Best Backpacks for Fly Fishing – 2019 Review

Hardcore fly anglers know that the traditional fly fishing vest doesn’t always cut it on long days out on the water. Although that iconic item is great to bring along, if you’re an angler who enjoys all-day fishing excursions, you probably need more space to carry your gear, snacks, water bottles, you name it. Fly fishing … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Rods – 2019 Review

Looking for the best fly fishing rods can be a real task. With so many rods available on the market, sporting a myriad of gadgets, finding one which meets your budget range, while also meeting your requirements can be hard. The first step is to sit down and consider what you want to use your fly … Read more

2019 Review of the Best Fly Boxes

For any fly fishing angler, having efficient storage for your ever-growing collection of flies is important. Thankfully, through years of thought and innovation, today’s fly storage boxes offer anglers quick and easy storage and content identification. In order to maximize your efficiency on the water, having a well-organized fleet will be a big help. Fly boxes … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Leaders

best fishing leaders

Many fly fishermen concentrate on several important elements within the flycatcher equipment, such as sugarcane, the line, and even the reel. But sometimes we forget that one of the most critical elements is the leader. If not well cared for or armed, can make the day fail. Even more, despite being using the same fly, practically … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Tippets

fishing tippet buying guide

The tippet is a piece of monofilament used to extend (or repair) the leader, which is finally the final link and sometimes fundamental in the presentation of a fly in fishing. Therefore, it is relevant to know the alternatives, what are their characteristics, and how to get the most out of it. In English, the word … Read more