Biube Aquarium Review

Biube fish tank Review and buying guide

Many people enjoy the beauty and calming effect of a home aquarium, but the work involved with the care and maintenance may prevent some individuals from owning one. Reading a biUbe aquarium review may change one’s mind, however. These habitats are sold with everything one needs to care for the fish, and the self-filtering feature … Read more

Biorb Fish Tank Review

biorb fish tank review

A BiOrb fish tank is a sleek, modern take on the aquarium that does not require aquarium stands.  BiOrb fish tanks are available in styles that call to mind the traditional fish bowl, as well as cylindrical models that can easily fit anywhere in a home. These aquariums come with an included fish tank filter … Read more

Best Aquarium Stand Review

Best Aquarium Stand

Picking out a fish tank stand may not seem like a complicated. Fish tank stands are easy to find and are even available on line. They even have some you can build on your own if you want. However, if you apply a bit of creativity, you’ll find a stand that is both functional and fitting, … Read more

How to Choose an Aquarium Canopy

DIY Basic Aquarium Canopy

They come in several different sizes and styles to fit any room decor. There are stands available where the unit is one piece that you place the aquarium inside of so it gives an all over the visual appeal. Sizes for this item range from the 10 gallon aquarium to the 29 gallon. Simple aquarium … Read more

How to Choose Fish Aquarium to Buy

How to Choose fish aquarium

There are two basic categories of Aquariums that you need to consider: saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquariums (also sometimes called coldwater aquarium fish tanks). These two choices will determine the type of equipment you need, the kind of fish species you can keep, and even how much effort you, as the fish owner, have to … Read more

Aquarium Maintenance and Cleaning

Aquarium Maintenance and Cleaning

Once you have an aquarium, the aquarium care will be one of your most essential responsibilities. It is surely not as much excitement as you get from decorating the tank or picking out your tropical fish, but without proper aquarium care, you will be endangering the health of your fish. Fish tank upkeep is a … Read more

Aquarium and Fish Tank Decoration Ideas

Aquarium Decoration Tips

Setting up a new aquarium and decorating its midst is an enjoyable part for all fish breeders and aquarium lovers. Having an attractive aquarium, ensure that the assembly is right for the specimens you want to breed. It is essential, no doubt, to pay attention to the decorative aspect of the aquarium, but it is … Read more

Build Carbon Dioxide Reactor for Aquarium

How to make carbon dioxide reactor for aquarium

As we all know, plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide and expel Oxygen. Aquatic plants also need this gas dissolved in the water to maintain the biological cycle inside the aquariums. In an aquarium we add carbon dioxide CO2 for two reasons: A – To promote the growth of natural plants. Photosynthesis is a natural process … Read more

Avoiding Contamination in Aquarium

Contamination in Aquarium

Prevention of contamination of your aquarium includes interruption of cross-contamination between the aquarium and tanks. To prevent this, when buying a new fish, do not empty the water that is delivered with the fish inside the aquarium. No cleaning agents Virtually all cleaning agents are lethal to fish. Soaps, bleach, ammonia, should be kept away … Read more

Aquarium Maintenance & Fish Care Tips

Aquarium Maintenance & Care

Aquarium maintenance is an essential regular activity that provides a stable and healthy environment for fish and plants. The key to an effective program is to complete basic simple tasks, which perform regularly and consume very little time and result in a prosperous and clean aquarium. Regular Water Changes The mantra of every fish keeper … Read more