Best Ice Fishing Clothes of 2019 – Complete Review

Ice fishing is an activity that can quickly go from a fun adventure to a not-so-great experience if you’re not prepared with the proper outerwear.

To ensure your next ice fishing excursion is enjoyable and safe, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for ice fishing apparel on the market today.

So, take a look at our top picks.

Comparison Chart of the Best Ice Fishing Clothes


Our Rating


Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bib

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs (S-5XL)

Best Overall

​Frabill I3 Jacket

Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket or Bib Pants - Wind and Waterproof with Low Pile Stretch Fleece Interior - Lightweight, Warm, Comfortable, Ultra Flexibility - Thermal Welded Seams


​Clothin Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants

Clothin Men's Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants - Warm, Breathable, Water-Repellent, Wind-Resistant-Insulated

Best for the Money

​Frabill I3 Bib

Frabill Bib I3 Black Medium

Best Bib

Muck Boot Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Muck Boot Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Best Boots

​Windrider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves

WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Ski Gloves | Touchscreen Compatible | Cordura Shell, Thinsulate Insulation | Ice Fishing, Skiing, Sledding, Snowboard | for Women or Men

Best Gloves

Are Quality Clothes Important While Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing often involves exposure to extremely low temperatures and harsh weather for hours at a time. Because of this safety risk, it’s more or less vital to wear clothing that can keep you warm. But quality clothing is an important buy for other reasons, too!

Although high-quality clothing options may be a little more pricey than you’re comfortable with, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. 

Pros of Buying Quality Clothing

Below are the primary pros of investing in quality clothes:


The most important tell of an ice-fishing garment is how much heat it can hold. Cold hands and feet can easily ruin a fishing trip. Clothing that is quality made will keep you toasty.


Ice fishing can only be done on a frozen body of water, so sometimes a hike is involved. You may also be standing for long periods of time. Because of this, having boots and outerwear that is super comfy when doing physical activity is a huge advantage. 

Durability and Versatility

If you go for quality ice fishing clothing, odds are they will last for many years to come. The clothing also doesn’t have to be specific to ice fishing— there’s no reason a great jacket, boots or gloves couldn’t be used in all your winter outdoor activities. 

How to Choose Ice Fishing Clothes  

The amount of outerwear that an angler needs to have a solid ice fishing experience may seem overwhelming, but keeping in mind some underlying qualities that every product should hold can make the shopping process much easier. 

Seek Out Products Made With Quality Materials

The best way to ensure your outerwear can withstand the cold and the bumps and bruises that may come along with being involved with outdoor activity is to seek out the gear that has been made with quality fabrics and materials. Durability comes along with quality, and no one wants to buy new gear every season.

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bib

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

You’ll be moving around in your gear quite a bit, so if it’s possible, test out your clothing for comfort before deciding to keep or return. Great ice fishing clothing should move with you and not be restrictive, allowing for a full range of movement if necessary. 

Know Your Body

If you know that your hands get super cold spending time outside, focus on the gloves. Likewise, if you feel more comfortable having something to keep your neck warm, make sure you invest in a nice scarf. Knowing what parts of your body are the most uncomfortable in the cold can make the search for the perfect set of gear much easier. 

Quick Take - The Best Ice Fishing Clothes

These are our recommendations for the best ice fishing clothes:

  1. Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bib
  2. Frabill I3 Jacket
  3. Clothin Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants

Review of the Best Ice Fishing Clothes

Have an empty closet and some cash to spend? We’ll walk you through some of our favorite ice fishing clothes on the market. 

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs (S-5XL)


  • Great Functionality
  • Super Warm and Cozy
  • Added Safety Features


  • A Little Bulky
  • Not Very Stylish 
  • Can Get Sweaty in Warmer Temperatures

With advanced fabric technology and a focus on warmth and comfort, the Eskimo Lockout ice fishing bibs have charmed many ice fishing anglers. The suit features several of Eskimo’s patented fabric elements, like “Hydrapore,” “Thermadex,” and “Surefloat.” 

