really shines. The formation of its nice soft tip will impress you giving tight and accurate loops. You’ll be able to hit the target very often with lots of ease. You won’t feel like you have to really push the rod as it’ll fit your casting stroke very well.If you’re a slightly slower caster, you might not like it much. But it’s a nice, fast and quick rod with great accuracy at the middle distances.

It has got a great tippet with lots of power and it includes a pretty stiff tail. Pretty much across the board, this rod easily outperforms rods costing 4/5/6 even 800 dollars. So, if you’re looking for an all-around trout rod on a budget, you definitely want to be considering the Aetos.

Piscifun is the go-to brand for most fly fishers, thanks to its 30-ton Toray carbon fiber blanks which is inspired by Japanese technology. The graphite blanks keep the rod light & sensitive ensuring smooth performance and precise loading. The snake guides are constructed from a corrosion-resistant chromed stainless steel that will last for lifetime. Adding a fresh perspective of reducing the friction as well as heat, the stripping guides along with advanced ceramic ring have met the challenge of accompanying lightweight, strength and durability together.

As expected, this medium action rod provides a great deal of flex by which you’ll be to see superior performance even on its tip. The sensitive tip will also help you make ultra-accurate short casts. Don’t forget to notice the ease while casting in a longer distance as its butt section is made powerful with lots of backbone needed for remote casts.To make your handling the rod comfortable, cork grip is used in it. Furthermore, cork is a substance that is naturally hygienic and can easily be cleaned to keep the rod anti-bacterial.

Keeping in mind the necessity of carrying this kit, Piscifun has made it a 4-piece rod. So, it can be fitted on your car without breaking the window panes. You can purchase a hard tube for storing the pieces safe and intact while travelling or backpacking. When buying one, make sure you get the right sized reel. Here I feel obligated to include that Piscifun's blaze reel is the most impressive kind to give you a well-balanced set up with great precision.

The Pro 4X is a brand-new rod by G Loomis which has a 30-year history of building rods in Woodland, Washington of the USA. On first take glance, this appears to be a simple rod. But it’s actually a high performing rod that can mimic the actions of any top aligned rod. It has 9 models ranging from 3wt up to 7wt and it is well match for most anglers casting styles. The smaller rods are moderately fast and stiffer as well as little bit lighter in action. In the 3wt and 4wt, small diameter handles are used with cut out reel seats. On the other hand, for the larger ones, longer handles and the fighting butts with anodized reel seats are fitted.

The color on the Pro 4X is satin. All the green, natural looking hue is really complimentary in most of the fishing conditions. In addition to these great casting qualities, the rod has super feasibility. Feasibility, what’s that? It refers to line control, drifting, maneuvering, controlling the hook set, feeling how close the breaking strength on the tip is etc. So, this rod is not just all about how far you can cast.

It’s about good fishing qualities that you really appreciate and you’re going to get all these on this new Pro 4X.Every G Loomis rod comes with a protective rod case that is sturdy enough to protect your rod while it’s not in use. Ideal for casting on both salt and fresh water, this rod works as a versatile choice which you wouldn’t find in any other brand in such price. The ultra-lightweight upper blank is an excellent inclusion and it has successfully given the small touch needed to make it a complete package. In a word, it contains every well-engineered and nifty feature as you might expect from a tool that has such a big name behind it.

Fast action, all-around, do everything, the Sage One is Sage’s flagship fly fishing rod. Starting from the bottom, you’ll get beautiful walnut insert and very attractive aluminum anodized reel seat followed by snub nosed half wells grip which has become synonymous with Sage’s high performance all water rods. The way the half wells grip, the smaller version of the full wells grip, is designed forces you to grip the rod in the exact same position for your every cast. This allows you get more continuity having less room for error.Super comfortable, especially if you’ve got bigger hands, this rod is built with Sage’s proprietary Konnetic Technology which greatly increases the accuracy of the rod.

By inventing this technology, they’ve found a way to pack carbon fiber molecules more tightly within the rod or blank. It’ll also ensure less side-to-side wobbles and you’ll end up being a better caster, better fly fisherman. So, when you’re out there chasing a big trout or salt water fish, this is a rod that’s not going to cause the fish spook because you’re going to hit your mark.New and low-profile ferrules black ice colored, it’s Sage’s first black rod which obviously isn’t flashy yet fashionable.

However, it has got a minor drawback as a first action rod. That is, it doesn’t perform well at 30 feet as it’s just a little bit too fast and gives you a hard landing. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely workable and a great performer. Overall, it’s a better fishing rod on the river and you can fish really nice with this at any distance. When you take it into laboratory setting, it might not perform well as some other top rods would do. In spite of that, you won’t find anything more accurate with the same speed, class and performance.

Get off the hook this holiday season with Redington Path fly rod featuring moderate-fast action, smooth casting and high-performance. This rod is great for the beginner angler or anyone that needs a backup fly rod for any fishing expedition. The exclusive package includes Path rod and Path reel which is pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream. The WF fly line comes as a bonus with all these so that the lucky recipient of this gift will be ready to fish from the get-go.

The reel seat of this all-water rod is aluminum coated that ensures the durability needed to cope with almost any the situations you’re supposed to get into while fly fishing. Alignment dots are its another notable feature that keeps you tension-free about getting the rod straight while attaching the pieces together.

Having enough backbones, this rod provides appreciable casting potential. Hence, catching decent sized fish can be a frequent happening in your trip if you manage to play the rod right. To make the transportation while going to your favorite fishing hole easier, it does come with a zippered carrying case. In fine, this combo pack is well-nigh ready to fish out of the box. Collect it and you are all set! Just add water.

Select a fly casting rod which suits your needs

We strongly recommend putting your money down on a good fly rod as the selection of proper rod varies from angler to angler. For example, if you’re a person who is a little more aggressive with your stroke or if you’re trying to cast farther or if you want more line speed with bigger flies, you should consider a rod that’s powerful and has a fast action.

On the contrary if you’re a kind of gentler person and want slightly slower speed and a little bit longer and smoother casting stroke, you might select a softer rod less stiff than a fast action rod.Hopefully this article gives you a little insight onto what rod might be the best for your fishing situation. Never mind to collect more than one rod as it’s nearly impossible to adjust in all conditions with the same rod.

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