4 of the Great Fly Fishing Rivers in the USA

Fishing is an enjoyable hobby and probably one of its kinds. Imagine if you waited for something long enough to work out and it worked out, fishing is somewhat like that when you wait for your carefully planned bait to show some results. You may end up with a fish, and hopefully a six to eight-pound class.

Among the different kinds of fishing, sports fly fishing offers great fishing opportunities that are very popular in the fishing season. The trout’s which are often found in lakes are the biggest fish of the char family. The bigger fish are usually caught during the ice when there is snow and they rise to the top somewhere around mid may to early September, because this particular fish dislikes warmth and the warm summers. So they head out to places where it is colder for them to survive.

There are many fly fishing rivers across the United States like the AU Sable in Michigan, Big Horn in Montana, Fall in California, Green in Utah, and Hat, Lower Sacramento, Mc Cloud, Owens, Pit all in California, and many others. All these rivers are famous fly-fishing rivers in the United States. All these rivers are particularly famous for the large trout’s that live here. These rivers are the best way to explore fly fishing. When you do go out for fishing for bigger fish, it is best that you venture out in a boat. Fishing is a game, and the best you get out of the game is when you know where the fish live and how to get them. The more the wilderness, the better are the chances to find fish.
Talking about tail water fisheries San Juan River in New Mexico is the best place for fly fishing. The San Juan River runs through the Navajo Dam and has a lot of trout. An average trout from the San Juan River can measure up to 20 inches. While fishing for trout in the San Juan River you could use tippets or flies, but you need to be cautious in the way you present your bait.


List of 4 Fly Fishing Rivers in the USA

San Juan River


san juan river fly fishing

Fishers around the world are attracted to the San Juan River for fly fishing because of the trout population in the River. The San Juan River is a wide river and slow flowing, and it has crystal clear tailwater which is being fed by the snow from the mountains of San Juan of south central Colorado. The San Juan River is home to a lot of fish like Trout, Rainbows, cut bows and Browns which can have an average size of about 17 inches.

The tail water of the San Juan River stays at a standard 45 degrees Fahrenheit irrespective of the season because these waters are snow fed. This makes the tail waters a perfect place to be for the Trout and also because of all these factors fly fishing in the San Juan River is a great recreation.

Dried flies and worms from the San Juan River are used as bait to catch the fish. If you are on a package holiday and you have a hired instructor for fly fishing, you will end up catching a few trouts. The instructors are usually good, and they understand the river and the fish that live in it.

Green River


green river fly fishing

The Green River is below the Flaming Gorge Dam, and the tail water is considered one of the best tailwaters in the United States. The Green River is in the Northeast Utah and stretches for more than 30 miles. The river itself is divided into three stretches, the upper stretch or the Red Canyon stretch is where you are most likely to find the Trout. A lot of people stay in the Flaming Gorge National Park and enjoy fly fishing while staying in the park. It becomes a complete camping and fishing experience for the visitors.

Since the green river passes through the red canyon, it makes a perfect place for pools, and the view is also breathtaking. The green river is perfect clear water but with greenish depths, and that is why it is called the Green River. There have been instances while Fly Fishing in the Green River where people have caught Trout’s which weighed 30 pounds. Average brown trout’s that are found in the Green River are about 16 inches in length.

Similar to the other tailwaters in the country the Green River is full of insects so fishing here should be rather easy. Brown Trout’s is the most common fish found in the Green River along with a few other cutthroats and some Rainbows. While Fly Fishing in the Green River you will have the most beautiful experience because the scenery around is exotic, with the Red Canyon, and there is a lake too. Green River’s waters are at a stable temperature throughout the year and that is why the Trout’s flourish in the river.

Snake River


Snake River fly fishing


The Snake River is usually referred to as the Snake, and the south fork of the Snake River flows through the Jackson Hole in Yellow Stone National Park. From Yellow Stone National Park the Snake River enters the Snake River canyon and eventually the Palisades reservoir which lies on the border of Wyoming and Idaho. Fly fishing in the Snake River is usually done with drift boats because using drift boats you could have more access to the River compared to going on foot. Snake River is home to many subspecies of the Cutthroat trout which is indigenous in the River. Cutthroats are very fond of dry flies so large dry flies are used for fly fishing in the Snake River.

Trout can be found seasonally in the Snake River between April 1st and October 31st because they can get freezing and also the right temperature for trout to live there which makes it the perfect season for fly fishing. Early season and late runoff periods are preferred to fish in the Snake River. The post season is much better because by August the dry flies are more populated and it is an ideal hunting ground for the Trout. Around this season you find the truck tarantulas, power ants, trudes, humpys and stimulators. Snake River is just an hour away from the world’s most exotic places like Yellow Stone, Green River and Henry’s Fork and all good fisherman know that when the place is beautiful and scenic, it makes the fishing experience much more fun and addictive.

Madison River

Madison River fly fishing

The Madison River flows through Montana and is home for fish families like the Trout, rainbows and cutthroat and many more subspecies. The native cutthroats and the trout rise for the hoppers on the surface. Because of the hoppers the Montana River makes it ideal for Fly fishing. Madison River is one of the big rivers of the western rivers. Madison River is famous for fly fishing because he water here flows steadily and at the same pace. Beginners and learners in fly fishing can learn well in these kinds of rivers.

The Madison River has headwaters like the Firehole and the Gibbon which are considered to be excellent Trout streams. The fish population here is not only the Trout but are rather diverse with other kinds also like the Cutt-bow, rainbows, browns. Rainbows are often caught in the spring, and the browns are caught more in the fall.

Fish captured in the Madison River could weigh up to 6 pounds and the Madison River, and the lakes from it are known to be very productive. Since the Madison River flows in one straight line and steadily it is nicknamed as the “50-mile Rifle” because it stretches for 50 miles in its course. Fly Fishing can be a different experience in different rivers, and the techniques that you need to apply will also vary depending on the River conditions, weather and the behavior of the water. People either go on a small boat or tubes and usually fish here. Some people wade because of the high Trout population in this River. Fly fishing in the Madison River has gained extreme popularity over the years.

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