Each element is used to bring comfort/protect an angler during harsh weather. The outer shell is created with durable polyester fabric, which is meant to resist snow and rain while staying breathable. The inside of the suit includes a soft lining and additional insulation to trap body heat on days with freezing temperatures. In addition, the bib includes the aforementioned “Surefloat” technology. This means the suit is buoyant, just in case. 

The design is fairly plain, only offered in a simple black color with minor hem detailing. The seams are double-taped for extra durability against bumps and bruises. It also has easy-access zippers and zippered pockets for added storage on the water.

Bottom Line

Overall, buyers of the Eskimo Lockout suit were very satisfied with their purchase. It offers some greatly advanced fabric technology that will not only keep an angler warm on the ice but also safe. It’s comfortable to move around in, has easy-access storage and many other great attributes that would make it a reliable purchase. Although this suit may not win points in terms of style, it’s well-designed in terms of functionality. 

Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket or Bib Pants - Wind and Waterproof with Low Pile Stretch Fleece Interior - Lightweight, Warm, Comfortable, Ultra Flexibility - Thermal Welded Seams


  • Very Durable 
  • Great For Fishing in the Rain and Wind
  • Stretchy Fabric Offers a Full Range of Motion


  • Not Breathable
  • Wrist Velcro is a Little Tight For Some 
  • Zippered Storage Pockets Are Too Small

From the heavy-duty outerwear brand Stormr, the STRYKR brand of jackets has gained quite a reputation in the outdoorsmen community. After it’s initial release in 2013, it set new standards for severe weather outerwear. Buyers can choose from several sleek jacket designs ranging from plain black to a bright fluorescent orange color. 

The STRYKR line utilizes Neoprene technology to achieve a warm jacket that is also wind proof and waterproof. The outer layer is made with water-repellent fabric and the interior includes water-wicking fleece and a soft, thin, insulating membrane. 

Durability and longevity were a large part of the goal Stormr had in mind when creating this line of jackets, so high-quality construction is one of their main selling points. All the fabric included was made to be abrasion-resistant, and all the seams are thermally welded for longevity and extra water resistance. 

The jacket is also buoyant, an added safety feature that could come in handy if the user accidentally made their way into a freezing body of water. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to ice fishing jackets, durability and comfort should be at the forefront of the requirement list. Luckily, the STRYKR jackets hold a gold standard in both of these areas. While there are some issues with breathability and on-hand storage, this line of jackets checks most of the major boxes. It’s weather-resistant, warm, durable, and not to mention, stylish enough that you could wear it on and off the ice. 

Clothin Men's Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants - Warm, Breathable, Water-Repellent, Wind-Resistant-Insulated


  • Stylish Color Choices
  • Keeps You Warm All Day
  • Comfortable to Move Around in


  • Baggy in the Crotch Area
  • Zippers Aren’t Quality-Made
  • Only Slightly Water Resistant

With several different color choices to select from, the Clothin cargo pants have a style that is suitable for any angler. These cargo pants are not a typical snow pant you would see in a ski lodge, but they do provide the same warmth and comfort without all the added bulk. 

They are created with a durable, water-resistant outer fabric that can withstand snowfall and light rain. The inside of the pant includes a soft microfleece moisture-wicking fabric that is made for warmth without compromising breathability. It has a softshell, meaning the fabric is stretchy and flexible, so your range of movement won’t be restricted. 

While these pants could be used for an outdoor activity in harsh weather, they’re especially convenient for angling. The 6-pocket design offers plenty of on-hand storage for smaller fishing gear that needs to be conveniently placed. The pants come in a wide range of customizable sizes. They also include an elastic waistband with belt loops for some extra stretch if needed. 

Bottom Line

If a full-body bib is not the right choice for you, a pair of warm pants are essential. The Clothin cargo pants are not only super warm but stylish and functional. Although you may not want to wear these in heavy rainfall (they’re not completely waterproof), they are a great choice for cold weather in general. The stretchy fabric makes them easy to move about in and they have great pocket storage for essential gear.

