Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money – Reviews 2018

Tying fly is fun & thrilling task.

Whether you tie flies only for yourself or plan to start selling of this little artwork, the first step is- proper fixing of the hook in vise’s jaw.

Get the vise, secure the materials to a hook and craft as much flies as you want.

Below we reviewed 12 different popular fly tying vise...

Here are some quick selection tips.

  • Two types of fly tying vise are found in the market today; Pedestal and C-Clamp. Do you like to tie in your home? Choose C-Clamp vise. Do you tie when traveling? Then Choose Pedestal one.
  • Want to rotate the vise when tying? Purchase a true rotary vise.
  • Want to make sure the vise holds hook well? In fact, the vise which holds hook tightly and securely are the main purpose of buying this tool.
  • Is it made of proper materials? Some cheap vises are made with soft metal which break off easily. Buy a vise made of quality materials.
  • Is it adjustable to hold different sizes of hooks?Get one vise which can holds wide range of hooks.

Our Angler's Top 3 Favorite Items

Editors Rating :

» Jaw Capacity:  28 to 4/0

» Base Type: C-clamp rotary vise

Editors Rating : 

» Jaw Capacity: 2/0

» Base Type : Pedestal & C-clamp

Best Fly Tying Vise

Editors Rating : 

» Jaw Capacity: 28 to 4/0

» Base Type: C-Clamp, and Pedestal, right

Update: Though We added Griffin Odyssey on above table, Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise is their upgraded version for the angler who have no problem with budget. Read full review below.

How to Sele​ct One Fly Tying Vise for ​You?

The area of fly tying that actually exemplifies the uniqueness of this activity is "techniques," being that there are more out there than one individual can learn in a lifetime. Vise is just a helping tool on that hobby.

Even though it is a matter of personal choices, considering few basic pieces of stuffs make your decision easier and better.

#Determine by Your budget

The tyer's number one consideration in picking a tying vise is, of course, the budget. Price varies roughly from a little under 100 dollars to 500 dollars or eventually more!

Fortunately, there are some awesome options out there which can be purchased for under $200. Can you guess then what is the reason of investing on other high price models?

What will make the differences?

Design, materials used and well finishing make all the differences.​

Top 12 Best Fly Tying Vise Reviews

1 - Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise

Griffin Odyssey 360º true rotary vise was an easy choice for our highest honor. Why? Because it's incredibly user-friendly vise in affordable price. For our budget conscious reader we listed this at the beginning. It's okay if you’ll want to study more about it.

Here are top features of this product.

First Impression: Look attractive and well packed

Fit and Finish: The fit and finishing of the materials are flawless.

C-Clamp quality: The base is durable which provide a solid, static mounting system. It stand tight when tying.

Vise Jaws: Easy to open and close and operation is smooth. Able to hold variety of hook size. Hold the hook tightly under both vertical as well as horizontal squeeze.

Rotation: Rotate the hook well.

The most interesting feature of this device is; a cam lock jaws, unlike the older version which used a screw to clamp. Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise is a 100% rotary vise that can hold a wide range of hook sizes from 4/0 to size 28 hooks. The most prominent thing of this is- true 360-degree rotary feature that also has bobbin cradle.


  • True 360° rotation
  • Holds hook safely and tightly
  • Lock down head and handle tightly
  • Included a hex wrench
  • Available as either a base or c-clamp


If you want a beginner level vise under $200 budget. This is exactly what you get with Regal Medallion Vise.This vise allows you to turn flies without removing from vise. Needless to say, that is the most desired function of a vise.

Our testers found Regal Medallion hold a wide range of  small to large size of hooks.

The solid aluminum materials made it a durable and long lasting product. As it is a C- Clamp vise so, you can clamp onto your table top or desk. It is highly adjustable and ideal for long session of tying.

An excellent option for angler who also need good support to "non threading" hand. You will love the ease of operation and the clearance to work. The price, quality, and all the features make this vise a favorite choice. Finally a resilient, dependable, comfortable tying tool we would say.


  • Easy to use
  • Holds variety of hooks
  • Highly Adjustable to the table
  • Attractive finish


  • It has a crazy stiff spring
  • Hook may pop up

Nor-Vise have been around for along time.

Nor-Vise is the tool for all serious anglers. A full-size, high-quality material made vise. Easy and faster tying. This comes in handy if you especially want adjustable bent arm and midge jaw conversion. No confusion; no gimmicks. Not compromise with quality vises.

