The Best Surf Fishing Lines Reviewed | 2019 Edition

Surf fishing line has experienced leaps and bounds in innovation over the years. There was once very limited options for anglers, but over time, surf line has slowly accumulated several different styles. To help you through the process of picking out a new surf line, we’ve put together some helpful tips and tricks as well as our favorite lines in a variety of categories.

Best Surf Fishing Lines Comparison Chart


Our Rating


Handing Braided Fishing Line 8 Strands Super Strong PE Fishing Line

Handing Braided Fishing Line 8 Strands 500m/547yd Gray Color for Saltwater and Freshwater Surf Fishing 18-96lb

Best Overall

​KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines - Incredible Superline - Zero Stretch - Smaller Diameter - A Must-Have!

Best Color Braided Line for Surf Fishing

​KastKing SuperKast9-9 Strand Braided Fishing Line

KastKing SuperKast9-9 Strand Braided Fishing Line - Advanced Braid Line for Maximum Casting Distance & Durability for Saltwater & Fresh Water Surf Fishing, Bass Fishing

Best Braided Line for Surf Fishing

​​RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head S6

RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head S6

Best Fly Line for Surf Fishing

​Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

Best Monofilament Line for Surf Fishing

How to Choose Line for Surf Fishing

Here are some of the qualities to keep in mind when choosing new line:


While it may not be your first concern when picking out a line, size is an important aspect to consider. If you choose a line that is too thin, it’s more likely to snap under the pressure of a large fish. If your line is too thick, it will be more difficult to cast and is more likely to be affected by a strong tide. Go for something in the middle, which can handle heavy fish but isn’t heavy-duty enough to limit your casting abilities.


Regardless of the style of line you purchase, it’s smart to go for a high-quality choice that is likely to last for a long time. While a super cheap line may seem like an attractive buy, it’s super inconvenient to have to buy spool after spool due to quality issues.

Surf Fishing (Source)


A surf line that holds a lot of memory can be inhibiting to your casting success. Search for a line with a smooth surface that can resist kinks and coils.

Quick Take - The Best Line for Surf Fishing

Review of the Best Line for Surf Fishing 

Don’t feel daunted by the number of surf lines on the market. Check out this list of some of the best of the best in several categories.

Handing Braided Fishing Line 8 Strands 500m/547yd Gray Color for Saltwater and Freshwater Surf Fishing 18-96lb


  • Great Overall Value
  • Lots of Color Choices
  • Non-Stretch Core Keeps Line Sensitive


  • Not as Strong as Advertised
  • Limited Spool Length Choices

Handing is an outdoor sporting company known for creating affordable products that work well for a wide array of skill levels. This is a braided line that comes in several different color options, including a dark gray, a candy-colored blue, a multicolor, and a forest green.

This line is braided with eight separate strands for maximum strength. It’s created with high class, “MultiTuf PE fibers,” which are quality made, but affordable. Because it is made for fishing on the sea, it holds up well to the corrosive nature of saltwater and has added wear-resistance.

Handing also claims that this line is “ultra sensitive,” which is mainly due to a lack of stretch in the core of the line. This sensitivity makes it easier to detect bites from smaller catches as well as giving the angler more time to reel in big ones.

In terms of casting, the handing line is coated with a smooth finish to help reduce friction with guide rings. This allows for a longer, more accurate, consistent cast.

Bottom Line

While this definitely isn’t the highest-quality fishing line, for its price, it is an incredible value. It measures up well to popular brands on the market. The main issue to be aware of is that many users complain that their line is not as strong as advertised. Consider using this line for hunting smaller fish species, as it is super sensitive and helps detect small bites well.

Best Color Braided Line for Surf Fishing:
KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line - Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines - Incredible Superline - Zero Stretch - Smaller Diameter - A Must-Have!


  • Very Durable and Strong
  • Doesn’t Twist or Tangle Easily
  • Super Smooth Line Makes for Easy, Accurate Casting


  • A Little Loud
  • Color Fades Over Time
  • Some Colors Leave an Odd Residue on Fingers

KastKing is a super popular brand for fishing line, especially for surf fishing. They’ve got several styles of surf line available, and their Super Power line is an attractive choice for many saltwater anglers. This is a braided line that was designed specifically to be very durable and for casting long distances.

The line is created with MultiTuf PE line, which is an “Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Braid Fiber”, otherwise known as the same fibers used in bulletproof vests. For extra visibility, the line comes in several fade-resistant colors including bright pink, yellow, blue, and a multicolor option. They also have a wide array of line sizes, the 10-50 lb made with four strands, while the 65 lb and higher sizes are made with eight braided strands.

One main feature of the line is the advertised “strong knot strength.” The braided design allows the user to tie a solid knot or clinch knot easily and effectively. Additional features include a smaller diameter for more space on the reel, low memory for better casting, and abrasion resistance.

Bottom Line

This is a very valuable option for saltwater anglers. KastKing knows their stuff, and it shows in this Super Power line. While the price is a little lower than some high-quality choices on the market, don’t be fooled! This line is made with great materials, which results in durability and smooth casting. The main complaint associated with this line has to do with color issues; many say that the darker lines leave an odd residue on fingers and eventually fade over time.

Best Braided Line for Surf Fishing: 
KastKing SuperKast9-9 Strand Braided Fishing Line

KastKing SuperKast9-9 Strand Braided Fishing Line - Advanced Braid Line for Maximum Casting Distance & Durability for Saltwater & Fresh Water Surf Fishing, Bass Fishing


  • Environmentally-Friendly Spool
  • Very Durable, Fray and Abrasion-Resistant
  • Circular Design Assists in Casting Long Distances Smoothly


  • Twists Easily
  • Color Tends to Bleed
  • Only Comes in One Color

Another pick from KastKing, the Super Kast 9-strand braided fishing line is also a very popular choice among saltwater anglers. The main draw of this line is its design, which combines nine high-quality strands together to form a circular, heavy-duty piece of equipment.

