Best Surf Casting Rods Reviews: Top Rated List

Buying surf casting rods requires special attention and we will take into account the fishing scenario and the type of fish we are interested to catch.

For fishing in surf fishing competition or hobby fishing you will need a hybrid rod that has a greater Sensitivity and flexibility in the pointer of the rod. The hybrid rods are designed to detect much better the bites allowing you to enjoy much more fishing.

Regardless of whether the rod is hybrid or tubular, this should flex throughout its length, something that will help us for a much more powerful launch.

Consider These Things Before Buying Surf Fishing Rods

Length of the Surfcasting Rod

One of the most important factors for our surfcasting rod is its length. A good length surf rod will be able to oscillate approximately 4 meters.If we fish from the shore of the beach, the fishermen's favorites are hybrid rods with a length of approximately 420cms and with an approximate action between 100-250g; with the use of rods of this length and powerful action we will overcome the line breaker more easily and that is where the fish are. On the other hand, if we fish from cliffs or breakers the favorite rods are the tubular ones, since they are more powerful to throw great baits in search of great predators.


Another characteristic to take into account are the rings , we will be interested that these are of good quality if possible stainless rings FUJI, it is true that this type of rings makes the final purchase pricy but it is worth it. In the long term you will be grateful, the nitrate very quickly oxidizes the metal but with these rings and a minimum of care you will have rod in perfect condition for years. Another advantage of these FUJI rings is their higher quality ceramics that offer a minimum resistance against the thread when throwing and therefore we will reach a few meters farther.

Rod Materials

​The materials of the surfcasting rods are basically fiberglass and carbon. The carbon rods reduce their weight considerably and offer greater rigidity that will help to throw much further with more power. We even find carbon rods of various types of carbon, for example: high modulus carbon, Nano-carbon, carbon toray, etc. ... true technological wonders, its great drawback is its price.

With regard to materials, a light rod will always be much more comfortable, on the contrary we must go carefully with the rigidity, because in excess will cause loss of sensitivity to our rod . We can choose hybrid tips with softer materials, such as fiberglass, to increase sensitivity without losing bidding power.

Rod Action

​Another determining factors for the choice of our surfcasting rod is the action. For long launches, fishermen are interested in powerful rods with action of tip, in which only the tip is the one that flexes a little.

The Other type is the semi-parabolic action which is adapted to almost all types of fishermen and conditions. That is one of the most used for its ease in the set and does not require much technique. We also find the types of rod with parabolic action, well known as it works the rod along its length with greater flexibility and sweetness in the haul.

5 Best Surf Fishing Rods Review

1.St. Croix Triumph Surf Travel Rod

Need a surf fishing rod that can be your perfect company during backpacking, camping, hiking and the stuff like that? In that case, consider what St. Croix, the longest running fishing rod manufacturer has introduced. Its Triumph Surf Travel Rod can be the right product for the application you’re looking for. Constructed out of premium-quality SCII graphite, it’s very durable and extremely lightweight.

Despite its lightness, it has greater flexibility that ensures better whipping action. Having a traditional surf kind of look, this well-designed rod feels solid. Another feature you’ll appreciate about this high modulus carbon rod is that it includes aluminum-oxide guides that help you fish season after season without worrying about its getting worn.

Designed for long-distance casting, incredibly durable fittings are provided in it. In addition, it comes with a fairly sturdy and compact heavy-duty case. Therefore, if you’re going to Costa Rica or Florida or towards the northeast waters, it’ll act like an extremely travel lock that keeps all the pieces well protected.

Appointed with all these amazing traits, this sturdy travel rod helps you cast further and you can get into deeper water. Assembling the pieces is also very easy. So, you won’t find any hassle while fixing it on your fishing spot.

2.Tica UEHA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

It would be a better, a more educated decision if you go to your next surf fishing trip with this rod belonged to Tica UEHA. The first thing you will notice with the rod is its light weight. But you won’t be disappointed if you judge it on the basis of power to cast as high modulus graphite construction has made it stiffer. Besides, it’s very sensitive even to the lightest strike. Designed with a ton of backbone, long term durability is ensured in this tool.