A perfect, mid range vise that you will be using several years. All parts are made with accuracy. Finished using top notch stainless steel. That is a great vise to use to make the saltwater pattern.

Many users buy it because of its automatic bobbin.


  • Automatic bobbin cradles
  • Full control over the hook rotating ability of the jaws
  • Variety of interchangeable jaws


  • You need to load the spools from the normal thread spools

Orvis Renzetti Traveler is a pedestal base vise that provides a durable work platform and a handy, fulfilled pocket for beads and hooks.You can tie with confidence on this vise. Inject some extra fun into your artificial fly building experiences with this true rotary vise.

It comes complete with a feature to adjust for right or left-hand action. This pedestal base vice is a blessing for traveling and those who like an easily bearable tool.

Easy to use, just nip the handle and attach the hook in. Orvis Renzetti is ideal for dries in case you like to turn the hook but not the hackle.


  • Provide extra stability
  • Adjustable bobbin cradle
  • Easiest way to tie on


  • Using rubber "O" ring

Dyna-King is made of heavy stainless steel that has an iron block with a flat top. What’s great about the tool is that it can holds up to hook range: 8/0-22 Length. The Trekker is a lightweight; durable vise machined to hold the angling trekker. This is true that tying your flies on a top level vise makes you happy and excited at a time. Using Trekker you can tie larger flies for Pike, Musky, trout and more.

A true rotary vise many successful anglers are using worldwide. You tie professionally or commercially what you call that can be utilized everywhere. This Pedestal Fly Tying Vise allows you to carry it anywhere and ties in any place.


  • Works Faster and Smarter in fly tying
  • Professional tool that ties larger flies
  • Smooth ball bearing rotation
  • Hardened steel jaws to hold variety of hooks
  • Precision ball bearings construction


  • Price is so high

While wandering in a store or searching on an online site to purchase a fly tying vise, a lot of passionate angels gratifyingly end up by collecting Atlas Rotary Fly Tying Vise. Having the stainless-steel construction, it’s considered one of the amazing creations by Wolff Industries.

In a non-rotary vise, you need to lean forward to get a comprehensive view of the tying materials. This bending posture causes unnecessary strain on your neck and back. This full rotary vise, on the contrary, gives you the opportunity to observe the fly from different angles at your eye level. Along with the finest workmanship, it won’t disappoint the fishermen concerned about aesthetic appeal of the device.

Needless to say, your right slot selection in its sturdy jaws will have an impact upon its function. Though the base is heavy enough to allow you tying the fly in a relaxed way, the C-clamp is like a supplement. So, you’re also open to enjoy the freedom of mounting it on a table-edge while fastening. It’s price seems very much low if you consider it on the basis of its smooth performance. Hence, check out tried-and-true choice for untroubled tying.


  • Full-rotary gives  comfortable experience in material placement 
  • C-clamp avoids the risk of toppling down of the vise while tying
  • The jaw is easy to adjust
  • Hooks ranging from 7/0- 32 can be fitted


  • You may face some fiddling issue while working with larger hooks
  • Needs to purchase bobbin Cradle separately

Coming up with interchangeable jaws, Stonfo Transformer Fly Tying Vise championed over all other vises. Having the shaft transformation feature, it also excels in nearly every metric, without lacking in performance. Just one single click can turn an in-line vise into a streamer vise or a tube-fly vise. During tying, we often misplace the necessary materials. This tendency brings lot of hazards hindering the spontaneity of our work. Collecting this vise can resolve such pretty yet irritating occurrences as an integrated tool rack is formed in its stable pedestal base.

Its left-hand version ensures dream-like experience of the lefty-tiers providing the same fun that any right-handed angler would enjoy while tying a fly with it. Again, a bunch of add-ons accompany it to make your fly binding easygoing. For instance- the round shaped bobbin cradle has significant role, starting from the reduction of wastage to keeping tension. Other mention-worthy accessories include adjustable spring material clip, parachute plier, allen keys and pivot thread cradle. You may not find it that much complex to operate, but the instruction manual can be proved very much handy for the newbies.


  • Impressive look
  • Sturdy jaws
  • Includes a lot of supplements
  • Highly adjustable


  • High Price
  • The base seems little bit lighter than necessary

On a budget but want the high-featured vise, take a look at Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise. Its cam lever has got the most attention from many fly fishers. By locking it in a forward as well as backward position, you can rotate its whole head according to your need. A top scorer in hook gripping, ranging 28 - 4/0, and above-average in adjustment.

