The Best Ice Fishing Bibs | Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Have you ever experienced the extreme shock of freezing cold water rushing into your fishing boots as you stepped through some thin ice on a cold winter’s day? If you have, you’ll appreciate the importance of the right fishing bib to keep you safe, warm, and dry while ice angling. We’ll break down the factors you … Read more

Best Inline Ice Fishing Reels of 2019 | Complete Buyer’s Guide

What’s the deal with ice-fishing reels? Do you need a special reel for ice-fishing? Is your current fishing setup suitable? For most people, a dedicated ice-fishing setup is the most appropriate option. Considering a lower entry cost than larger casting setups, most ice-fishing setups are simple, small, and easy on the wallet. The reels used in ice-fishing … Read more

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Storing your Fishing gears in working order is hard in this day and age when we all stay on busy schedules. Needless to say, an equipment malfunction related to operator failure (for example– Improper storage) can be a frustrating, mind-numbing experience.  Simple preparation, clean up ad fishing rod and reel storage can prove to be a … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Leaders

best fishing leaders

Many fly fishermen concentrate on several important elements within the flycatcher equipment, such as sugarcane, the line, and even the reel. But sometimes we forget that one of the most critical elements is the leader. If not well cared for or armed, can make the day fail. Even more, despite being using the same fly, practically … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Tippets

fishing tippet buying guide

The tippet is a piece of monofilament used to extend (or repair) the leader, which is finally the final link and sometimes fundamental in the presentation of a fly in fishing. Therefore, it is relevant to know the alternatives, what are their characteristics, and how to get the most out of it. In English, the word … Read more

7 Winter Fly Fishing Tips You Must Follow

Winter Fly Fishing Tips

For some winter is a time for skiing, ice climbing and snowmobiling. For others, fly fishing season never ends. Here at Fish Finder Pro we discussed about the second category . Not only can winter be a great time to start your using your rods, read fishing books and make repairs to your fly fishing equipment, winter fly … Read more

How to Choose or Make Ice Fishing Shanty

How to Choose Ice Fishing Shanty

When buying or building an ice fishing shanty this winter, your number one priorities should be keeping warm with the right shelter and the proper outdoor clothing. However, your preeminent concern, before you even start to daydream about your ice fishing shanty and before you go shopping for well insulated outdoor clothing, should be safety. … Read more