Best Bib:
Frabill I3 Bib

Frabill Bib I3 Black Medium


  • Nice Comfortable Fit
  • Great Safety Features
  • Reinforced Knee and Seat Pads Are Super Convenient 


  • Not Very Stylish
  • Can Get Too Warm Easily
  • Complicated to Get On and Off

The I3 bib from Frabill was created with comfort in mind. With a simple, utilitarian look, this bib is thoughtfully-designed for anglers who spend most of their time on the ice. Unlike some products on our list, this bib was created specifically for ice fishermen. This is clear from the extra padding in the knee and seat area, which allows for extra comfort when an angler is setting up their workstation or unhooking a fish. 

It’s created with a heavy duty nylon outer-shell that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It’s also insulated for extra warmth on those extra cold days. For an added element of safety during the dark of winter, the suit is lined with reflective material. For breathability, the bib is equipped with zipper vents, made with quality YKK zippers. 

Anglers who dance on the riskier side of ice fishing will also appreciate that this bib comes with an emergency safety feature that includes ice-pick holsters, drainage mesh, and safety information. 

Bottom Line

For anglers who are serious about comfort on the ice, look no further. The I3 bib may not be the snazziest in terms of style, but it kicks butt in every other category. Buyers of the bib love that it’s cozy and easy to move around in. Also, the added safety features really can’t be beat. 

Muck Boot Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot


  • Adjustable Fit 
  • Multi-Layer Protection
  • Keeps Feet Very Warm, Even in Subfreezing Temperatures 


  • No Heel Kick
  • A Little Heavy 
  • Outer Rubber On Boot is Too Thin

Muck Boots is a popular company among anglers and outdoorsmen alike thanks to their products that boast consistent quality and reliable performance in all kinds of weather conditions. 

The Arctic Pro hunting boot makes its way to our list for its performance in freezing temperatures. The outside of the boots is created with a flexible moisture-repellent neoprene fabric that can form to an angler’s foot shape. The warmth comes from the insulated interior, which features a soft fleece lining along with two millimeters of thermal foam underfoot for extra heat. It’s suitable for use in temperatures ranging all the way to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Along with the flexible neoprene fabric, anglers can also customize the fit of their boot with a stretch to fit comfort topline, which can be adjusted depending on calf size. The seal also keeps body heat in while deflecting snow and debris. 

For ankle and foot support, the boots are created with double reinforcement in the instep, heel and Achilles area.  

Bottom Line

Muck Boots are a great choice for ice fishermen who spend a lot of time sloshing around in winter weather. The main complaint about these boots concerns the outer rubber, which some users say tends to tear after repeated use. Luckily, these boots do have multi-layer protection if this problem does occur. Overall, the Arctic Muck Boots win points for comfort and functionality and lose in terms of durability. 

WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Ski Gloves | Touchscreen Compatible | Cordura Shell, Thinsulate Insulation | Ice Fishing, Skiing, Sledding, Snowboard | for Women or Men


  • Extra Pocket Storage
  • Durable Construction
  • Touchscreen Fingertips


  • Sizing Runs Large
  • Design is Quite Bulky
  • Could Use More Insulation 

Nothing is worse than having clumsy, cold fingers when you’re trying to pull in a potential catch. Windrider aims to make that a problem of the past with their winter gloves. The Minnesota-based company created the gloves with the goal of being waterproof and super warm through long-term outdoor use. 

The gloves are multi-layered for warmth and durability. They start with a heavy-duty nylon shell, followed by a waterproof layer. The interior of the gloves includes a fleece lining along with “Thinsulate” and foam insulation. 

Along with an adjustable wrist strap, the gloves are equipped with a convenient storage pocket placed on the back of the hand. This is a perfect place to store any essential gear or personal items you may need within close reach. 

To make sure you’re able to snap a picture of your new catch without leaving the warmth of a glove, they also include touchscreen fingertips. 

