Biube Aquarium Review

Many people enjoy the beauty and calming effect of a home aquarium, but the work involved with the care and maintenance may prevent some individuals from owning one. Reading a biUbe aquarium review may change one’s mind, however. These habitats are sold with everything one needs to care for the fish, and the self-filtering feature keeps the aquarium clean for months. These units provide a healthy and attractive environment for aquatic pets, and they look very modern and stylish in one’s home. Most have a black or silver trim that will blend well with any home or office decor.

Top Features of Biube Aquarium

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The nine-gallon biUbe Aquarium with Halogen Light is a cylinder shaped habitat from biOrb that comes with an air pump, light, AC adapter, water treatment, fish food, and decorative items such as gravel and ceramic sculptures. The only thing that is not included with this setup is the fish. The Plexiglas unit is very attractive and sturdy, and it is easy to clean. The water filters will last up to two months.

For those looking for a smaller fish aquarium or fish bowl, there is the Baby biOrb. This unit is a four-gallon globe-shaped tank that looks like a traditional bowl but includes the technology of a more advanced aquarium. The fish will be healthier in the filtered environment, and the owner will not have to clean the habitat every day, as is necessary with a simple bowl. The Baby biOrb comes with a halogen light, power source, filter, decorative plants, gravel, and food. One can buy this spherical tank in eight and sixteen gallon sizes as well.

The most common positive remarks are that the tank is beautiful and easy to assemble and maintain. The more negative things are mostly from people who did not like the cords or had fish expire after introducing them to the environment. Further research indicates that the consumers who encountered dead fish were putting too many creatures in the tank and not following instructions included with the unit. It is important to research the types of fish one desires to keep in the tank. Some will need higher temperatures and specific types of food. The units may require an additional heater for some inhabitants, and this does not come with standard biOrb kits. Algae eaters may need a different type of gravel or floor covering as well. Even though the units are well equipped for hardy breeds such as common goldfish, the user must ensure that he or she has all the additional requirements for more exotic breeds.

Many people find the idea of maintaining pet fish daunting. Using an aquarium kit that comes with many of the necessities can make it easier for a beginner. Proper research will also prevent mishaps and dead fish. Reading a biUbe aquarium review for any of these sets can help a consumer make an informed decision. Reviews can vary widely, however, which is why it is best to perform independent research. One should be sure to read all of the instructions that come with the manual and contact customer support if he or she has any concerns. It may help to start with only a few hardy types of fish. Regardless of which habitat one chooses, he or she will enjoy the tranquility and beauty of an aquarium in the home or at the office.

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