How To Use Kayak Fishing Rod?

Kayak fishing has garnered quite a bit of attention ow, all thanks to the spontaneity it provides.  Though considered mainly as a saltwater activity with excited anglers chasing giant fishes, it has also found its place in the freshwater such as ponds and lakes.

What is it?

Kayak is a type of water transport, mainly a genre of a boat. The fishing done while riding on a kayak is known as kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is in trend right now, mostly because the activity is considered to be eco-friendly. Also, as a matter of fact, a kayak is considered to be a considerably safe method of transport and is also economical than motorboats in terms of price.

Suppose, you are chasing a big fish, but you don’t have the right tool to wind them in the kayak, and it jumps into your kayak turning it upside down! What you do if this happens? Thus you should understand the working action of the fishing rod and then opine for the best! And  saltwater spinning reels

How does it work?

Most fishing rods are equipped with the appropriate reels so you need not go to the store searching for them.  If you are an expert then you may know how to set up the kayak fishing rod, if not then read the instructions manual provided with the rod and then set up accordingly! After setting the rod all you have to do is to follow these few instructions and you will be all good for fishing!

Casting the bait is one of the most important factors of fishing-be it kayaks or usual fishing!

  • Enable about 1-3 feet of line to hang from the tip of the rod.
  • With the hand, you are going to reel, hold the rod so that it lies a few inches above the base of the reel.
  • Open the bail with your other hand, be careful not to drop it!
  • Now you have to incline the fishing rod away from your target.
  • Now with a quick swing, strike the rod towards your target by removing your hand from the top of the cast.


Follow these steps for reeling

  • Now is the time to close the bail.
  • In the line roller, keep the line.
  • The reel handle should be turned on.

Hurrah! You are all set for an exotic kayak fishing adventure!


Choosing the Best One

Now kayak fishing rods are judged based on several parameters, so buy one which has scored moderately into the following fields:

  • Time for some action– Not any real action though! The bending of a fishing rod is referred to as the action. A slow action kayak fishing road bends throughout its length deriving the shape of a parabola and thus known as parabolic. In the case of a fast action rod, the rod will only cause the top 3rd part to bend.

You must choose the rod featuring the apt action techniques. Most people opt for a moderate action rod to get the benefits of both the speeds!

  • Power– The ability of your fishing rod to resist a force is known as power – not the power on/off feature! If you go for high power rods, you will notice fishes (if caught) jumping vigorously towards you when the force is released, while the force of low power rod will feel like striking of a broken rubber band.
  • Test- It basically refers to how much weight the fishing line of your rod is capable of withstanding.
  • Length- Despite endorsing additive features, kayak fishing rods are generally shorter than other fishing rods. However, it is recommended not to pick the shortest one, especially if your kayak is quite large.
  • Rear grip length– This is an important specification to look in a typical kayak fishing rod. Simply for the fact, rods with shorter grip length ease the process of fishing rather than longer ones!
  • Material- If you plan to use live baits then go for graphite fishing roads, otherwise, pick a rod with fiberglass material. Both are equally efficient.


You can use any fishing rod to catch the fishes for kayak fishing. But it is recommended to use the rods which are specially designed for kayak fishing. Choosing the apt kayak rod for your fishing adventure will make it worthwhile.

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