Biorb Fish Tank Review

A BiOrb fish tank is a sleek, modern take on the aquarium that does not require aquarium stands.  BiOrb fish tanks are available in styles that call to mind the traditional fish bowl, as well as cylindrical models that can easily fit anywhere in a home.

These aquariums come with an included fish tank filter that is specifically designed to handle the exact volume of the tank, and the included aquarium light system will eliminate any questions regarding the number of watts needed and save the headaches associated with installation.  Both experienced and beginner aquarists will love their ease of use and their ability to remove guesswork from the establishment of a healthy, functioning aquarium.

Review and Specification

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Size Available

BiOrbs are available in sizes ranging from the 4 gallon Baby BiOrb fish tank to the 24 gallon BiOrb Life model.  Round fish tanks take up less space in a home than their rectangular counterparts take and can easily be placed on any sturdy flat surface that is well shaded from the sun.  Wall fish tanks are also good if you are trying to save space in your home while still keeping the company of decorative fish.  Tanks are completely enclosed, with a matching metallic cap that replaces the chunky hoods of traditional tanks.  While tanks are generally big enough for most who are interested in starting a tropical fish tank, they are not large enough to host freshwater sharks, nor will they support reefs or live rocks.

Custom Filter

The custom filters are designed to oxygenate water, remove any floating debris and reduce the concentration of harmful chemicals.  There are four mechanisms within the BiOrb that will perform these functions.  Water is pumped through sponge and mesh filters to remove any large particulate from the water, including uneaten food, large waste, and other floating detritus.  The activated carbon acts as a chemical filter, removing chemicals that are excreted with waste, and that may build to dangerous levels if left unattended.  Ceramic rocks at the base of the BiOrb act as a home for the bacteria that provide the biological filtration.  These bacteria will take harmful ammonia that is introduced to the water through fish waste and turn it into harmless nitrates.  The last component, an air pump, adds bubbles to the water for oxygenation, keeps water moving throughout the tank and promotes the growth of tank cleaning bacteria colonies.

These components are vital to any filtration system, but in many cases, multiple devices are needed to accomplish all of these tasks.  This built in filter will reduce the number of unsightly cords that often accompany a fish tank.  As each filter component is made by the same manufacturer, all replacement chambers may be ordered from one source.  Do keep in mind that though chambers may be ordered together, they may not require replacement at the same intervals.  Each filter component should be examined when tank maintenance is being performed.  Depending on the quality of water that is added, or the number of fish tank fish in the aquarium, some filters (namely, the carbon activated one) may require more frequent replacement than others may.

Aquarium Light

All BiOrb aquariums come equipped with an aquarium lights system that should be sufficient for the needs of the tank.  Standard bulbs may be used for fish only as well as lightly planted tanks.  For those who wish to add plants with substantially higher than average watt per gallon requirements, replacement bulbs are available.  If considering replacing the bulb with one of higher wattage, keep in mind that too much light can stress and overheat fish and plant life.  High intensity replacement should only be considered if absolutely necessary.  BiOrb bulbs may also be purchased that simulate nighttime conditions for nocturnal illumination.

How to Setup?

To set up a BiOrb tropical fish tank simply follow the same steps you would for any tank, with a few notable exceptions.  Standard gravel should never be added to a BiOrb fish tank, as it may hamper the functioning of the tank’s filter.  If a tank will be planted, use the included ceramic rocks as substrate.  As per usual, the filter should be run for a few days and the water should be tested before fish are introduced.  Always introduce fish into your aquarium slowly, no more than one or two at a time.  For best results, allow up to a month to pass before adding another pair.  Repeat this process until your tank is stocked to capacity or to your desired level.

The BiOrb fish tank does not need a lot of the additional fish tank accessories required for a standard fish tank.  Those that choose to purchase a fish tank where they put the pieces together themselves, one of the better filters to purchase is the Eheim 2213 classic or the Fluval FX5.  For beginner aquarists or those living in apartments or dorms, a BiOrb fish tank will house your freshwater fish in a compact, easy to care for aquarium.

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