How to Catch Bass at Night: Ultimate Night Fishing Tips

Every anglers have a dream of bigger catch. If you are recreational angler and want to get some pro tips how to catch bass at night, read this ultimate bass fishing guide.

Well, in many lakes, rivers and sea water, bass are most active at night! Many of the massive sized fish hide out inside of rocks, weeds and other debris during the day. So to catch big fish, night might be ideal time for you.

Everybody know that there are 3 ideal moment at night for capturing big bass: dawn and dusk and mid-night.To examine that you may count how many fish you can catch on which period.

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Why to go night fishing?

I wrote here, 4 most usual reason fishermen love to capture fish at night:

1. Big Fish are Active at Night.

Activity of bass regulated by phase of moon. Water remains cool and calm. Because of excess heat in day time fish dive into deep part in the water. They come near to surface at night and become active for food. Moon phase have a big effect on the activity of fish.

2. Less Competition 

Majority of the fishermen don’t like to capture fish at night. Many of them prefer to take deep sleep at night and start fishing in the early morning. That opens huge opportunity for you.

As there are not much people near your area you can easily use any location without competition. You are free to choose what to fish, where to fish.

3. No worry about sunburn 

Over-heating at summer may cause sunburns at your skin. Skin cancer is now common due to ultraviolet rays reflected from sun. When you fish under the moon light you are literally safe from these troubles.

Sunburn is a common problem for the fishermen who fish in hot sunny days.

Somebody will push you, asserting they alight on the water speedily and leave the place early. Well, it is true, but if you see a very big fish at the time of sunny weather what do you do? Leave? It is hard to live!Sunscreen may protect you from heat. But in night you don't have to be worried about always remembering to bring sunscreen.​

4. Watch the Moon 

It might be sound like silly. But it is also right that seeing moon from a watercraft at night is amazing. You’ll be surprised seeing the wonderful picture of earth at night. Calm and cool.

Most fishes hide out under the shadows in full moon. I don't know the scientific reason behind that. But I and my partner noticed that. These shadows will help you detect where the fishes are and where to cast your line.​

Tips on how to catch bass at night successfully:​

Quick Pro Tips:

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  • Tip 3

Cast your bait minimum two times on same spots - Don't be disappointed. Usually it takes time for the bass to detect your lures.

Safety First

Make sure you're fully stationed for any unusual situation. Wearing your life jacket would be the first step of safety.

Go with some friends. It is also advised to take someone with you if you even fish in daytime. Always inform your relatives or family where you're going to fish and when you will return back.​

Choose Familiar Water Body

Prior to go out at night, make certain that you are previously familiar with the place. Good practice is if you visit and mark the location before going to the spot at night.

Before head out to the water body try to find out the baulk which could be a hazard for you. Don't go blindfolded which may later make you regret of not taking everything seriously. Select ponds, river of lakes which might not be opaque, muddy or covered by blue algae.​

How Fish Behave at Night

Bass act different at night than the day.Most of the water animals have sense of smell to feel and use their lateral line to move at night .Predator fish cannot see well at night, tiny pan fish may appear in flocks seeking foods.

Fish behavior is also affected by moon phase. When light is full by moon they can see better. An intense moon lets bass to view plainly.​

Get Organized With all Required Gears & Apparels

Take all the tackle and accessories that you require in your night fishing. Rig your rods and reels from home so that you can start using it in dark. Don't forget to buy a sensitive rod and hard tackle if you already have not it. Take your flashlight and fully charged battery.

Fishing line should be tight enough to handle big bass. Take a braided line which will be enabling to bear 50lb of weight. A sensitive graphite rod can lighten the environment.​


Jigs: Jigs usually function well for big bass. Big jig is mostly used for night fishing. Plastic trailer attached with a jig is typically included in producing more water motion. Adding a colorful rattle to the jig is another nice concept to attract bass.

 lures for night fishing

Plastic Worms: Large plastic worms of 6 to 12 array can be remarkable for night fishing.It is easy to trap big bass by using big worms. Black or blue worms are most attractive.

Chatterbait- Chatter creates huge vibration in the water. It is also a nice fish capturing tool. Blue or black is the best color chatterbait.

Buzzbaits: The most effective time to fish with a buzzbait is exactly after the sunset. Normally it is ideal to put them on the surface. It is an easy attraction for the bass to discover.

Spinnerbaits: Fishing spinnerbait would be efficient because of the vibrations they produce that bring bass.A greatest spinnerbait can be one which has big Colorado blades to raise the vibrancy in the water. Again it is highly recommended to use dark tinted skirts such as black, blue to create better contrast.

Frog: A must have lure when there are small plants on the water. If grass expanded and thick floor coverings are also exist, throw a frog in the water!​

Artificial Light to Attract Bass 

If moonlight is absent, artificial lantern lights can be used. Keep the lights in edge of the boat preferably near the position where you fish.

This will bring mosquitoes and other insects and some bed bugs also will come seeing light. A small system food chain is created here. The bugs attract bait fish again bait fish is attracted to big bass.​

What not to do:

  • Don't move faster in the dark. Otherwise, there is a chance of losing your location. Try to keep your boat speed slower and give time to fish to hit your bait.
  • Never go fishing without taking any lighting system. Many accidents are recorded due to ignorance of taking lights at night fishing.​

What season is great for Night Fishing?

Summer is the ideal season to increase your night fishing skills.

In coherent warm temperatures, water remains calm after evening. Though many fishermen see bass fishing exclusively as a summertime pleasure, but it can also do in pre-prawn period during the time of bass move towards the shallow water.

Fish are active both in shallow and sea water in summer. So you can fish anywhere according to your choice.​

What fish can be caught at night?

It fully depends on where are you and on what type of water body you want to fish. Saltwater is totally different from shallow water and nature of fish is different in different types of water. The common answer is, predator types of fish can be found at night.

But to give you a satisfactory answer catfish, walleye, rock bass, bostockia, Oistins etc are also caught in night.​

  • Catching big bass is the most potential advantage of night fishing.
  • Wind is less so water remains calm and fish don't move or swim a lot
  • No chance of happening SunburnLow Competition
  • Troublesome to fish at low light 
  • Need huge experience in fishing
  • Hard to navigate a Kayak in the dark, unless you are very familiar with the area, even a GPS will not help much on that situation.

If you want to hunt big fish as well as taste the feeling of amazing fishing trip then go for night fishing with your kayak.Night fishing is fun but additional safety measure should be taken. Always wear life vest. Use gloves on hand when catching spiny fish.

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