Now the Curado continues to be modified and enhanced, incorporating the the most up-to-date technology in reel structure and engineering. The improvements make the new reel smaller and sleeker, allowing it fit in the palm much more comfortably. The Shimano Curado E reel is also extremely smooth, which makes for easy, trouble-free casts.

Anglers will find the brand new Curado 200 series reel to be significantly lighter, coming in at 7.60z. It is more compact than the old 100 series, but nevertheless holding just as much line as its predecessor 200.


The Shimano Curado series is made up of five new baitcasting reels making them compatible for a variety of angling, whether it be salt or freshwater. The CU2ooE7 and the 201E7 are 7:1 high speed reels, which makes it easy to keep buzzbaits moving sharply over the water. The series CU200E5 provides 5:1 power for fishing those large crankbaits and spinnerbaits. In case your looking for maximum versatility, try the 5:1 large line capacity reels of the CU300E as well as the 301 models.

All Curado reels are constructed on long lasting aluminum frames. Shimano utilizes HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) to eliminate flex in the drivetrain even under heavy loads. This is achieved by means of a solid 1-piece frame and sideplate construction.

A bearing-supported pinion gear system called Super Free holds clutch components in exact positioning, all but eliminating friction within the spool shaft while casting.

Seven shielded stainless steel bearings are integrated inside of the Curado one of which is an A-RB bearing on the pinion gear which will help prevent the invasion of saltwater.

Shimano’s unique Super Stopper is an anti-reverse system. The one-way roller bearing prevents back play in the reel handle leading to strong confident hooksetting.

An excellent Curado feature that enables quick and clean casting is termed Quick Fire I. As the clutch bar disengages the spool, it allows the line to free-spool, slowed only by the brake setting. The spool re-engages rapidly as the handle is turned.

With technologically advanced features like those pointed out above it’s easy to discover the reason why the Curado reel is so widely used. In short, the engineering,versatility and reasonable cost of the reels in the Shimano Curado series make it a number one baitcasting reel solution for the novice, as well as the seasoned angler.

Who has the best price on the Curado? Well that’s always changing. ¬†Amazon and eBay tend to advertise the lowest price, but sometimes shipping and customer service are lacking, so make sure you research who your buying from. You may pay a couple bucks more sometimes ,but you know they will be around if you have a problem with your purchase and their customer service is excellent.

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