10 Essential Tips on How to Start Fishing as a beginner

Planning for that perfect, brag-worthy, fishing trip can be as exhilarating as the trip itself - when everything goes right. To avoid disaster, here are ten things to consider before you set sail:

1. Your Budget 

How much you can afford to spend - your budget, is an essential consideration for a successful fishing trip. This will help you in choosing where you will fish, the boat you will use, and the duration of your fishing trip. When fishing with a group, make sure to discuss the options and agree on the best budget for the trip. Money saving ideas include: doing your own cooking or having everyone in the group bring something toward meals for the entire trip.

2. The Weather Conditions 

Pay attention to the weather reports and forecasts before you embark on your fishing trip. Whether the trip is only for a few hours or for a few days, an accurate weather forecast for sea conditions will help you. If you receive predictions of storms and heavy rain, postpone your trip!

3. The Boat 

OK, this is obvious. You need a boat to go fishing, most times. The question is what boat is best? Most may use their own boat for the trip. In that case, it’s a no brainier. You may however choose to hire one for the occasion. Make sure it’s a well maintained and equipped boat that meets your needs.

4. What to bring?

The things you must pack are essential considerations for a great fishing trip. By all means, be as prepared as possible. Pack essentials like enough food and water, additional change of clothes, medication, bedding, sunscreens, and river maps (sea charts) – don’t rely on your smartphones! Other things to pack include a first aid kit, and of course, your fishing gear – best fish finder, hooks, quality spinning reels lines, fishing tackle, etc.

5. The fish you are after 

Believe it or not, you’ll have to consider which species of fish you’re interested in before your trip. Yes, the sea is full of fish, but if you have no idea what you’re after, your trip might be frustrating when nothing or the wrong fish bite. What if you’re after trout? You won’t find them in warm waters. If Bass is your fish, you won’t find it in cold waters. Where you fish is based on the type of fish you’re after, so make your decision early.

6. Whether it’s Quantity or Size 

Are you going for quantity or size? Fishing for as many fish as possible is quite different from fishing only for the biggest fish. Catching the big fish calls for patience, while catching as many fish calls for skill, or something like that. Each motive brings a different experience and determines where you choose to fish, so decide before you go.

7. What style of fishing? 

Will you be Deep Sea Fishing? Fly Fishing? Trolling? Wading? Whatever the choice, consider the different things that you will need to make your fishing experience a great one. Your fishing method will also determine where you fish. Each location is good for a different style of fishing, although in some locations you can enjoy more than one fishing style.

8. The fishing rules 

You may need to pay keen attention to the existing fishing rules in the areas you will be fishing. Understanding the fishing rules will help you escape penalties (and save money!) Certain rules may relate to the kinds of fishing equipment allowed and what you can do while fishing. Your trip will be only better when you understand and obey the rules.

9. The best fishing time 

This is a consideration if you intend to spend only a few hours fishing. The best times for great fishing, are early evenings or early mornings. Fish actually love when darkness is approaching and more of them will turn up. Early mornings (the earlier the better) are also good but as the time get brighter, your bites will reduce.

10. Your choice of bait

Bait makes a difference between catching plenty and catching little fish. While there are numerous bait options, some home-made and others from the shelf, it has been found that Prawns make incredible bait. You could give them a try.These are just a few tips for a great fishing trip, and not everything is covered here. The important thing is that your next fishing trip is successful for everyone. Enjoy!

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