It’s created with MultiTuf PE fibers, which are also used in the construction of bulletproof vests. The lines are specifically wrapped in a way that encourages long casting distances and abrasion resistance. The circular design allows for fewer snags on guides, making for smoother casting, and it’s also easier to tie knots with.

KastKing also says that the SuperKast line has zero line memory, meaning that it is kink-resistant, a great quality for smooth casting. It’s also a durable line which can resist some wear and tear from pesky underwater structures and in the weeds and muck.

An extra benefit to this line is that it comes on an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable spool. Rather than plastic, the spool is made with wheat stray waste products, which are completely compostable and deteriorate in the soil in 8-10 months.

Bottom Line:

The SuperKast line from KastKing is a solid choice for all saltwater anglers. Although the line only comes in one color that tends to bleed, overall, it’s a great value for its price, and users seem to really appreciate the innovative nine braid design. It casts very well, at long distances, and runs smoothly through the guides, which is a major plus. It’s also fairly durable in the face of rocks, underwater structures, etc.

Best Fly Line for Surf Fishing:
RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head S6

RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head S6


  • Easy to Use
  • Super Slick and Smooth
  • Great Design for Saltwater Fly Fishing


  • Fairly Limited Sizing
  • Not for Use in Cold Weather

RIO is most definitely a go-to brand for many anglers and outdoorsmen. They’ve got a variety of ultra-popular lines for any style of angling. Their Outbound Short Shooting Head line is made specifically for long distances, power, and easy casting.

It features a unique taper design, created to stay in the air for long periods of time, allowing for longer casts. This is a great line for fishing for large catches as it includes a short, powerful front taper that can handle large flies with ease. The line also features front-loaded weight distribution which makes it super easy to load a rod.

The line includes RIO’s “extreme slickness,” which is a technology that involves coating the line in a secret formula to make it super smooth and slick. The extreme slickness allows for longer casts and also has dirt-repelling tendencies for extra convenience.

Additional features include a neat, welded loop on the front and ends for easy rigging, and easy ID, RIO’s line marking system.

Bottom Line

RIO is a dependable brand for fly line, and their Outbound Short Shooting Head line is no different. While it’s fairly limited in terms of versatility, it works really well for the angling it was designed for. The combination of extreme slickness with a specified taper design makes it perfect for long, smooth casting.

Best Monofilament Line for Surf Fishing:
Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool


  • Lots of Color Choices
  • Flexible and Easy to Handle
  • Super Strong, Can Hold its Own Up Against Huge Fish


  • Tangles Easily
  • Not the Greatest Casting Ability
  • Tends to Have a Little Bit of Memory

Like some of the other picks on our list, Berkley’s Trilene Big Game Monofilament line is made to be strong and durable over all else. It is a monofilament line, meaning that it’s created with a single strand of material. Monofilament tends to have a little more stretch than other lines, which in the Trilene line provides a little shock resistance for extra fighting power.

This line is also knot friendly. Because it doesn’t have the extra bulk of a braided line, tying complicated knots is a breeze, and they’re more likely to stay put, too. Its flexibility makes it easy to handle and load in and out of your fishing pole.

The Trilene Big Game line is, as the name suggests, created with hunting large fish in mind. Because of this, it is made with super strong material that is split-resistant. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from an eight-pound capacity line to a 100-pound capacity line.  

Bottom Line

If you have a preference for monofilament line, this Berkley line is a great choice. Going up against huge catches with this line can provide peace of mind, as it is super strong and provides a little flexibility for shock resistance. The main complaint among users is the memory that the line holds, which can be frustrating for casting. One user suggested soaking the line in warm water before use to reduce the chance of this happening.

What Color Line is Best For Saltwater Fishing?

If you know the colors, but don't know the benefits of each, here they are:


A bright yellow line is best suited for anglers who watch their lines to detect bites. The fluorescent color makes it super easy to see in murky water and keeps it easy to view the smallest nibbles. Downside: The brightness could potentially scare off wary fish.


A red line is a good middle ground choice for anglers who aren’t sure what they want. Red is an easy color to see from above, and it’s been said that the red line in the water is invisible to fish.


Green is a great color for anglers who wish to camouflage their lines in the water. Granted, this is only true if you’re fishing in water that isn’t super clear, but in this case, it’s easy to identify from above. This is a good choice for versatility.


Many anglers who hunt for shy fish are drawn to clear line. It is very hard to detect in water, no matter clear or murky. This reduces the risk of your catch being spooked by a fluorescent color but doesn’t allow you to watch for bites on the line.

Types of Line for Surf Fishing

Here are a few different types of fishing line:

Braided Line 

Braided lines are, by far, the most popular choice among saltwater anglers. They’re made with multiple strands of material braided together to form a single, strong line with a small diameter. These lines are super strong, but also run at a higher price point, and can be tougher to knot than other styles.

Monofilament Line 

Mono lines are created with a single strand of material rather than multiple. They tend to be more flexible than other lines and provide a bit of stretch, which can be a pro or a con, depending on your angling preferences. These lines are super easy to handle and knot, but also tend to hold more memory than others.

Fluorocarbon Line 

Fluorocarbon line is not as common as other lines on the market but is an attractive choice for many due to the fact that it’s tough and abrasion-resistant. It’s also a single strand line, but it is much denser and heavy than monofilament line due to the material it’s created with. Because of this, it tends to be a little stiff.


With so many options for surf line on the market, the prospect of choosing a new brand can be daunting. Overall, remember that high-quality products will always be better in the long run. Hopefully, this list can give you a head start on your next angling adventure. Happy fishing! 

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