Redington Sonic Pro Waders Review

While Redington is offering features for all anglers, they actually designed these waders specifically for men.

The men’s Redington Sonic Pro Fishing Wader makes your fishing more comfortable than traditional chest waders. As both men and women can use these waders, I have both feelings in mind.

I love and I hate these things — that’s my honest opinion.

First of all, Redington was kind enough to send me these to review months ago, and I’ve had these babies for most of the season now.

My 3 F’s Rating on Redington Sonic Pro Wader

These babies function exactly the way they are designed. Sonic sound seam welded technology you say? Yeah, that means the seams are flatter and more comfortable than sewn seams. A heavy-duty water-proof zipper down the front provides easy in and out access. There are 4 zippered pockets in the front, and I absolutely adore the ‘ergonomic zippered hand warmer pockets’. They are breathable, durable — can I say durable again — I’m not too light on my stuff and I’ve had no breaks, rips, tears, leaks or anything of the sort. They keep me dry and they feel good — as long as I remember not to wear jeans underneath and I wear my Smart Wool socks!


Hands down, the best looking men’s waders available on the market today. They actually have some ‘design’ to them and aren’t just a shaved-down brown bag. The feature I like most in this regard is the special black stretchy fabric that runs along the top edge of the waders. It’s a very nice touch. When I bend over and move around I feel like the waders move with me and they don’t cut into me. They have also added their logo on the men’s style, which happens to be one of my favorite colors. I appreciate that Redington didn’t settle with pink ‘just because’ it’s for ladies. THANK YOU.


Here’s where the problem lies. Fit. I like things to fit. I’m big on fit….and these don’t fit me right. I’m 120lbs and 5’10″ but I happen to have a long inseam, so I needed to order ‘longs’. So big they are a pain to stuff into my boots. If they were to make the perfect size for me it would be a Small-Long with a 7-8 shoe size. Hint. Hint.So now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest. I’m personally rating these 4/5 – all in all, if you can find a fit that’s perfect for you – they would be a 5/5 – which is entirely possible!

On another good note – my wife owns the women’s style – and they TOTALLY keep her farts isolated. Until she takes them off, during which time I make sure I’m not around.

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