Best Fly Tying Kits Review 2018

Choosing the best fly tying kits can be a bit of a minefield if you are completely a novice in fly fishing.

Like most hobbyist you might be thinking to purchase starter materials to "test the game" , but do not want to buy crap.

At first your question start with a confusion...

Will I need full pack kits or only necessary accessories?

Arguments have raged the length and breadth of the country for decades, as to whether it is better to buy best fly tying kits, or to shop only the essentials and build your own kit as you progress on your fly fishing journey. After the elders sat down and deliberated for one moon, it was decided that both arguments had equal validity, depending on how one wanted to unite with the nirvana of catching fish with flies they had tied.

Jokes aside, kits have a lot going for them. Everything you need is there to get started. Kits are particularly useful as gifts, or, as a nudge. “No!” says the opposition, kits also include a lot of stuff that you as a novice don’t need, and let’s be frank, sometimes the quality is suspect. Rather start with only the items you need, but buy good quality, which will last you for a long time. Thereby it will be much more cost effective investment.

The jury’s out, but there’s no denying facts, there are some pretty cool kits out there to suit everybody’s pocket!

Best Fly Tying Kits Review

Fly Tying Material Starter Kit

Fly Tying starter kit

Who of you haven’t stood in front of the feather display at the tackle shop and asked yourself “Now how many of those dang feathers do I think I’ll need on this trip?” or “maybe I should get some more of that colour”. DON’T DESPAIR ! This material kit has something of everything. In fact, many fishermen, when first opening the kit, wonder how they are ever going to use it all. It’s only when they have been fly tying for a while that they realise how versatile and exhaustive this fly tying material kit is.Delivery is prompt and efficient and buying this kit is money well spent While restocking your materials, don’t forget to order more hooks, thread etc. as these don’t come with the kit. You will, however, find a huge selection of material to keep you happily busy tying flies for a long time to come.

​Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools Gift Set with Fly Box Combo

Although not the cheapest kit, Dr Slicks Fly Tying Kit is one of the better tool set available to help you catching bass. The tools are made to stringent standards with top quality materials. The container is multi-purpose and doubles as a box for your flies when out fishing. Beginners and experts will find everything required for tying countless flies for many years to come. This fly making kit undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure fly tying tools of the highest quality. Dr Slick’s fly tying set makes an ideal gift; either for an interested friend, or, dare I even suggest, yourself!!

Orvis Saltwater Fly-Tying Kit

Fishing on streams, dams and rivers is a fairly homogeneous activity, but when it comes to saltwater flies and tackle, you have infinitely more variables, including, warm southern water or cold northern water; shallow casting or casting into deeper water; small fish or much larger species, like sharks. Coming in at nearly three times the price of freshwater fly tying kits, one can appreciate that one is dealing with a slightly different ball game here.The Orvis Saltwater Fly-Tying Kit is everything the more adventurous fly tying enthusiast needs. From more exotic materials used in saltwater flies; to sturdier tools and equipment to deal with the larger saltwater fish, this kit is a must for every serious saltwater fly tier. A must-have tool set for any enthusiast who wants to experience the joy of saltwater fly fishing.

Fly Tying Tool set

Fly Tying Tool Kit with Pouch 

For those fly tying fishermen who love to be able to tie extra flies on the spot even when away from the campsite; this is the perfect product. This kit has nine essential tools: everything except a bobbin and a portable vice, and all the tools fit neatly into a high quality canvas pouch that is secured by a thick elastic band, that is attached to the pouch, in a convenient roll that fits easily into your pack. Priced at between $30 and $40 it also makes an ideal beginners’ kit as well as the perfect travelling companion for the more experienced fly tying fisherman.

How to Tie Fly: Orvis Fly-Tying Guide

Orvis Fly Tying Guides

Written by Tom Rosenbauer (Vice-President of the Orvis Company), who has been an avid fly tier since he stood knee high to a grasshopper; this book is one of the few that caters for the beginner as well as the more experienced fly tier.

From step by step instructions, accompanied by full colour plates for the absolute beginner, to more advanced techniques, together with tying recipes and proportions, for the more advanced fly tier, there’s something for everyone. The book also has a comprehensive list of more than 400 hundred flies from the Orvis catalogue. An indispensable reference book for every serious fly fisherman, it makes an excellent gift for anyone who is committed to tying their own flies.

Bottom Line 

There are both pros and cons to either buying a kit or building up your own kit from scratch. For the less experienced fly tying fisherman, buying a kit and a handbook would be the obvious choice. The Kit provides everything you need at a reasonable price, with full instructions on how to begin. If, however, you are fortunate enough to have someone to guide and teach you, buying individual high quality tools as you need them might be the better option.

Whichever option you choose, you are going to need material with which to tie your flies; so the material starter kit is essential to both the novice, who has bought a starter kit, and the more experienced fisherman who has already started to replace the tools he originally started with.

The products reviewed above are a good selection of some of the various kits that are available in the market. Whatever your preference is, we are sure that you are going to have many enjoyable hours ahead of you, tying your own flies with any of the products listed.

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