Bottom Line

These gloves from Windrider are pretty simple, but effective. While the design could use some minor improvements to eliminate some unnecessary bulk, the gloves are created with long-lasting materials that will protect from harsh weather conditions season after season. Some users complain that a little extra insulation would improve the gloves, so consider buying a thin glove liner to make sure your hands are as toasty as can be.

Types of Ice Fishing Clothes  

The average ice fisherman should have the following set of outerwear in their closet for the next winter fishing season:


There is no shortage of winter boots in the ice fishing marketplace. While there are tons of styles to choose from, all ice fishing boots should be virtually slip-proof, as the angler will be spending plenty of time on super slippery surfaces. Investing in a great pair of fishing boots is the easiest way to keep yourself safe on the lake. 


Don’t forget your mitts! Chilly fingers get clumsy, which can result in mistakes that might lead to a lost fish, or even worse, a lost piece of essential gear. To keep your fingers toasty, make sure a pair of waterproof gloves are in your fishing pack. If you know that your fingers tend to get very cold, it’s a good idea to get some glove liners as well for a little extra heat.


An ice fishing bib is basically a pair of snow-pant overalls that can keep your legs and part of your upper body comfortable at the same time. It’s a good idea to buy a bib that is made with quality materials that won’t easily tear or rip, giving way to the frigid winter air. 


In many anglers’ minds, the jacket is the most important part of a gear stash. From heavy duty winter jackets to lightweight, sleek cover-ups, the options are virtually endless when it comes to nice ice fishing jackets. Because the weather can be unpredictable, it’s good to go for a versatile choice that won’t keep you too hot or too cold. 


To ensure a safe and fun ice fishing experience, accruing great outerwear is essential. Hopefully, this article was able to help acquaint you with the ins and outs of ice fishing gear and make your shopping experience a little less daunting. Stay warm, and happy fishing! 

The weather is warming up all over the U.S., but I want to return to a topic near to every Northern fisherman’s heart: ice fishing. Now, I live in East Texas, where the closest we get to an actual Winter is a prediction of “possible freezing rain…maybe…kind of.”

But I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky, where it gets a bit nippier. And I can tell you that the outdoor clothing you wear absolutely makes or breaks you in ice fishing. Skimp on your Winter outdoor clothing, and you’re guaranteed to have a horrible time, even if you catch a stringer full of pan fish.

So take notes…

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What Every Ice Fishing “Pro” Has in His Outdoor Clothing Wardrobe

You simply cannot engage in effective ice fishing without the proper head covering.  It’s a fact of nature.  In the world of outdoor clothing, you have many hat choices, but you only need one: the funky one with the ear flaps that tie down under your chin.

Yes, that one.

Ignore that voice telling you that you look foolish and put it on.

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Trust me.

Fish don’t care what you’re wearing, but you will after a couple of hours when it’s 5 degrees and the wind is whipping.

Once your head is properly attired, your next ice fishing outdoor clothing essential is at the other end of your body:  heavy duty boots.  You’re on ice, hello!  Risking frostbite with tennis shoes or cheap boots is a sure sign of a fishing amateur.  Invest in a sturdy pair with good insulation.

Next up when putting together your ice fishing ensemble is keeping your hands warm.  Now, this is very tricky and definitely can be the fastest way to ruin a trip out on the frozen lake.  Gloves are necessary outdoor clothing for ice fishing, of course, but be very careful.  You have to marry a need to stay warm with the obvious need to actually use your fingers.  It’s angling, not horseshoes.  I recommend a snug wool-lined pair with the ends snipped off at the second knuckle.  Important:  keep an extra pair of over-sized gloves in a pocket at all times.  Trust me!

I’m going to assume that you would know better than to go ice fishing without a pair of pants, shirt, and jacket.  You’re on your own there.  But remember – it’s the outdoor clothing you DON’T remember that ruins your ice fishing trip, so it’s better to overdoing than underdoing it.

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