Best Side Imaging Fish Finders – Know all, Tell all Review of 2018

While the mysteries of the sea are abundant, people have created some of the greatest technology to understand what frolics beneath the water. Side-imaging fish finders are a great way to receive sonar generated images, to understand what lurks under the surface. While down-image fish finders are a popular choice, these can reduce the clarity of … Read more

Dry Feet Are Happy Feet – Best Fishing Boots of 2018 [Rated & Reviewed]

If you’re a hardcore angler, you know that fishing can be a messy process. Many adventures include standing with your feet submerged in water for hours at a time, crossing shallow streams filled with slick pebbles and rocks, or trekking through thick mud. If you’re doing these activities with unsuitable footwear, you are putting yourself in … Read more

2018 Review of the Best Fly Boxes

For any fly fishing angler, having efficient storage for your ever-growing collection of flies is important. Thankfully, through years of thought and innovation, today’s fly storage boxes offer anglers quick and easy storage and content identification.  In order to maximize your efficiency on the water, having a well-organized fleet of fly boxes will be a big … Read more

Best Catfish Rods of 2018 – Clear & Concise Buyer’s Guide Review

Catfishing is a sport that requires patience, skill, and strength. These well-loved bottom feeders can grow to monstrous sizes and will put up a fierce fight to keep you on your toes. Catfish are found all over North America in bodies of freshwater, recognized by their iconic “whiskers” known as barbels. If you’ve felt the urge … Read more

Best Trolling Reels – Rated & Reviewed Buyer’s Guide for 2018

Many anglers are familiar with baitcasters and spinning reels, but the trolling reel is an altogether different animal. Trolling involves dragging a line behind your boat, sometimes with multiple lures attached, and this way you can cover a lot of water. As with any kind of fishing, you need to have the right equipment and plenty … Read more