20 Scariest Fish in the world Which are Deadliest to Human

There are more than 31, 000 fish species in the world, while scientists are still discovering more new species day by day.

Fishes are amazing creations in the water without a doubt. Because of the large source of protein, many of the fish species are used for food. Taste Varies of each one. But all fish cannot be eaten.

There are some deadliest fish in the world which in wink can kill humans. Some fishes are massive in size which may easily attack a human and can cause serious injuries.Are you surprised? Aah.. Being surprised is okay. But it is true! Why late then?? Let’s know the identity of twenty of the most dangerous fish.We’ll now introduce you with 20 most dangerous fish around the world.


Stripped Archerfish

stripped archerfish

We all know that only human can use weapons. Actually, it is not! There are many animals in the world use weapons to save the lives or hunting foods.In fact, Archer fish use water as spit to turn into a weapon. Archer fishes prey on insects which float on an upper part of the water cycle. They use spit as a weapon.

This fish prey worms from an edge of underwater sitting at a distance of three meters it can catch victims, throwing stomach water into the mouth.

The goal is to penetrate the intense pace of the water.The size of Archer fish is not big enough. Depending on the species may be five to 10 centimeters long. The older is 40 cm.They live in the northern coastal areas of the South-East Asia, Australia and live in brackish water.


Water Giant Tiger Fish

Giant Tiger fish

Do you know what a Crocodile eat? They eat other fish as food. Well, now can you say who can eat crocodiles? There is an animal that can prey crocodile to eat! Even they frequently attack human and kill. The name of this giant is tiger fish.They live in Africa's Congo River. The name is given because you know the tiger's behavior.

This fish is tiger of water. Jeremy Wade, a hunter, went fishing with courage in the Congo river. He caught this massive fish though fishing is just a hobby for him.But this fish is much like a shark again. Size is larger than any other common fish.They are 6 to 7 feet in length or more. The weight to be said, are profoundly still not bad. It can be 50 Kilogram of each one.

Tigerfish has 32 Sharp teeth. It was quite a hardship to caught.The speed is so fast that It is tough to catch.If they target someone, however, it 's hard to escape from them. Their preying strategy is diversified like a tiger. The tiger sit in ambush and pounced on its prey swiftly. This fish prey same way.Where they live in that part of Congo river, that is not an easy place to go.



puffer fish bite

Puffer fish is very dangerous as most of them contain toxin. This toxin is known as tetrodotoxin which is 1000 times powerful than cyanide. The toxin of one puffer fish can be responsible for killing 30 humans.The puffer fish also called toadfish or brownish is a medium-sized species live in hot, coastal region in the water.It can adapt to any situation.120 species has identified till now.

Puffer is 2nd poisonous animal after Golden Poison Frog in the world. It is mostly found in tropical waters while few species are frequently found in cool weather.It can extend its size itself very quickly in danger condition. Their spikes contain toxin which is very harmful to human.Size can be up to 60 cm in length and weight of adult puffer fish can be 10 to 20 pounds.


Red Lionfish

red lionfish photo

Red Lionfish also known as zebrafish, red firefish, butterfly cod live in south specific or Indian ocean. Red Lionfish is also found in the southeastern coast of Florida to North Carolina in the USA. It is distributed anywhere under water from 1 to 300 feet.It is one of the large predators which prey more than 50 important economically valuable fish including snapper and grouper.

They are nocturnal hunters, but in Atlantic water, it is found with a full stomach in the day. The fishes move slowly corrugating dorsal and anal finsThe spines contain venomous sting which causes frantic pain and respiratory disease.When the spine drills the skin, the venom drives into the body, and that cause serious pain.



Stonefish photo

The Stonefish and Lionfish are from the same family of Scorpaenidae. It is also toxic and contains Camouflage. In open eyes, it looks like a piece of stone covered. But when touched in feet it will grow its poisonous spines! This stone fish one of the world's most poisonous fish. Death can occur.

These deadly fishes live in tropical waters. This fish is also stored in the aquarium for decoration.When anyone affected by its venom that can cause bleeding, the difficulty of breathing, abdominal pain, headache, etc.When attacked and venom is injected on your feet, you should take proper treatment immediately; otherwise, you may die.


Angler Fish

Humpback anglerfish

Angler Fish On the head of this fish has finger like mole which is called Elysium. Above the mole, there is a lamp like a thing that lit, so that victims are attracted. Then the victims go into a vast mouth cavity of the fish. Another specialty of these fishes are, they can be found everywhere in the world, even in the deep sea.


Viper Fish

lesser weever

To see utopian fish you have to go deeper into the sea, where the water pressure is higher, almost no light & less food. In that environment, there is a chance to lose victim. So teeth, fins all are terrible in viperfish so that victim can not be lost.



Spiny seahorse

This little fish looks like a horse, and they are very docile in nature. They swim upright instead of inverted, so can't be a good swimmer. Male seahorse carries fertilized eggs in abdominal folds and later give birth to children.


Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda is called the "tarapido", because the fish can come out too suddenly with speed up. They have three-inch-long teeth, and they are closer to 6 feet in length and weigh up to 100 pounds. The fish are mainly attracted to shiny objects.So if you have a hobby to catch fish with bait, then I must say, you may be affected. If you are attacked by chance, you must quite need a few stitches, or else you will lose a good amount of flesh from your body.In another word, if bad luck, death can occur by the attack.


