Best Surf Fishing Rods | Compared & Rated

For those that live in the coastal regions, ocean fishing represents a huge and exciting facet of the sport that inland anglers may only consider a rare treat. Fishing from the beach, known as “Surf-Fishing” or “Surf-Casting” is practiced on the coasts all over the globe. For this type of fishing, the idea is to get … Read more

Shimano Curado 200IHG – Personal Buyer’s Guide

The Curado Series serves as Shimano’s bread and butter range. While their product line features far more impressive reels – aimed largely at professional fishers – this kit is an undoubtedly solid reel for the mainstream audience. Although Shimano offers cheaper reels, this model is a durable, everyday reel that gives reliable operation every time. While this … Read more

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

Storing your Fishing gears in working order is hard in this day and age when we all stay on busy schedules. Needless to say, an equipment malfunction related to operator failure (for example– Improper storage) can be a frustrating, mind-numbing experience.  Simple preparation, clean up ad fishing rod and reel storage can prove to be a … Read more