The ring guides are made of High grade titanium oxide that has added smoothness in them. The neat thing about the ring tip top guide is that FUJI aluminum oxide is used to make it heavy duty, durable and cost-appropriate. Owing this unquestionable durability, it takes the test of time and is better than the other pricier rods.

You will also appreciate knowing that the reel seat is manufactured using TICA APS graphite which will hold your reel firmly in place. Don’t forget to look at its handle material. The cork tape keeps your grip solid on account of its superior non-slip feature. In fine you won’t find anything better at this price when your targets are stripers, perch or salmon.

3.Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

If you’re serious about showing out on the beach with your surf fishing equipment, you won’t be satisfied until you include this feature-rich Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod in your collection. The foremost feature you would love about it is that Penn has done the difficult task of balancing the toughness of graphite with the sensitivity of glass. Again, using graphite composite, they have successfully matched the strength of this two-piece rod with its performance.

The stainless-steel guides eliminate the risk of corrosion being associated with aluminum oxide inserts that are more than strong and light weight. Besides, the guides are durable and perfect for fishing with mono or braid line. Another top-notch trait is its handle material. For ensuring a secure grip in both wet and dry condition, rubber shrink tube handle is selected by the Prevail designers. Notice that its reel seat has graphite construction which gives you sensitivity and full control and you can fit PENN Sargus or Squall Star Drag Conventional reels on it easily.

Having the complete collapsible feature in it, it has become a handy for travel. But keep in mind that you’ll find it surprisingly powerful with much leverage over the fish. You will also notice its good performance, long casting ability and the toughness to fight 40+lb. stripers or hyper aggressive bluefish. And you can surf fish with it for hours without becoming exhausted.

4.Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods

It's not a daily occurrence that you find everything you want in a high-end surf rod at half the price. So, upgrade yourself with Okuma Longitude surf rod. It is loaded with features and you can't beat all these for the money. In a very modest cost, it provides easy-handling performance. The traditional cork tape grips are sure to please you with ultimate comfort. Just resist the urge to hurry while using it. Working slowly and deliberately taking your time, you’re going to get a fine result.

Featuring EVA cushions above and below the reel seat, it ensures a great benefit in terms of matching with the reels giving a fairly light feel. The graphite composite blanks ensure a master combination of sensitivity and power. It has earned a higher score over other models because of its double-foot guides which is composed of stainless steel that gives you the surety of a long term rust free usage. Without sacrificing any hardness of the guides, aluminum oxide inserts accompany them to give proper durability as well as delicacy.

These 9-12 feet long spinning rods focus on serving the greatest number of anglers with the desired surf fishing experience. And the 1 year warranty is like a treat for you that most of the fishermen never want to miss. Hence this combo package of high quality materials with great finish is highly recommended.

5.Daiwa SLS1503MHFS Sealine Surf SpinRod

To bring all sorts of great species from Tailor or Salmon to Flathead right at your doorstep, Daiwa’s SLS1503MHFS Sealine Surf SpinRod is relatively unbeatable. It's really pretty easy and forgiving to use. Available in several lengths and actions, it’s an affordable option if you’re in the market for a high performing and cost-efficient rod.

To avoid the damage by the regular blow of water, it comes with EVA foam (also called Duplon) grip which makes the handle much more durable. Unlike a cork handle, a foam handle remains intact even if it’s mistreated and it’s roughly three times more effective in damping vibration than the cork one.

Coming in three pieces about 5ft each, it can be fitted in most of the cars. In spite of its collapsible feature, you don’t need to give a second thought while you go for casting in a distant area. Because it’s design gives you the guarantee of hurling well over 100 yards with INCREDABLE ease. You’ll also find it easier to cast for long periods of time without getting extremely tired.

Graphite composite blank is used to manufacture this tool to make it strong and lightweight at the same time. Aluminum oxide guides and graphite made reel seat are its two top-grade add-ons. It’s absolutely great having the quality line guides, perfect size and balance together. In fine, for those who love the lightweight rod, it’s the most preferable and best valued rod on the market hands down!!!

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