Electric Eel


This catfish type fish is a bit more dangerous than other fish. They are most dangerous creatures in the Amazon River.Their unique feature is that they can generate electricity from the body.One catfish is capable of producing about 600 volts of electricity.Generated electricity of this 8 feet tall and 80 pounds of this fish can directly kill a human. And if production of electricity is a little less then the man becomes unconscious and later died from drowning.

So, it is conceivable how dangerous it can be when crossing the river by swimming where this fish lives. Anyone should wear a pair of rubber gloves to catch this fish to avoid electric shock.


Bull Shark

Zambezi shark

When hearing the name of shark a big terrifying scene is pop up in our eyes. Ferocious carnivorous aquatic animals, running out of his terrible teeth. And then one of the big bite tearing a man's arms, legs or any other part of the body. Sea water filled with red blood. Oops, how awful! Imagine the shock, is not it?

What else to write about it? Bull Shark is the most known species in the list of aggressive predator fishes. The name is given because their attitude and shape are like a bull. They have a small and blunt nose like a bull. Their behavior is very aggressive. They can swift quickly in clean water. They like to swim in the shallow water.According to one estimate, around 1200 or more shark attacks on humans have occurred in the last 400 years.


Wels Catfish


Wels catfish is a massive freshwater species mainly found in southern, eastern and central Europe. They eat worms, insects, crustaceans and small fish even other catfishes. Adults eat frogs, rats, sea birds, etc.They are 13 feet in length and over 400 pounds in weight.Because of the structure of the body, mouth and sharp teeth and violent nature they can be called dangerous fish. Particularly it is mostly seen in Berlin Lake, Russia's Volga river and a number Caspian Seas.The people who go swimming there, an individual advice for them: "Be careful."




Muskie or muskellunge is one of the most intangible species which is the largest member of the pike family. This fish can create a deadly situation when attack though they are not too big in size. This 7 feet tall and 80 pounds weight fish has a ridge like teeth which is not less dangerous than shark when bite.Most critical part of this fish is the type of invasion. It does not take a break for the 2nd attack though the mouth is filled with the flesh of the first attack. That means their attack confirms the death. The fish is hidden in the bush or grass in the lake or river. This is why they can easily touch the people.



 toothpick fish

The Candiru is another deadly fish. It uses the circular mouth and piercing teeth to attack victim. It is a small eel-like parasitic fish found in freshwater. ThatCandiru is native to the basin of Amazon river and mainly found in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Adult species can grow up to 1 centimeter in length.A few cases have been recorded of the attack of Candi to the human.

The first published report related to the attack by Canduri was from German biologist Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius in 1829. Though he did not directly audited it, but heard from words of mouth from people.They suck blood from other fishes and commonly found in the gill cavity. There were several reports about Candiru attacks on human demonstrated that tiny fish enters in the urethras of men and women. Though there were was always skepticism about the truth of that. With its average length and width, it is like impossible to enter into the urethra.


Giant Saw fish

carpenter sharks

The above photo is already self-explanatory as to why the Giant Sawfish took place on our list. Measuring up to 23 ft (7 m) in length and equipped with an appalling array of saws like nose extension and sharp transverse teeth the flattened-like Sawfishes are dangerous for inflicting serious injuries. There is no record; sawfish knowingly attacks humans. But the nature of poor eyesight and strong territorial defenses mechanism are frightening.


Ball cutter pacu fish

Portuguese pronunciation

Already you saw a list of other dangerous fish above. But this is scary! Ball cutter? Seriously! Yes! According to Telegraph human testicles mulching fish species found in USA.Pacu fish can reach a maximum length up to 3.0 ft feet while some species can get to the weight of up to 55 lb.There are several death records due to blood loss after a Pacu mulching off their testicles. That’s a matter concern for many fishermen. Though Pacu is vegetarian, when they grow large they become the man-eater.



Piranha deadliest Fish

At this time, scientists know approximately 20 species of Piranha, living mostly in Amazon River, Guianas, and Paraguay-

Paraná. Piranha has also been found Kaptai Lake in Bangladesh.Mostly their favorite habitat is shallow water, near rocks and reefs. A numerous attack has been recorded worldwide including Amazon basin, Bolivia, Rosario del Yata, etc. Most of the attacks recorded in the Brazilian state of Piauí where 100 people were injured.Various stories exist about these omnivorous fish how they can tear apart in pieces a human body and consume in seconds.


Goliath Grouper

Atlantic goliath grouper

The Grouper often proves to be killer fish, while also exhibit predaceous essence naturally. .. Attacks on humans are rare, but the fish can be hazardous because of their sharp spines which are positioned on the gill covers. Goliaths are distributed around Florida south to Brazil, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The giant grouper are also can be found in Gulf of California, western Atlantic Ocean and Peru.


Greenland Shark

 gurry shark

The Greenland Shark is known to be highly deadliest and one of the strange fishes in saltwater. Greenland shark also known as gray shark exclusively found in North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. This type of shark grows possibly up to 24 ft in length and 3,100 lb in length. It seems Greenland shark are the largest of the shark family. The mysterious Greenland Shark Eat Almost Anything.


Great White Shark

 large lamniform shark

There are no any other sea animal hit more fright in humans than the great white sharkThe white sharks inhabit coastal surface waters of all the major oceans. , The great white shark is remarkable for its massive size, where it can grow up to 20 feet in length and 4,300 lb in weight.The great white shark is probably the biggest known primary predatory fish in the sea.

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