Best Inshore Spinning Rods | Tell All Buyer’s Guide

For many anglers, the thrill and hard-fighting nature of saltwater fish are absolutely unbeatable. You don’t need a big boat and highly expensive trolling gear to get out into good saltwater fishing. Plenty of opportunities exist on the coastal areas in what is known as “inshore” fishing. Sportfish of all types abound on the coastlines and … Read more

Become King or Queen of Bass: Best Bass Fishing Rods of the Year!

There’s nothing like a good day on the water, fishing for bass, admiring the nature, and breathing in the silence and serenity of the world. However, a poor bass fishing rod can really set your day askew, as you’ll find yourself struggling to reach your true bass fishing potential. Finding the best bass fishing rods can … Read more

Shimano Curado 200IHG – Personal Buyer’s Guide

The Curado Series serves as Shimano’s bread and butter range. While their product line features far more impressive reels – aimed largely at professional fishers – this kit is an undoubtedly solid reel for the mainstream audience. Although Shimano offers cheaper reels, this model is a durable, everyday reel that gives reliable operation every time. While this … Read more

Best Catfish Rods of 2018 – Clear & Concise Buyer’s Guide Review

Catfishing is a sport that requires patience, skill, and strength. These well-loved bottom feeders can grow to monstrous sizes and will put up a fierce fight to keep you on your toes. Catfish are found all over North America in bodies of freshwater, recognized by their iconic “whiskers” known as barbels. If you’ve felt the urge … Read more