It features both C-clamp and pedestal. The former option allows the vise to be mounted at the top edge of any piece of furniture that lets you see the whole system at a time. On the other hand, for travelling purposes, you can use its pedestal. Another positive side of its base lies in your comfort to alter the viewing aspect of a fly. No pain of unscrewing the clamp and tightening it back up.

You may tie large segmented flies in other models, but working on them with less than 6/0 sized hooks is pretty annoying. But you’ll see Mongoose Vise almost unbeatable due to its strong hold. So, if you're exploring for a high-performing vise with a low-ticket price, you've found it right here. This incredibly easygoing kit is hands-down a great deal. Besides, having a catchy appearance, it’s likely an expedition ready piece.


  • Easy to operate-
  • 360° smooth rotation
  • Both C-clamp and base are available
  • Carrying case, for better portability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May face problem to adjust certain flies on the jaw

Scoring high points in durability and being a flawless fly tier, Griffin Odyssey Spider Cam Vise is the secret favorite of many pro anglers. It also fits the need of a wide range of novices who do want to enjoy the real fun of fly tying. Having too many moving parts, while it lacked in perfect adjusting feature, we felt that by screwing tight the hooks, you can tie almost everything with no problem at all.

Besides its incredible inclusion of spring at the jaw, Griffin Odyssey’s rock solid jaws have a powerful grip over the hooks. Contrary to other vises, who use rubber "O" ring (usually doesn’t last more than a year), you’ll witness a great level of performance with this model. Because the manufacturers have given full attention to each detail while designing the tool. So, you won’t suffer even for the slightest level while adjusting to fit from 20 to 2 sized hooks.

For aggressive natured fishers who use spinning materials like deer hair, this vise also work up to the mark without budging. Doing a stand-out job in faster and easier tying, this true 360° rotary vise comes at an affordable price. Put simply, Odyssey Spider Cam Vise is what you need and nothing more.


  • Advanced technology
  • Strong holding of hooks
  • Perfect for travel purpose


  • No cons found

Let's be real, you want a fly tying vise because you want to hold the hooks securely. There's truly no other flying start for considering a purchase like this one. Featuring extraordinary artistry and paramount performance, Creative Angler Wooden Fly Tying Station transcends other competitors. It also makes sense that we give it top score for effortless functionality. While the thought of tying in other vises leave a picture of messy table in our mind, working with this wooden tying station helps to do the task in a more organized way. No fear of misplacing the small components exits anymore. Rather it ensures that the presence of every stuff near your reach.

The wooden frame acts like its pedestal where you can hold your vise using a socket. No clamping option is available to mar your furniture’s beauty. Adjust the kit just by loosening or tightening the screw conforming your requirement. So, if you’re excited and want to experience fly tying in this lightweight vise, think no more. You can bring this complete package even without emptying your wallet. Whereas other vises with all such phenomenal features may give you the feel like taking out a second mortgage on your home.


  • Lightweight
  • Includes a drawer for holding materials
  • Elegant look
  • Wooden station works as its base


  • No cons found yet

So, what exactly does a fly tying vise need in order to be an effective user-oriented kit? Well, let's take a look at the Renzetti Traveler 2200 Cam Series Vise, which exemplifies just that. If you’re a regular fly tier, you know how cumbersome the situation could be if the vise doesn’t hold the hook tight. To avoid unwanted hook movement, put minimal pressure on the lever and that will do the rest. You don't have to fuss with it during your tying in case you’re a lefty. Because Renzetti has made both left and right handed models available.

Essentially a quality product with versatile features. We also love it for mobility and affordability. While not the best all-around vise, this product outdoes in its preferred environment (a true rotary). With its solid construction provided by anodized aluminum parts, it runs remarkably like a lot of great deal of anglers’ leading choice.

Some people demand c-clamp to make the vise ascend at the edge of their selected table. Others aren't aware that they can get better view of their materials without sacrificing the option of clamping. For both types of folks, we recommend the Traveler 2200. With a 7" stem, its black powder coated gorgeous base offers more stability during tying than any other vise reviewed, a reason enough to be interested. Not to mention, being black powder coated, the c-clamp also comes with an 8" stem. Gone are the days of compromised performance or irksome instability while tying flies.


  • Portable
  • Great for any size hooks
  • Constructed out of refined components


  • No cons found yet

With nearly no reservations we can recommend the HMH Standard Vise to any and all consumers looking for basic fly tying vise apparatus. This full-scale device is notably versatile with improved support, upgraded rotation, and boundless head angle adjustment. What trouble you may undergo with other models is that the larger hooks would slip under the slightest tying pressure. The HMH holds extended shank hooks very firmly - no gliding. But you have to employ the accurate jaw pressure.

Changing its jaws is like duck soup. This well-crafted vise also provides enough room for getting access to easy hand movement whilst tying flies. Not a true rotary yet the smoothly movable head permits to rotate the fly occasionally to have a glance on the other side.

The only downside that may disappoint is the force that you’ll need to apply on the cam lever to grasp the hook, and then, worse, to loosen the cam to take the hook off from the jaws. It goes without saying that sometimes putting such pressure with a pointy hook on the vise can be unsettling. To simplify the procedure, use Teflon grease or kind on the cam surface. It helps a lot with no mess. Otherwise, this gadget has the most balanced performance overall. Now, cease tying the vise and pull the trigger on to tie some buck tails with any size hook.


  • New and updated model
  • Reasonable price for standard service- Unlimited head tilting option
  • Better spinning
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Few users complaint they needed to pressurize the hook to fit its jaw

#Determine the Style of Vise

There are 3 styles of vises for the beginner to think about: standard non-rotary, rotary and true-rotary.There is short brief about these three types of vises based on rotating styles:

- Standard non-rotary vises are simple, lower in price which performs the basic job well. Price varies from $50 to $150 range based on quality.

- Rotary vises usually cost $50 to $200 which are more stable. It allows 360-degree rotation of the jaws and helps in tying most flies.

- True Rotary also makes 360-degree rotation like rotary vises but besides it allows the hook rotating on the axis of the hook shank. That mean the hook will rotate own, but the hook shank will not change its position. Most top notch true rotary vises cost between $200-$500. True rotatory tying is needed if you tie average size trout flies like 4-20.

#What Type of Bases?

There are two types of bases to ponder.

- Pedestal base

- C-Clamp Base

Which is your choice between these two vice base type? C-clamp or pedestal? Someone also prefers two vises from both kinds for the different function of these accessories. Most travelers highly prefer pedestal because of portability, sturdiness, and stability. The advantage of the pedestal vise is it is portable which can be set up almost anywhere. This heavy pedestal base has more function in positioning your task in a place.

The disadvantages are; mainly the weight and the vise is not effectively mounted as a C-Clamp base.

A C-Clamp base helps the vise to attach with the table top side. It is lighter than Pedestal and more stable. A Clamp is a good option if you work in your home or you want a vise that won't change position in extra pressure. It has a small disadvantage. If you want to attach it to a thicker edge of the table top, it may not fit well.

#What Type of Flies you'd make?

The size of hook matters a lot! If you always fish only a size 22, it is not necessary to purchase a big vise. Alternatively, tiny, slender jaws are entirely unwholesome for holding big, broader hooks.

​#Determine the Rotation and Adjustability

The supreme difference among many vises is rotation mechanism. Is it capable of rotating? How smooth and strong the rotation is? Some vises aren't rotatable, and some others can be rotated up to 360-degree.

#Determine the Smoothness of Vise Jaws

All fly tying vises come with jaws. It’s one of the main features of all. The jaws should be easy to open and close. Also, make sure jaws are easily adjustable.

​#Buy with Warranty

Warranty helps build trust. Some of the vises don't have warranty though those are good products. That's a bad thing. That means if after purchasing you find any damage or anything goes wrong you will lose full money! We don't recommend any product which does not come with warranty or guarantees. I found Griffin vises provides a lifetime warranty. So your money is safe. If any defect found, you send it to the dealer. They will repair with no cost. That's a great thing.

So Many Vises, So many options!

Recommended Book on Fly Tying Guide

Verdict: Which Tying Vise should you buy?

From travel vises to rotary vises, finding the best fly tying vise is a daunting task. Everything requires suiting your needs, budget, and skills. Enjoy making flies in your home using recommended fly tying kit and vise.

All tools we just reviewed are somewhat similar to function and neighbor in features. However, there are a few key dissimilarities that should help you picking one.

Also when you consider the price it is easy to select which you want to purchase. So take another look at the product of above under different price range and choose one best vise for you.

When you decide to buy fly tying vise, make sure it is easy to use and functionality is perfect.

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